M's Monthly Love: March Edition

My monthly love is a little different... It is something that I think about and quote all the time, and find myself laughing out loud at the idea in my head.  And as usual, I end up looking like a crazy person.  ;)

My mom, sis, and I took a road trip recently, and my sister and I ended up repeating parts of this over and over, the whole time.  We love to sing the jingles.  My mom was probably about ready to kick us...

Treat.  Yo.  Self. 

FINE LEATHER GOODS.  My computer froze to buffer right when Donna said that, and her eyes were so wide and hilarious!  If you haven't seen "Parks and Rec," you are missing out!  Tom Haverford is one of the funniest fictional characters, EVER.  Just look at him dance!  Genius!

I "monthly" LOVE Treat. Yo. Self.

My sis and I are planning to pick a "Treat. Yo. Self. day" for the years to come, but I think our theme song will always be "Treat. Yo. Self. Two-thousand-leven!"

*I do not own this video... Nor do I know the rules. Nor do I have any money in case anyone wants to sue me.  All I have are fragrances and fine leather goods.  I'm not trying to steal this or do anything that will land me in a Martha-Stewart type prison or anywhere that I can't Treat. My. Self.  Just trying to do some free adverts for P&R.  Seeing all those "I don't own this" and "no copyright infringement intended" disclaimers on youtube really freaked me out.  In case you can't tell...


Isabel at: March 28, 2012 at 8:00 PM said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all your disclaimers! HAHAHHAAHA. You are too funny.

Iz loves Treat Yo.Self also!

Kerry at: March 28, 2012 at 8:57 PM said...

Ditto that Tom Haverford is one of the funniest fictional characters EVER! And I agree with Iz that your disclaimer was hilarious!

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