This year ended on a sad note for so many of our country's citizens. My heart has been heavy in prayer and my mind occupied by those who are suffering. These wise words from Mr. Rogers and his mother have reminded me of the goodness still found in our world.
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May we all resolve to be those helpers in the coming year and show love unto all around us.
{Here's one way I'm helping; you should, too.}

Happy 2013, friends.

Holiday Cheer, in the Form of Tinsel!

So, umm, yeah.  I know.  Blogging has been totally put on hold lately, since fam has been in town and things have been crazy!  So, "Merry Christmas!" and now, "Happy New Year!"

Here's an {admittedly random} run-down of holiday festivities for you, to show that I'm really not a Grinch or a Scrooge!

I was going to make a "Deck the Halls" holiday gift guide, but alas, I got half-way there and it kind of fizzled out.  My mom and godmother always used to exchange angels at Christmas {my godmother made a beautiful ceramic one, and they also found pretty decor for each other with the same theme} and ornaments as gifts have been a tradition in my family {especially when we were kids}, and probably is in many families.  Anyway, my gift guide was one for this kind of tradition.  I think I want to make it official again, beginning next year...
1 / 2 / 345
The holiday season kicked off with meeting Iz and K at the Target launch of the Neiman's collaboration! 

We shopped a bit and then Isabel and I went to brunch.  I got Eggs Benedict {I'm on an EB kick lately} and later, I decided to try to come up with a slightly healthier version for home:
Toasted whole wheat english muffin, 2 slices of Canadian Bacon, 2 eggs over easy, 1/4 of an avocado, pepper and sea salt.  Gotta say, it's pretty awesome, but the Hollandaise sauce is seriously necessary for Eggs Benedict.

My sister Meredith came in town on December 14th and I finally got to meet my niece, Lily, who lives in Hawaii!  That night, I ditched them {due to poor scheduling on my part} to attend one of those painting classes with some good friends! 

One of my best friends and her sister met Georgia {my other sister} and me for La Madeleine French Eggs Benedict {which is actually the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had, and I highly recommend!} and then we walked across the parking lot to G'Nosh to explore our inner Renoirs!  It was really fun but also really confirmed to me that painting {or, at least, painting anything that anyone wants to see} is not my bag, baby!
Georgia and yours truly, before the class and all optimistic about our hidden painting skills

Moi, G, Erin & Caitlyn with our masterpieces.  Mine is now in my garage, where it will probably stay.  Forever.
On the way home, G and I found this little doggie running down a major street. 
After an hour-long bath.  He was filthy!
We were able to get him to come to us and we wrapped him up in a towel and took him to get some water and food.  He was so sweet!  A real domesticated pup.  G & her husband gave him a bath and the pound came a got him the next day.  The Christmas miracle is that, through a number of coincidences, he was reunited with his family exactly one year to the day from the day he was lost!

After finally tracking down the silver tree I have wanted for-ev-er at the very terrible Garden Ridge, we had some family fun decorating it {there aren't many pics, but G and her hubs, Meredith, Lily Drew, and my mom were all there!}:
Mom and LD

Me with my silver tree

LD chillin' on my bed.  The instagram editing made her eyes look really weird, but they are the same size, in real life!
Another day, Georgia and I went ornament shopping.  Here are a couple of my faves!
airplane, twinkling lights tree {part of a Christmas town set-up, but I think it would be cute by itself of a counter or something!}, terrible photo of an adorable elephant, Sandy Claus!
Meredith is sick of not having any good Mexican food in Hawaii {I guess that's probably its one downfall}, so we have enjoyed some tex-mex a few times.  Mere wants to eat it every day while she's here!
LD is too little for Mexican food.  But, check out those THIGHS! 
Isabel and I were able to meet up with Lilly {of the fabulous Pancakes and Beet Juice} & her sweet sister who came in town from Austin, for an amazing brunch at Nick and Sam's Grill. It is so great to have made such fun friends through this blog!  We are definitely going to have to hit up some cool vintage shops soon! 

I'm bummed that we didn't think to take a pic of us girls, but head over to Lilly's blog for some pics of the mouth-watering food!  It was amazing.  I definitely recommend the "Toad in the Hole" brunch.  It was a fun atmosphere and pretty well priced, also!

Lilly was too sweet and brought us these gorgeous peacock ornaments {how did she know the colors I did my tree in?!  How serendipitous}!
Speaking of, here is a bit of my Christmas decor:

Here are the Christmas dogs {at my mom's}:

Yes, they look possessed, and Walter does have a tile bed {it's just two tiles laid on the carpet}.  He runs hot.
Here is the Christmas Lily:

Cutest baby evah!

I love the athletic socks with her prom dress!
We actually had a white Christmas here in Dallas!  And, to tell you the truth, it was kind of a pain in the A.  But, it looked beautiful!

This is actually when it had just started.  It ended up being pretty major.  The best part is that it had rained all night on Christmas Eve, so underneath was a nice sheet of ice, which made driving a regular adventure. 
On Christmas, we went to see family.  A joke started about those Pirouette cookies looking like cigars...  It was all downhill from there...
G & her hubs. "Wishing you a very mobster Christmas," she wrote on her facebook.

Me & Georgia
Last night, we went to see Chihuly Nights at the Dallas Arboretum.  It was amazing.  And cold.  I actually wore long thermal underwear under my pants.  It was such a rad experience, though!

This was my fave.  When I grow up, my house is going to have a courtyard and I'm going to put this in a little pool.
I also loved the "Dallas Star," which Kerry featured here.
Mom, G & me {looking not unlike the Abominable Snowman}
And, my other favorite piece reminded me of jewelry from the 40's:

And, one last pic of my bro-in-law and my mom.  My fave is my step-dad peeking around from where he is laying behind them!

Alright, that's it.  My December.  Sorry so long and really quite discombobulated!

What special memories did you create this holiday season?

PFC 22: Cold Weather Shopping Clothes

This month's Petite Fashion Challenge is hosted by A Preponderance of Fashion. Her challenge focuses on cute cold weather shopping clothes; a perfect subject for the holiday season that is upon us!

"The weather outside is frightful, but indoor shopping is warm and delightful. So, whether you have wind, rain, or snow, show me your clothes when shopping for friends or foes!"

My favorite places to shop in these parts are all outdoor malls, so wearing clothes that will keep me warm is very necessary. And while I totally feel the urge to kick it 2005-style in a Juicy Couture velour track suit and Uggs while shopping in these blisteringly cold temps, I've managed to restrain myself... so far. That's because I found the next best thing to velour pants. It's these beyond-comfortable ponte leggings, which I kid you not, are totally akin to wearing yoga pants. They've been the first thing I grab when going to get dressed lately. I love them! {Sizing note: Just as the reviews state, they do stretch out and run large, so size down, down, down.}

It's been so windy lately that keeping my bangs in tact has been a total bother, so it's a hat to my hair's rescue. And since I'm in and out of stores so much, I find that a puffer vest is my BFF, allowing me to stay warm, but not get overheated with all the temperature changes. Being an animal addict lover, I can't resist adorning myself with these little critters {it's hard to tell from the pictures, but the burnt orange threads are glittery, too!}. I also find that a crossbody bag is beyond necessary to keep your hands free for holding all those shopping bags. Last but not least, some comfortable shoes are a must, and these boots fit the bill. Now let's go shopping, y'all!

STUDS // HAT {Target, very old} // VEST {Gap, very old} // SWEATER {H&M, old; alternative} // SHIRT // PANTS // BOOTS {alternative} // CROSSBODY {Coach, old} // POLISH

Thanks for hosting, APoF! Be sure to check out her blog to see everyone's cute shopping attire!

{Past Petite Fashion Challenge participation posts found here.}

Happy weekend!

Merry, Merry

Sorry for my absence and delayed Christmas greetings. I've been away for the past few weeks enjoying food, family, festivities, friends, pjs, naps, food, family, food, 4 inches of snow {in Texas... on Christmas!}, and relaxation.
Hope you had a Merry Little Christmas.

Something pretty this way comes...

You may remember this little Kate Spade crossbody:
I used it in the post for "style that" Isabel's scarf, and frankly, I am seriously going to have to get this entire outfit:

The fabulous Kerry emailed me to let me know it was on sale, and although was out of the black & white buffalo plaid, they were able to track one down for me and have it shipped to me!  

Woo-hoo!  SO wrapping it and putting it under the tree from Santa to me!

I'm still sad...

I haven't posted anything in a while, except for my mommy make-over on Saturday, but that was because I wrote it and scheduled it last Wednesday and haven't really looked at the blog since.  In the wake of the most horrific events on Friday, I haven't felt much like talking fashion... 

Plus, I've been really busy.  My little sister got in on Friday and after work, I met my brand new niece, Lily Drew.  She lives in Hawaii and is about 5 months old and I had never seen her before.  And, boy, do I already just love her!  She is the prettiest, sweetest, most innocent little angel ever.  I have already nicknamed her "my favorite." 

All this baby love makes me even sadder for the community in Newtown.  I just wanted to share something one of the leaders of my church said {many, many years ago}, and that I truly believe.  Although the events on Friday were the most disgusting and the outcome is about the saddest thing I have ever heard of, this gives me comfort at this sad time {complete article here}:

With little children who are taken away in infancy and innocence before they have reached the years of accountability, and are not capable of committing sin, the gospel reveals to us the fact that they are redeemed, and Satan has no power over them. Neither has death any power over them. They are redeemed by the blood of Christ, and they are saved just as surely as death has come into the world through the fall of our first parents. …
… Our beloved friends who are now deprived of their little one, have great cause for joy and rejoicing, even in the midst of the deep sorrow that they feel at the loss of their little one for a time. They know he is all right; they have the assurance that their little one has passed away without sin. Such children are in the bosom of the Father. They will inherit their glory and their exaltation, and they will not be deprived of the blessings that belong to them; ... in the wisdom and mercy and economy of God our Heavenly Father, all that could have been obtained and enjoyed by them if they had been permitted to live in the flesh will be provided for them hereafter. They will lose nothing by being taken away from us in this way...
With these thoughts in my mind, I take consolation in the fact that I shall meet my children who have passed behind the veil; I have lost a number, and I have felt all that a parent can feel, I think, in the loss of my children. I have felt it keenly, for I love children, and I am particularly fond of the little ones, but I feel thankful to God for the knowledge of these principles, because now I have every confidence in his word and in his promise that I will possess in the future all that belongs to me, and my joy will be full. I will not be deprived of any privilege or any blessing that I am worthy of and that may be properly entrusted to me. But every gift, and every blessing that it is possible for me to become worthy of I shall possess, either in time or in eternity, and it will not matter, so that I acknowledge the hand of God in all these things, and say in my heart, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord” [see Job 1:21]. This is the way we should feel with regard to our children, or our relatives, or friends, or whatever vicissitudes we may be called to pass through...
... the infant child that was laid away in death would come up in the resurrection as a child; and, pointing to the mother of a lifeless child, he said to her: “You will have the joy, the pleasure, and satisfaction of nurturing this child, after its resurrection, until it reaches the full stature of its spirit.” There is restitution, there is growth, there is development, after the resurrection from death. I love this truth. It speaks volumes of happiness, of joy and gratitude to my soul. Thank the Lord he has revealed these principles to us.

Anyway, I know this is pretty deep for a blog, but I have always known this and thought it might be nice to share.  The sweet children who were murdered will have glory in Heaven, because they died without sin.  And, they will be able to grow up and be loved by their own mothers after this life.  Hopefully, that is comfort to you, too.


Dressing up Mom

My mom is super-cute as it is, but she got a couple of new clothing items, so I went over there and helped accessorize those bad boys.

I love her new wool sweater and these trousers {which she has been considering getting rid of, since she didn't have anything to wear with them}...
She thinks the leopard belt is a bit too much, but I made her promise to wear it!
She got that GAP cardi I was coveting...
I really love this look!
I got her that glass ring in Florence.  It's perfect!
Does she look fab, or what?  

Jingle Balls {DIY}

So, I didn't post a monthly DIY for November, but if I wait for the end of December, this won't be relevant anymore!  {Also, I did this DIY last year, so really, I'm kind of cheating anyway!}

Last year, I was in love with this image I saw on Pinterest:

via {I still love this, how gorgeous are the colors and ornaments?  I love the few scattered stars, too!}

SO in love, in fact, that I decided to make one myself!  Now, mine isn't at all this big.  And I will tell you that by the time I bought all the supplies and balls, it cost me about $250.  No joke.  AND I got all the balls on 50% off at Michael's.  The one above must have been like $400.

Now, I'll give you the quick instructions I read online and what I did to customize it.

1} wrap a styrofoam craft wreath with ribbon that matches your color scheme.  CHECK! 
{I used aqua blue grosgrain, about 2" thick.  The wrapping process is harder than you would think, as you are wrapping on a curve, so getting it tight and smooth definitely takes a while.}

2} take the hangy-things off the balls, and glue the big ones, randomly, to the wreath by the top notchy-thing.  CHECK!
{I didn't think this felt very secure, so I got a utility knife and dug small holes in the ribbon/wreath.  I then put hot glue on the ball notchy-thing and kind of screwed them into the holes.  Then, after I got the big balls on, I glued in the small ones, either to the wreath, or the bigger balls, depending on where they needed to be filled in.  My mom suggested I go a little less dense with balls than in the pic above, since the ribbon showing through a bit was so pretty, in our opinion.}

3} Look at your pretty wreath, because you are done.  CHECK!  {This seems like such an easy project, but it did take a lot of time, so just be prepared.}
Sorry about the terrible photo!  I wish the colors translated better!  They are super rich in real life!

Have you made any of the DIY wreaths that have been so popular of late?
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