Monthly Love: Crepe and Tissue Paper Ideas


So I've been obsessing over paper.  Yes I love handpressed invitations, yes, I love lined envelopes and David Stark and all kinds of paper.    But I want to focus on JUST crepe, tissue paper, and the occasional cardstock.  It amazes me what people can create with it!  Crepe garlands.  Paper flowers. I know, I know, it's a huge trend right now, but what can I say - sometimes I fall prey to trends.  I say, as long as it's not cheesy or blatantly themed, these crafts can look ah-mazing!  I mean, BHLDN is using paper in upscale ways!

Years ago, EmersonMade, now they've changed to Emerson Fry, wowed me with her gorgeous handmade accessories, specifically her pretty knockout flowers.  I mean, some of them are huge.  Hers are made from fabric.  She started out making flowers, expanded into clothing and now after 2 short years has really created a brand for herself.  Her old website is no longer so I can't show you some of her old items, but go check out Emerson Fry!  Plus, I absolutely love her farmhouse...sigh!

Fast forward to this year and I see this little doozy in Utterly Engaged.  It was promptly pinned for reference later!

Source: via Isabel on Pinterest

The color of that pink cardstock is sooo perfect!  I'm reaaaaallly into pale pinks and whites in my late 20's!

But then my awareness really kicked into high gear in April because I had a prom photoshoot and a wedding that I wanted to incorporate these crafty goodies into!  So then, this is what I found on the internet world that I love so much!
(P.S. People are so darn generous!  Creativity takes work and a certain giftedness and these lovelies are sharing them for free!  They're so niiice! :)  I was probably able to find a tutorial for every picture that I loved.)  Just click on the links or the picture itself!

Source: via Isabel on Pinterest



I've been knee deep in crepe and tissue paper.  Ok, maybe just hand-deep.  I'm trying to make everything that you see here for my friend's wedding. (in small doses) Crepe flower bouquets for the rehearsal, the crepe candy garlands for the bachelorette, the rings for her photobooth, pinatas for her wedding day, and the small flowers for the tabletops.  Sometimes, they don't turn out "right", but that's ok. You'll get an update on the final products, so be looking out for it!  I made some sad paper flowers ones for a prom shoot to copy that girl with all the gigantic white flowers behind her head - not sure if I'll show those :D

Sorry for taking up so much space, but there's a few more paper loves on my pinterest!  Hope you found some you'll want to try!


Kerry at: April 28, 2012 at 9:29 PM said...

I love it all and I can't wait to see what you make!!

Maigen at: April 28, 2012 at 11:43 PM said...

YAY!! Girl, you are sooo creative! Let me know if you want any help! I'm sure they will all turn out fabulous! :)

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