The Making of Our Headboard*

*Also known as finally becoming real live adults, rather than living like college frat boys.

It's taken me nearly 2.5 years, but we finally committed to a headboard design and knocked it out in a few hours on a Friday night and Saturday morning. I purchased the fabric during one of Joann's 50% off home decor fabrics sales {ahem} 2.5 years ago. I found it in the swatches section, and ordered the yards I needed through the store. 
My initial idea was to make a tufted headboard, but I was worried that the geometric nature of the pattern would be ruined by the tufting. My next thought was to have a somewhat ornately curved headboard, but again I was worried that the geometric pattern would be too difficult to align just right on the curves. I finally realized that what would be best and most complimentary to our bedding (and I'm not going to lie: easiest!) would be to keep clean and simple lines. So a rectangular headboard was in the works. I recruited my husband, who thankfully had some extra time on his hands thanks to his MBA Spring Break freedom, and off we went to our local Home Depot, Joann's, and back home to work, work, work. We basically followed Grace's tutorial on how to make a headboard, aside from the shape. We used a piece of plywood and two 2x4s to make legs. I Instagram-ed (yep, it's totally a verb) the heck out of our adventures. Enjoy the highlights...

1. Nothing more manly than posing next to a forklift. And interesting tidbit o' the day: That studly husband of mine is licensed to drive one in California, thanks to working at his dad's custom metal shop back in the day.
2. The foam at Joann's was perched atop a large caged storage area. Thank goodness for that tall, basketball playing husband of mine. My petite self does not have the vertical lift jumping ability to grab it.
3. After using his mad kangaroo jumping skills, D got a little rest on the batting while we waited for the Joann cutting counter to call our number. Is there ever not an enormous wait there? It was Friday night at 8 p.m., peeps. Surely we're the only people paying Joann a visit at that time, rather than being out hob-nobbing with the cool kids. But no. Waiting it was.
4. Best part of this whole project? Being gifted a myriad of opportunities to stare at my husband's hot hiney, bent over in its full glory. I need to think of more projects just for that. Holla!
5. D's genius ability to do complicated math formulas in his head led us to only have this wee bit of foam left over. Waste not, friends.
6. I took the threat of inhaling toxic chemicals seriously and made my husband and myself adorn masks. Thankfully we had a box of them on hand from a themed party we held a few years ago. {More on that later... maybe.}
7. The finished product. We're pleased as peaches with ourselves for our first time and all.

Now that it's made, I'm really happy that we decided to not tuft it. Tufting would have been tuft (hee hee) and it would have interrupted the pattern too much for my taste. I'm also really happy that we kept a straight, clean line because I think it provides a nice, masculine contrast to our more femininely patterned bedding.

Here she is in her non-Instagram glory.

Cost Breakdown
Plywood - $20.97
Two 2x4s - $4.38
3M Spray Adhesive - $12.99
3.83 yards of foam - $59.38 (it was on sale for 50% off)
3 yards of poly batting - $5.99 (I had a coupon for 50% off)
Fabric purchased 2.5 years ago for 50% off - I can't remember the cost & it was so long ago, I consider it free : )
Grand total - $103.71

And yes, new lamps and curtains are tops on my home purchase list. Fingers crossed they don't keep in theme of this project and take 2.5 years to come across.


Maigen at: March 19, 2012 at 5:02 PM said...

Yay! Looks even better in the big pictures here! I love it!
Also, still laughing at your comments about the hub's bum! :)

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