Style That Item: Isabel's William Rast for Target Vest

Good morning! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! I spent mine squeezing in some quality time with D in between his finals studying sessions, meeting with M and I and developing some exciting new blog features!, celebrating my mom's birthday, and cuddling with my newest nephew, little baby O! Ah, I love that little guy!

Now it's on to another week, and another Style That Item feature. This week we'll be flexing our styling muscles with Isabel's William Rast for Target utility vest. It's no longer available, but here's an alternative for petite ladies since CrewCuts sizing can run large enough for us. Also, I know I've seen adult-sized options in store at JCrew Factory lately, they're just no longer online for me to link to. By the way, this is always the time of year that I have a hankering for a utility vest and feel like I can never find one. Anyone else notice that, too?

Here's how I styled Iz's vest using items from my own closet.

Top {alternative}, jeans, shoes, earrings {in fluorescent green, which is sadly no longer available}

Tee {alternative}, skirt, earrings, necklace {alternative}, bracelet {alternative}, sandals {alternative}

Next up are some suggestions for how I think Isabel should wear her vest. First, is a comfortable ensemble that will keep Isabel looking stylish while keeping cool in the Texas heat this summer. I envision her running errands in this little get-up. I love the look of neon {the specific color name is lizard - how fun is that?!} with the army green hue of the vest. The Madewell bracelets are a fun collection of bangles, which tie in with the gold accents from the studded t-strap sandals, and my current necklace crush, no make that OBSESSION: Tory Burch's Serpent Pendant necklace. I'm not a huge fan of snakes, but I love the look of this necklace. I think it's the Italian Horn that the snake wraps around that really has me under a necklace love spell. Swooooooon.

Second is a little nautical number. Isabel is a lover of all things nautical, so I had to incorporate this aesthetic into the outfit sets. I love the classic red and navy stripes of this Madewell top, and I think it's a timeless and versatile piece that Isabel could have in her closet forever {read: BUY IT, I!}. Paired with some cropped white skinny jeans {again, not a look for every body-type, but Isabel can pull it off without a care}, we have ourselves a nice nautical foundation for this outfit. The wedges incorporate a little bit of a tribal feel, but can also read nautical with the chevron stripes. As one part of a large height differential couple myself {I'm 14 inches shorter than D}, I think R would appreciate the little boost that these wedges will give to Iz's height. The classic gold watch and, of course, my latest favorite necklace complete the outfit, helping Isabel to look effortlessly nautical. Ahoy, Iz!

The third look incorporates neon accents and the white cropped skinny jeans again, but also adds this gorgeously saturated blue tee from Gap. {I recently purchased this in the same color and I can vouch that the color is just as vibrant and rich in person. It is stunning!} I love the tribal pattern of these Rebecca Minkoff sandals, and I think if Iz rolled up the cropped skinny jeans to make them even a bit more cropped, it would look especially adorable with the way these sandals wrap around the ankle. The Madewell beaded pendant necklace is perfection, and the DVF bag adds some unexpected pattern {I'm trying to mix patterns a little bit more, but I'm not sure I got it as right as Maigen always does!} I think this outfit would be great for Isabel to wear to go grab some dinner with her girlfriends.   

Last up is a fun and flirty look that I think would be perfect for a date night with Iz's beloved. I love the idea of this girly F21 floral dress paired with the more masculine vibe of Isabel's utility vest. The gray wedges are a favorite in the perfectly funky department; I love the cutout in the platform heel and the pop of neon yellow in the toe bed. The Rebecca Minkoff Moonstruck bag is definitely an "If I Were a Rich Girl" dream bag. Sigh. I love the coral/peachy hue and the gorgeous golden iridescence on the front flap. The bangles add some more iridescent shimmer, and no outfit would be complete with that Tory Burch necklace.  

Which look is your favorite? How would you style I's William Rast for Target vest?


Have you heard about the upcoming launch of HomeMint? It's part of the -Mint family (StyleMint, ShoeMint, JewelMint... I think that's all of them) and is a collection of artwork, dinnerware, one-of-a-kind furniture, and decor curated and designed by Justin Timberlake and interior designer Estee Stanley. It's set to launch on May 9. I have to say I'm eagerly anticipating its launch and have high hopes I'll find some great pieces to add to my home.

Want to be a part of the VIP list and shop the site before its official launch? Click here.

Monthly Love: Crepe and Tissue Paper Ideas


So I've been obsessing over paper.  Yes I love handpressed invitations, yes, I love lined envelopes and David Stark and all kinds of paper.    But I want to focus on JUST crepe, tissue paper, and the occasional cardstock.  It amazes me what people can create with it!  Crepe garlands.  Paper flowers. I know, I know, it's a huge trend right now, but what can I say - sometimes I fall prey to trends.  I say, as long as it's not cheesy or blatantly themed, these crafts can look ah-mazing!  I mean, BHLDN is using paper in upscale ways!

Years ago, EmersonMade, now they've changed to Emerson Fry, wowed me with her gorgeous handmade accessories, specifically her pretty knockout flowers.  I mean, some of them are huge.  Hers are made from fabric.  She started out making flowers, expanded into clothing and now after 2 short years has really created a brand for herself.  Her old website is no longer so I can't show you some of her old items, but go check out Emerson Fry!  Plus, I absolutely love her farmhouse...sigh!

Fast forward to this year and I see this little doozy in Utterly Engaged.  It was promptly pinned for reference later!

Source: via Isabel on Pinterest

The color of that pink cardstock is sooo perfect!  I'm reaaaaallly into pale pinks and whites in my late 20's!

But then my awareness really kicked into high gear in April because I had a prom photoshoot and a wedding that I wanted to incorporate these crafty goodies into!  So then, this is what I found on the internet world that I love so much!
(P.S. People are so darn generous!  Creativity takes work and a certain giftedness and these lovelies are sharing them for free!  They're so niiice! :)  I was probably able to find a tutorial for every picture that I loved.)  Just click on the links or the picture itself!

Source: via Isabel on Pinterest



I've been knee deep in crepe and tissue paper.  Ok, maybe just hand-deep.  I'm trying to make everything that you see here for my friend's wedding. (in small doses) Crepe flower bouquets for the rehearsal, the crepe candy garlands for the bachelorette, the rings for her photobooth, pinatas for her wedding day, and the small flowers for the tabletops.  Sometimes, they don't turn out "right", but that's ok. You'll get an update on the final products, so be looking out for it!  I made some sad paper flowers ones for a prom shoot to copy that girl with all the gigantic white flowers behind her head - not sure if I'll show those :D

Sorry for taking up so much space, but there's a few more paper loves on my pinterest!  Hope you found some you'll want to try!

Glossy Goodness: A Table Update

I purchased this table at a local thrift store about 1.5 years ago for less than $40. It was in pretty good shape with mostly just minor surface scratches, a few little dents in inconspicuous places, and no major divots, as seen below.

When I purchased it, my initial intention was to sand it down to eliminate the scratches and smooth out the dents, and then refinish it with a like-hued stain. As with a lot of home decor purchases and ideas in my home, I let it sit as-is for awhile while I figured out exactly what I wanted. Thank goodness for this Monthly DIY Challenge to give me a swift kick in the pants to make a decision already, otherwise it would still be sitting just as it was when I first bought it!

After consulting with my fellow bloggers M and I, they suggested that I spray paint it a glossy gray. While I definitely loved that suggestion, the shades of gray spray paint that I had to choose from at my local Home Depot felt either too dark, too light, or too metallic. I couldn't find exactly what I had envisioned. While perusing the colors, I came across two color candidates: RustOleum's Colonial Red in Gloss and Paprika in Satin. I opted to pick both up and bring them home to feel out which would be the best compliment for the table in its surrounding space.

Here are my paint choices against my living room rug. 

I ultimately decided to go with Colonial Red, because the thought of a glossy red table made me happy. I thought it would add a nice punch of color and liveliness to this little neck of my breakfast area/living room woods.

With a color selected and a vision in mind, I set up shop in my wee backyard by laying down an old tarp. I made sure to do my painting on a day with low-humidity and low-wind, as the can's directions suggest. A day like this is hard to come by in the Texas springtime, so I had to be patient when it came to getting a start on this little project.

Please disregard our weeds, I mean grass. No, I mean weeds.

I got the ball rolling by doing a little sanding. I don't think this was truly a necessary step, so feel free to forgo it in your spray painting endeavors. I used the above Norton sanding pads; one that was for finer sanding and one that was a little bit rougher for those more damaged areas.

Here's the top of the table after some sanding goodness. It took a little bit of time and effort to smooth out the scratches and buff down the dents.

There were some splotches on the surface of one of the sides. It looked like a little splattering of a clear coat gone awry.

Thankfully, some elbow grease eliminated those little suckers.

Then I gave it a very thin coat of some primer.

30 minutes later the table was doused in another light coat of primer.

I made sure to wear a mask while I did all of my spraying. As you can tell, I am very serious about keeping toxins out of my lungs, and you should be too.

Now here comes the part of the story that proves that I'm a novice, or that I don't think things through enough. Or both. I left the table outside to dry after giving it 2 coats of red. D and I went to go grab some dinner and run some errands. When we came back I checked on my little project only to see that the wind had picked up and blown grass and other debris onto the drying paint and left those darn little debris there to stick to it and become one with the paint and table. Thankfully it wasn't anything that a little light sanding and rubbing couldn't fix.

Realizing the error of my ways, we brought the table inside overnight to keep it safe from having anymore debris cling to it.

There was a little bright spot in this: The glossy footing had me feeling giddy about the final product.

The next day was super windy, so into the garage went my tarp and table. 

Two more thin, even coats, and the painting process was complete. We moved the table inside a few hours later, and then let it cure for a little over 48 hours before I put anything back on it.

A couple of days later, I put all of the pictures back on top and went to attach my new handle that I purchased only to realize that it was too large. Bummer. Silly me should have measured before purchasing it. {The handle measures 3.5" from bolt to bolt, making it a little longer than most.} When I finally measured the distance between the holes in the table drawer, I realized that they're shorter than 3 inches by just a hair. This is bad news bears for me, since the average handle measures 3 inches between bolts. If I had my way, I'd be adorning the drawer with this little lovely. But being that I have no desire to fill the holes, redrill new ones, and spray another coat of paint at this time, I had to find a new solution.

Enter Anthropologie again. It turns out they are going to pull through for me, pun intended, thanks to the clever invention of this little guy.
The Pliant Rope Handle is just that: pliant. This will allow me to fit those awkward unevenly drilled holes with ease. I wasn't able to locate it in a nearby store, so it's being shipped. Once it comes in I'll take one last final shot of my table in its completed revamped glory.

This was my first foray into spray painting, and I have to say I like it better than I expected, though truth be told that paint and brushes are my comfort zone. I purchased several more cans of spray paint in exciting colors (think gold and neons), and I have some fun plans to spruce up our front and back patios. 

Do you enjoy the wonders of spray paint? Or are you more of a brush and paint kind of gal?

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