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So Isabel, the Indecisive Home Owner here!  We've been in the house for 4 years now and I finally gathered all the right equipment to attempt a decent headboard! Camila's Crate/Barrel knockoff! helped encourage me to try my own, while my cheap a$$ made sure that I didn't buy an outrageously priced one from a store.  (Anybody else think that furniture is OVERLY expensive?!)  But for all that time, I was debating between a gray fabric or a navy fabric, real velvet or linen, a print or solid, a rectangular shape or ornate shape, tufted or untufted, diamond tufted or regular tufted, you get the idea!  Then pinterest boomed and I found even MORE great headboards to envy!

I absolutely LOVE the color scheme here and the white trim to add that simple pop of color!  It turns a traditional shape into something modern and timeless!

Source: styleathome.com via Isabel on Pinterest
Kerry first pinned this and I loved how the headboard was such a focal point with that nice burnt orange and print!

Source: google.com via Isabel on Pinterest

This was my absolute favorite, but since I bought my fabric before I saw this, I didn't purchase enough to replicate =/.  I still wish I had made mine like so, but oh well!

I finally decided that I really wanted to diamond tuft like Urban Outfitter's, just because it's a little more of that extra oomph!  It's a small detail that really stands out!  Luckily, a few bloggers had posted how they diamond tuft and I spent my nights and weekends reading and reading.  I only found maybe 3 tutorials, each one tufting a different object so I had to find the commonality between each of them.  The best one that worked for me was Brick City Love's Diamond Tufting.  She even has a diagram that shows how to calculate the amount of fabric you'll need and how to add some gorgeous lumps.

While I waited for the perfect fabric, I...
1. Marked height of headboard with sticky note
2. Made a template out of paper measuring 66" wide with a 6x6 grid drawn on it.  You can tell I borrowed the shape from the UO headboard.
3. Lived with template for months!  I had this template up since AUGUST 2011!

After saving a TON of headboard fabric choices, none of which I could decide on, an email popped in one November day stating free shipping on orders over $35 AND a discount of 20% off from Fabric.com!  Well I hurried to pick one real quick!  Since velvet was uber expensive, I opted for a suede fabric (looks like velvet from far away - yes?!)  My fabric budget was to get as close to $35 as possible to receive the free shipping :)  3 months from template to fabric!  

Then life happened and I didn't have time or the in-law's help to choose the right wood for my headboard.  (R's dad is a carpenter and always accompanies us to Lowe's.)  It's a blessing and a curse!  We always get great expert advice, but at the same time we don't trust ourselves to to go alone so we have to WAIT.  And I'm not good with waiting.

Finally, in early January, I knocked it out!  The rest of the steps are pretty dead on to Kerry's - so check out her cool collage for the hardware store shopping if you're visual like me!

Next Steps:

What I would do differently is tuft first, then add nailhead trim, THEN staple fabric to the back.  Since I stapled first, I wasn't able to have deep tufts because the fabric was too tight.

I saved A TON of money by waiting for deals, which caused more impatience, but the money saved makes me happy!  For example, I was getting the rest of the supplies from Joann's, which had two types of coupons for me to use.  One coupon worked all week long, while another was just for the weekend, but would count for sale and regular priced items.  I scoured the ads each week looking for foam to be on sale.  Luckily, foam was on sale at the same time as the coupons - I just needed to wait for the weekend to maximize my savings!  (MORE WAITING - GAHH!!!) I was able to get pricey foam for only $30!

Without further ado, here's the end result!  The shape is wider than the original design because I didn't think the UO shape was proportional to my bed.  Also, the thick fabric made it difficult to score the corners like in my sketch.  I don't know how you're supposed to do that right, so if you find out let me know!  Another change - I didn't diamond tuft =/  Not enough fabric!  If I had bought more, it would've been possible but I was really intent on keeping my costs as far away from retail price as possible.

Sorry this post is WORDY while at the same time remaining completely uninformative, but really, there are so many how-to's out there!  You'll find one out there!

Here's everything I used and the price breakdown! Most people use 1-3 inch foam for headboards.
-4 yds of fabric - vintage suede navy - from Fabric.com - $28.74
-nailhead trim kit - from joann's - $15?
-upholstery needle - from joann's - $2.99 (40% off)
-(2) button kit 14 size 36 - from joann's - $4.99 (50% off)
-(2) button kit 14 size 36 - from joann's - $5.99 (40% off)
-upholstery thread - from joann's - $3.41 (40% off)
-lumber - 3/4 x 4 x 8 blondewood hardwood - from lowe's - $40.97
-(4) bolts - 1/4 x 20 x 2 1/2 - $0.80
-(4) washers - $0.44
-(4) nuts - $0.48
-4 yds of 1 inch foam @8.49/yd - from joann's - $31.50 (50% off with 15% mailer)

-spray adhesive - already had but retails for about $12.99
-2x4's - from dad's garage
-rubber mallet - from lowe's - $13.98
total: $148.29 compared to $350 @ UO
($119.31 w/o nailhead trim)

Side note: Since I didn't have everything altogether at once, it took me about 4 Saturdays to complete.  I forgot to mention earlier that you need to cover your buttons with fabric - that'll take a good few hours time; plus some patience! :)
I'm sure if I had everything altogether, it would've taken me just two or three days.

Let me know if I can be more clear on something!


Maigen at: March 23, 2012 at 5:03 PM said...

I love it so much! Awesome shape & gorgeous color! Brava! :)

Kerry at: March 25, 2012 at 6:19 PM said...

Awesome job!! I loved reading about the process. Love all of your headboard inspiration photos in this post; I'm dying to make a burnt orange antler headboard.

Maigen at: March 25, 2012 at 6:37 PM said...

Kerry-- I saw a swatch of the orange antler fabric at Childress on Midway in Addison (obsessed with it, it's too cool!), you can order it there!

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