M's Monthly Love: April Edition

My monthly loves are awesome little Carribean hand-made trinkets!  I tried not to shop much on my cruise, which is reeealllly hard for me!  I did, however, pick up a few really cute pieces (and all at a-maz-ing prices)!

In Haiti, I found these rad little jewelry boxes.  The green looks great in my bedroom, and the black is still bouncing around... I'm not sure if it will stay in the living room on my persimmon Martini side table, or if it will serve a more functional role in my linen closet, filled with earrings! 

On our stop in Cozumel, I got some really beautiful (and el cheapo) jewelry and the most fabulous little coin purse EVA (I wish the pictures showed the true vibrant colors of the beads, the dark blue beads on the coin purse actually have a little purple in them, and the green bracelet is as bright and saturated as the water in Grand Caymon)...

I will post more cruise pics and travelogs later, once I am less exhausted!  ...I fear that may be code for 'never,' although I really do have plans for an awesome post!  :)


Kerry at: April 27, 2012 at 10:15 PM said...

The green box is my favorite!

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