I's Gotta Have...

1.  My Makeup Essentials: As long as I have eyeliner, blush and chapstick I am good to go!  My absolute favorite eyeliner is MAC's fluid line gel liner in Dip Down.  It goes on so smooth, has a great deep brown color and lasts forever!  Target's E.L.F. line also has a similar eyeliner that I'm using now and works just as great!  You can't beat the $3 price tag either or the metallic olive color!
I carry blush around with me everywhere - it's an instant perk to the face.  I splurged the last of my Sephora gift card on Make-Up For Ever's HD blush in some color I can't remember.  Perfect little cheek stain!  Then of course, I gotta have chapstick.  Nothing's worse than dry cracked lips - bleh!
2.  Flats: I live in flats all year long.  That's about all I have to say about that...
3.  Canon's 5D Mark ii:  I absolutely love my Canon and practically lug it around everywhere.  I'm always lagging behind because I have 1) two huge bags filled with lenses and cameras, and 2) I want to take pictures of everything.   People DO NOT like traveling with me - sadness.
4.  Anthropologie's Tuff Fantail Rug:  No longer available but I got this fun colorful baby on a half off sale!  I'm usually extremely cautious about purchases and second guess everything but I went for it!  I love the crazy patterns going on and the colors are fab!  It makes me happy every time - EVERY time!  I need to be this colorful and take a risk like this more often!
5.  Jewelry Go To's: I found this chain bracelet back in my teeny bopper stuff at my mom's house!  I remember HATING it and never ever wearing it.  Now I absolutely love it, its brassiness, and chains!  This is why I'm such a pack rat - "it might come in handy SOME day"!  The owl ring is from Forever 21 and R found it for me.  He usually gets my style completely wrong, but this is the one and only time he chose something perfect!  I get compliments on it all the time.  It's no longer available but that's how trends are!
6.  T-Back Chair:  When we first moved in, a model home was up for sale 2 streets over.  We walked through the house, took pics of everything and anything we wanted, I made an official game plan and camped out on the doorstep the morning of the sale.  "Elbows Out!" we whispered to each other as our family ran in and grabbed every tag.  People would say "Oh, this is nice - wait, where's the tag?" literally seconds from us entering.  We were referred to as "that family".  "THAT family got it.  Nothing's left - THAT family must have it".  We got shot so many dirty looks.  A few months later, another sale was happening from the same company.  We were 5th or so in line and I debated on this pair of T-Back* chairs.  (Someone had already got the tags).  They were a hefty price plus the tags had been pulled so I was ok walking away.  Then lo and behold I got approached by another customer who asked if I wanted their tag.  They had changed their mind on the chair.  I said "Why not!" and it came home.  I feel so...upscale with it!
* not an official design term
7.  Magazines:  I love my magazines just like Maigen!  I squeal, I dance, I yell, "Look!"  I would love D Home, but for now I'm subscribed to House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and Country Living.  To balance all those traditional looks, I add Rue Mag, Lonny, Apartment Therapy, Utterly Engaged, and Smitten to the mix.  I like seeing real people's homes decorated with their own two hands.  Maybe I'll shoot for D magazine one day!
8.  Peppermints:  Peppermints and gum are attached to my pockets.  They keep me sane, my stomach calm, and my breath minty.  Not a design related item, but still a must have for me!
9.  Industrial Bookshelf:  I really like industrial and wood elements and after seeing Bash Please's bookshelf full of their amazing props, I wanted something similar.  It displays pretty things, art, and serves as a computer station.  Designing it was easy; making it not so much.  I'm so lucky to have R's dad help me with altering my design and making it a reality.  You'll probably see a full post on this how-to sometime!
10.  Curling Iron:  Getting up in the morning is a CHORE!  Curling iron's (especially big fat ones) get me whipped into shape for work ASAP.  I don't brush my hair so the iron fixes any strange happenings going on.


Kerry at: March 16, 2012 at 8:07 PM said...

You know how I covet that "T-back" chair. And ditto to the flats, teach.

Maigen at: March 16, 2012 at 8:29 PM said...

1) I LOVE the story about that chair!!
2) Gotta try that E.L.F. eyeliner!
3) Let's both work at D Mag!!!! DREAM JOB...

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