Love Where You Live: Dallas Market Center's Mini-Market!


Debuting our series, "Love Where You Live!"
Technically, "love where you live" is all about the physical city/neighborhood we live in.  I live in Frisco, but I can't help loving Downtown Dallas.  I grew up way north of downtown and always dreamt that after college I would move right into the heart of a well-known urban city.  I would walk down the flights of my apartment or brownstone steps and stroll through the eons of stores, delis, and restaurants surrounding me.  They would know me by name and send me off to tackle the day with a smile.  That never happened and probably never will now that I'm pretty settled up in Frisco.  But that doesn't mean cool stuff isn't happening in my suburban neighborhood!  Love Where You Live is meant to encourage us to discover, support, and appreciate where we've chosen to plant roots.  Go and Love Where You Live!

Even though this STILL isn't a post on Frisco, I had to post about this event down in Dallas!

Today I got to accompany R's parents to Dallas Market Center which is a trade only wholesale shopping mall.  His parents own a resale/antiques company and so they get trade access!  Thirteen stories of whatever you desire from furniture, home decor accents, holiday decorations, and....FASHION!  There were 4 ENTIRE floors of JUST fashion temporary booths.  I guess those floors normally have temporary booths and today happened to be fashion!  I got super excited (and I'm not a shopper) until I remembered this was wholesale and I wouldn't be able to walk away with anything.  So many hot dressed young buyers were bustling around grabbing things for their stores - so cool!  I took a few photos of things that caught my eye and things that I thought you girlies would like!

Driftwood wreath that can be made into a mirror.  Union Jack rug!

I absolutely love relief letters in the same color as the wall - it pops in such a fun way.  More driftwood/twig wreaths for $90 wholesale.


For the industrial/modern girl: a fun light and a simple bar cart.

I still love that chair for some reason and a tricycle sculpture for Kerry.

Very interesting chairs!  No one else appreciated them: "Does that look comfortable to you?" Who cares? It's awesome!
Maigen, I found your lamp!  

How fun are these displays?  I love the fabric that the tent is made out of, like so much!  The right picture screams hollywood glam to me, yes?

Another cowhide metallic stripe rug and some knotty ball...

This dress was the first thing I saw walking in and I was like, "Ba-Bam!"  I wasn't expecting storefronts, just booths, so I kinda went crazy over all the display windows.  Right: a fun, colorful bed

Top: This bed was so pretty!  Right: Mixing woods with metallics
Bottom: I love that @ sign.  Right: A wedding scape fit for my friend, Alisa.

This was my absolute favorite piece of the day.  It was just so different from the masses of other things.

Everyone thought this was SOOOO cute.  I had to look at it without paying attention to the horrible backdrop.  Those little plant markers would work well in a backyard garden for kiddos!  I have to agree - they are cute!

Market was fun and the samples of peach bellinis, margaritas, snacks, fruit, sandwiches, and cheese made the long drive worth it even if I didn't buy anything.  I'm glad my first trip was on an off day because normal markets are JAM packed!  Haha, packed...
fine, don't laugh.

Hopefully, the girls and I will get to show Canton, the flea market, to you sometime this year!
*buyer tip: bring a bag to carry catalogs and such, travel light


Kerry at: March 25, 2012 at 6:16 PM said...

So fun, Isabel! Lots of eye candy!

Maigen at: March 25, 2012 at 6:26 PM said...

Ooo, la, la! I'm jealous! Sooo fab! :)

Maigen at: March 25, 2012 at 6:28 PM said...

PS: I do love that lamp, and that hanging glass globes light thingy is my fave!!

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