Cardi Party

It's no secret that I LOVE CARDIGANS!  I have noticed a few beauts 'round town {and by "round town," I mean in my gmail in-box} lately, and I wanted to share my enthusiasm!

The Wagner Sweater from Stylemint has such a cute neon streak!
I pretty much want the Merino Colorblock Cardigan from J Crew in both colors!

The Lightweight Merino Cardigan with Neon Trim from J Crew is fantastic, but I'm really not sold on that weird, too-chunky v-neck underneath...
And, I can't resist the preppy/bad-a$$ness of this Gap offering:
This little Target number is super-cute in person!  The back floral is really vibrant!
I pretty much wear cardigans everyday!  They're my fave!  Do you have a signature article of clothing?  What is it?

M's Monthly Love: Warm Cozies

So, even though it's been a warm winter around here, y'all, I still loooove me some throw blankets!  I have to keep quite a few on hand for guests who get chilly, since I keep my apartment super-cold.  My friends have learned to wear sweatshirts and gloves* and stuff, but they still ask for blankets.  Plus, I love having blankets all around!  

In reality, it will get colder and colder in my home as it gets warmer and warmer outside, so end-of-season sales will be a great time for someone like me to strike and stock up on some extra throws!
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
I love the punches of color of  1 {you know the pink and coral combo has my heart all aflutter} and 3!  2 and 5 are fabulous graphic, black and white choices, and you can't beat the soft coziness of 4 and 6 {both of which I own}!  Guess I need all of 'em!  

What is your favorite type of throw blanket?  Do you go for streamlined aesthetics  like #1 or 3, or more cozy  blankets, like #6?

*Not really

Feb. Monthly Love : Iz


I left behind my Nordic white, black, and minimalist ways.  I'm loving color these days!

Time for Love

TANDEM BIKE QUADTYCH - we've had ours for several years and love it (we rode a tandem bike on our honeymoon, hence the significance)

HEART BANNER - Target; good alternative


LOVE DISHES - Target, very old; alternative

I know, I know... Valentine's Day has come and gone, but I'm still reveling in the excessive (if that's even possible!?) love by wearing hearts (that shirt has been on major repeat since Valentine's Day) and keeping the Valentine's decor up in my house, where it will lovingly stay until the end of the month.

And since it's Monday and you may or may not find yourself experiencing the doldrums at work, here's a picture of that little nephew of mine to cheer you up...
Don't baby O's new pirate shades (the love runs in the family) and ever-present Michael Jordan baby tongue make you giggle?! 

Happy Monday!

My Imaginary Closet

Hey ladies!  *I hate my clothes.  I really do.  Even when I have new stuff, I just never feel like I have anything to wear.  It's psychotic.  I realize this.  But, here is a glimpse of some of the clothes I'd rather see when I open my closet!
via via via
via / via via / via
via via via
via via
 via via / via

via / via / via
*I feel like Elaine Benes on that episode of Seinfeld when she is talking about how much she hates her clothes between peoples' sobs at a funeral.  Classic.

I hope you liked my fantasy closet!  To what type of event would you think someone could wear the "just plain awesome" dress?  I was thinking maybe my next wedding... Thoughts?



 Oh man, no other literary character makes me weak in the knees like Mr. Darcy. Swoon, y'all.

Hope you have a love-filled Valentine's Day! I know I will thanks to that sweet man of mine.

Jewels on the Cheap

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

I saw a girl wearing a really cute necklace the other day, and when I asked where she got it, I was pleasantly surprised when she said "Forever 21."  It looked really nice!  It was this super-sparkly aqua-blue stone and rhinestone bib necklace.  Of course, I couldn't find it online, but the experience did have me on the hunt for some inexpensive, but still great-looking jewelry!

Also, the warm winter here in Dallas has me craving some spring colors on my ears and neck!  Here are a few of my {$ on a scale of $ to $$$$} finds:
Clockwise from top left: earrings / necklace / posts / necklace / posts /  necklace
AND one set of pretties that isn't quite as inexpensive, but that I think are just loooovvverly:
Have you seen any sparkly things that have you wishing for spring? 

Films on the Brain

So, I've been doing a lot of research lately and working pretty hard on a screenplay.  I think it could end up being really awesome!  Anyway, I'm very excited about it and about the possibilities.  Ergo, good movies are on my mind.  And, I just saw one from my list...
image via

I loved this movie!  It was touching, funny, sad, dramatic, hopeful, and featured the most lovable, quirky, or umm, just downright weird characters... Okay, they're crazy.  But, that's why you love them.  And, are you kidding me, Chris Tucker, can you please stop being sooo freaking hilarious!?  You almost made me pee my pants, I was laughing so hard! 

I highly recommend this movie.  I will be buying it, and that's saying something!  Do prepare yourself for some major f-bombs, but also prepare yourself to just get swept away in the story and to really be rooting for the characters in the end.  Which, by the way, is just plain divine!  The last 10 minutes are absolutely wonderful.  This is what I want my movie to be! 

Also, I'm already wagging my tail {metaphorically} about this:  
image via
The Great Gatsby.  Watch the trailer here.

Gatsby?  DiCaprio? Luhrmann?  Umm, normally I ain't no holla-back girl {not in the traditional sense of letting people walk all over you, but in this instance used to mean literally: hollering}, but can I get a "hell yeah?!"  This is going to be something!  My favorite book of all time and one of the best actors of our day!?  I will be there, with my flapper-dress on.  Not literally.  Unless someone is going to host a dress-up showing.  Which I strongly advise.  Ahem, Angelika

And, in other {perhaps less cinematically-important news}, I really want to see the new "Die Hard."  And I love that it's opening on Valentine's Day!  Because, as in some years of my youth, Bruce Willis is going to be my stand-in Valentine.  But, ooh, la, la, he's hunky for an old man!  {And, his "son in DH isn't too shabby, either!}
image via
Happy VD, all you lovers out there!

Filling the Gaps // Rain Boots

I'm back again with another gap that needs to be filled! Tops on my list of MUST.PURCHASE.THIS.YEAR. items are some new rain boots. My current pair of Sperry's is very worn and has a rather outdated paisley pattern. I don't get much mileage out of them, not due to lack of rain, but instead due to the pattern, which is not easily coordinated. I'm convinced I want a pair of Hunters, but I'm torn between a classic flat green pair or a more colorful glossy pair.
Clockwise from top left
Original Tall in Green // Original Tall in Flame
Original Tall in New Green // Original Tall Gloss in Violet {previously seen here}
I obviously love the green because I know that they'd be so easy to pair with whatever I'm wearing. This picture of Rachel Bilson totally sways me towards the green. But on the other hand, the brighter, bolder colors pull at my heart-strings and seem much more indicative of my personality {especially you, Flame}. What do you think? Should I go for the standard, easy to coordinate with green pair {and if so, the duller original green or the brighter new green}? Or do I go for a happily bold and glossy pair?

The Pink Room Vol. II

So, here is the second set of fabulous pink rooms for your perusal.  I simply couldn't narrow it down!  

Soft colors, soft textures:
Neon and metal:
Love the zebra door and the warm tones in this room:
Elegant and stylish.  The grey and gold are really nice...
I like how funky this is.  And that RUG!
I like the pink with the different greens and the bright white.  The pea-green throw is my fave part, probably!  So perfect with the soft, corally pink!
I love white with bold colored accents!  Cool mirrored side-table, too!
There's a LOT going on here, but I totally think it works!  Man, I love graphic, bold wallpaper!
This is definitely one of my faves!  That wallpaper is amazing, the fabric on the chair is fabulous and cheeky, and the pink is beautiful!
Every time I see this room, I love it even more!  The chandi, the dark grey shelving, and the chairs!  Perfection!
This is one of my favorite wallpapers ever! I would love it in a half-bath.
Hope you enjoyed these images as much as I did!  Happy Sunday!

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