Kerry & D: a small story

I introduced the lovely Kerry to her hubs (how many years ago? 4!?), not that they wouldn't have met anyway... But, the day they met was magical (for them) and hilarious (for me).  We were sitting in a row: me, then Kerry, then her hubs.  They had REALLY hit it off.  I knew something was a-brewin'. 
Like 6 months later... :)
Suddenly, Kerry felt a hand on her back.  Although she thought her future husband was very attractive, she was totally taken back by his premature, presumptuous familiarity.  Kerry and I were talking, and I couldn't help but notice she was leaning more and more forward, until the poor thing was practically touching her knees with her face!  I couldn't tell what was wrong, but it came to light after she finally realized the hand on her back wasn't D's, but was the hand of another (although no more welcome) guy standing behind us.  It was so funny, as Kerry had to explain that she was practically contortionist-ing herself because she thought D had his hand on her back!  Might have scared some guys off, thinking that his hand repulsed her to such extreme measures (and angles, she could have injured her back), but he overcame the moment with flying colors, and today they are celebrating their fabulous life together!  Yay for love!  :)



Kerry at: March 25, 2012 at 6:25 PM said...

Thanks for this sweet post, Maigen! But more importantly, thanks for the matchmaking! :)

Did you know that when D called to ask me out on our first date that I was on the other line relaying this story (in which I look like an idiot) to a good friend of mine? I didn't answer his call, and he left a message saying, "Hey, it's D. You know, the guy that you're repulsed by..."

And you're right: We were married about 6 months later. Oh, love. : )

Maigen at: March 25, 2012 at 6:36 PM said...

You don't look like an idiot! It's AWESOME!!! You were charming AND hilarious, a killer combo! :)

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