My Hat, My Hero: VOL 2

You might remember my hat: 

I love it.  I wore it all over on my cruise, even though I went to somewhat excruciating efforts to create a "big, floppy hat" contraption for packing (I only wore the big floppies a couple of times).  I will post about that later, it is quite rad and I think I will start making them and become like the "Snuggie" people.  LOAD-ED.  ;)

This hat ended up flying into the ocean from the ship on a particularly windy de-boarding experience in Cozumel, and a Royal Carib employee fished it out for me with a hook.  It was almost the abrupt end of our relationship.  Luckily, I didn't lose it then! 

Anyway, this isn't really about fashion, so much as being just an observation.  But, a hilarious observation that I HAD to share!  Just wait.

I noticed that there was a tag in the back of my lovely hat, and the white showed through in some places.  Being the perfectionist (ahem, the neurotic spaz) that I am, I decided to cut it out.  And that's when I read it... And you should too (and, yes, as I have already acknowledged, my head is gigantic):
Do not IRON???  Well, that will save me some time with laundry since I will no longer need to iron my straw fedora.  Also, since when did hats have age limits?  What if someone has a child with a particularly bulbous head, what are they supposed to do for hats?  :)


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