Maigen's first headboard

My fabulous little sister enlisted my help with her bedroom.  She has a lot of white bedding and was looking to spice things up a bit by adding in some purple.  I was super-excited at the prospect of using my absolute favorite fabric, EVER:
It's a dark purple (my mom says it's brown with a purple-ish hue, I say it's totally purple.  The purple of grape Kool-aid, only saturated).  The print is dark, inky purple and an amazing grey/tan with metallic running through it. 

Did I mention EVER?  How gorgeous is that?!

Unfortunately, I have no purple in my tiny apartment, so it will be a while before I can incorporate this anywhere in my own home.  But, at least this way, I can visit it! 

I picked up the fabric in Dallas at one of my fave fabric shops on Midway, The Fabric Yard, which is the size of a football field and has great prices.  I also got some grey/tan fabric for the pad on the antique trunk my sis painted cream at the end of the bed:
(Just fyi, that fabric is exactly like the one I will be making MY headboard out of later!  The photo is actually of her fabric, mine is the same, but in a dark, rich grey.  I love it because it is velvet, and from far away looks almost like leather.  It catches the light so prettily, it practically shimmers!) 
I think all together, the headboard fabric was only about $120 (including tax) for the 6 yards I got.  Amazing deal for such nice, thick fabric!  Plus, metallic!  It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that BLING. ;)  

My mom and Bob (my step-dad) and I went up to OKC one weekend to make the headboard.  It only took a few hours! 


We figured out that the fabric running sideways (the way we did it on the headboard) was actually about the same size (within a few inches) of the fabric running up and down.  In order to avoid cutting the fabric and sewing it, while trying to keep the pattern in tact, to make it wide enough for their California King bed (her hubs is 6'7''), we just went the other way.  The pattern is so cool, it totally worked!

My awesome Mom & Bob had some ideas about making the thing, since they had made one for their Master bedroom, which I will have to post about later, since it's gorgeous.  We didn't make it to attach to the bed-frame, but to just stand between the wall and bed.  We put a 2X4 across the bottom, to add support.  We put foam and then wrapped the fabric and stapled it like crazy.  We didn't bother with adhesive, or batting, and I think it is just as sturdy as if we had.  The main thing was lining up the pattern!  With such a graphic pattern, we decided not to tuft it, plus, the fabric itself is metallic, so we did without nail heads, making this an easy afternoon project.  Having three of us working on it didn't hurt, either, because one of us could smooth the front while another pulled the back tight and the third stapled!  The most important thing was that we stapled a couple in the very center of each side, to make sure the fabric stayed where we wanted it to begin with.  We actually kept it upright most of the time, and having three of us really helped with that, too!

Finished product:

Yay, my first headboard!  Simple and elegant, if I do say so myself.  Which I do!  (Also loving the cute grey scroll-print curtains I found at Target for the room!)

You can also see the awesome dip-dyed TARGET lamps I snatched up in a moment of decorating bliss for the room make-over!
I can't remember the exact pricing, unfortunately, probably because my sis paid for everything... However, we had worked it out, and I think it cost about $300 total.  Rough estimates:

$120--fabric @ The Fabric Yard
$72 --wood, staple gun, staples, screws @ Lowe's (thanks for the military discount, Lowe's!  My brother-in-law is Air Force and they got like 10% off!)
$65 --foam (Hobby Lobby, I think?  Hard to remember when your brain is so full of meaningless crap!)

Now, I have to do my own!  For the design, I found this on Pinterest, and am going to have to do nail heads in THIS exact pattern... I was so indecisive about how/if to do nail heads/tufting, until I saw this and I knew it was love:
From here:
That's it!  I love upholstered headboards, even more now that I know they can be pretty easy & inexpensive!  Two of my favorite characteristics when it comes to projects! ;)


Isabel at: March 24, 2012 at 12:19 PM said...

R took one look and said, "That's pretty!". Well done, Maigen!! A great fabric choice suited to both the masculine and feminine inclined!

Kerry at: March 25, 2012 at 6:28 PM said...

I love this! I have to say that D took one look and said, "That headboard is awesome!" Lucky sister!

I can't wait to see how your own turns out! That nailhead design is amazing.

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