A few of Maigen's favorite things


1) Wassily Chair  I have 2, on loan from my mom.  I am so worried she'll never find her coveted Barcelona chairs, and will ask for these back!  That would be NO BUENO!
2) The Great Gatsby  My paperback copy looks just about as ragged as the one in the picture, and is older than I am by a lot.  I think I have always been in love with Jay Gatsby.  Daisy taught me how to flirt.  I try to read every year.  VERY excited about the rumor of a movie starring Leonadro DiCap.  That sounds lovely.
3)  Gelato  Oddly enough, I love the fruity, sorbet versions the best... CANTALOUPE, Lemon, mixed berry, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango, pineapple, oh, and did I mention cantaloupe?  Ahhh... Refreshing!  This may surprise the people who have known me as an avid chocoholic my entire life.  I still am.  But, I am attending meetings and am now on the 8th step.  Just kidding. 
4)  D Home Magazine  I knew I had to add this today when I was practically wagging my nonexistant tail going to my mailbox, expecting the newest issue.  Dallas has some great design, and this magazine's editors have particularly keen eyes.
5)  Tarte cheek stain in "Flush"  The perfect bright pink.  Super-sheer.  Super youthful.  You'll look like you just finished making out behind the bleachers. 
6)  The "If...Then" pillow from Anthro  I literally based my entire bedroom around this pillow.  Gorgeous!  My fave colors.  And, the back is surprising, like the negative of the front.  Looks like paint by numbers, and I love it. 
7)  My Boho Locket Pendant Necklace from J Crew  Goes with everything.  Classic and chic.  Also, great for layering with pearls et al.  Sad fact: on the mannequin, the locket is practically at the belly-button, which is what I wanted.  My well-endowed sisters will understand what I mean when I say, "I want a breast reduction if for no other reason than the fashion."  Needless to say, it is much shorter on me.  But, still FAB.
8)  The Manzanita Wall Art from West Elm  Oh, man.  So, I realize WE was selling this as some sort of Holiday adornment, but this thing is absolutely stunning and there is NO WAY it's going in a box in my storage for 10 months out of the year.  It's like earrings at the end of my hallway.  Or, umm... One earring.  A nose-ring?  (Although I never condone nose-rings, that is probably the most accurate simile.) 
9)  Vincent Longo Lipgloss in "Cherros"  Perfection in a tube!  Glossy, slick, not sticky, stays on forever, a slight blue tint to make make my pearly whites look their pearly whitest. 
10)  Turbans from silk scarves  I don't know why... Elizabeth Taylor?  Greta Garbo?  The most recent (to my world) incarnation on the lovely Audrey Tautou in "Amelie?"  Whatever the deep-seated reason, I love a good turban.  With my big Valentino sunnies.  Around town, running errands.  Lounging pool-side, the gorgeous non-english-speaking pool boy I had imported from Spain holding a bottle of sunscreen, 70 SPF.  No, just kidding.  I only wear 120+SPF.  (There's no pool boy, either, gorgeous or otherwise.  And I wouldn't know, but if he existed, he would probably speak english (mostly slang) and be named something like "Jerry."  Nor is there a pool.  Well, not a private one, anyway, and I'm not bringing this body down to the apartment complex pool in anything less modest than a level-5 HOTZONE jumpsuit.)   
11)  Benefit "High Beam"  Gimme a little shimmer!  This makes my eyes look awake with just a touch on the inside corners, no matter how late I stayed up crying the night before.  No, just being dramatic.  But, that's really how good it is.
12)  Black & white Missoni for Target bath & hand towels  Let me tell you a story about how good things happen to people who spend a lot of time at Target.  Those towels were the MAIN thing I knew I wanted when the mayhem of Target for Missoni ensued.  Of course, they were LONG gone by the time I went looking for them...  Once upon a time, I had spend half of my Saturday scouring all of my local Targets for 3 different patterns of the exact same shirt.  Well, when it looks great you need ever color/print, right??  I was getting pretty shaky from lack of food and only Diet Coke in my system, and trudged up to the "customer service" counter, where they had claimed to be holding the LAST TWO SHIRTS for me, in my size.  The towels were just sitting there, like a beacon.  I said, "are these somebody's?"  The clerk said, "No, they were returned."  I said,"can I buuuuyyy them?" Still skeptical that this was going to happen.  He said, "yes.  And, they are on clearance." 
The patron saint of the incessant decorators smiled down.  And I scored these puppies for like $9 for bath towels and $7 for hand towels.  Yes.

**Disclaimer: Somewhere in this post is an "ever" that is supposed to be an "every."  I am aware of this.  But, I found it once and now it has disappeared forever.  "Forevery." 


Isabel at: March 16, 2012 at 6:11 PM said...

I love your chairs and Missoni Towels :) Plus, your personality!

Kerry at: March 16, 2012 at 8:06 PM said...

I'm so with you on gelato! How did my Italian self forget to mention that in my faves? And I need to try High Beam, stat!

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