Style That Item Fashion Edition: Isabel's Sarong

Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder, a little bit worse ;)  Just kidding!  I am taking on the project of styling Isabel's gorgeous (and Kerry's right, insanely soft) sarong.  After Kerry's fabulous ideas, I hope mine aren't chopped liver! 

Just in case you forgot in two days (like I usually do about EVERYTHING IN LIFE), here it is in all its glory:

And, I don't mind saying I covet this thing.  In my heart.  Is that bad?  Am I going to hell?  Tell me if that's bad...

Just fyi, I'm no islander, but I wish I were.  Because I would SO wear sarongs every day of the week...

I recruited my gorgeous sister to be my model/mannequin for the day and took some sub-par photos.  I'm also no Isabel.  That girl can take pictures, I tell you.  Wait until you see the ones she took of our houses.  You're gonna freak.

Here are a few suggestions for those who may be questioning just what to do with that giant rectangle of beautiful fabric that is too fabulous to just sit in the closet collecting dust.  (Also, if you have beautiful shoulders, these may be for you.  Ahem, Iz).

Wear it as a halter dress.  I would belt it, unless the possibility of flashing your goodies doesn't phase you.  (Which it should.  Just saying.)
With my Anthro belt from last summer {similar here} and some Old Navy faux leather gold flips {similar here}.
For nights on the town, try a one-shoulder or strapless wrap tunic.  This would be cute with wide white trouser-style pants, or skinny jeans and some cute wedges.  Isabel is so tiny, she is one of the like 1% of the population that looks great in anything, skinny jeans included.  However, in this case, I would say that most women could pull the skinnys off.  The sarong is long enough to hide any hips/thighs that most of us *might* have.  Although I would belt this look as well, a tube-top underneath would not be ill-advised.  Just in case of gaping.  :)  {You can always add a cardi, too.  I add cardis to everything.  Classic.  Cozy.  Yay for preppy & pretty at the same time!}
LEFT: with a belt I got at Target but couldn't find on-line, but found this cute one at Anthro instead, Gap wide-leg trousers {similar here}, my sweet elephant necklace from Charming Charlie and actually found on Etsy here, and my Mossimo Pollie wedges (tan & navy).  MIDDLE: with the same shoes,  my coral/rhinestone necklace from Banana Republic, which isn't online, but I remembered the Stella & Dot Campari necklace, which is similar in color and style; dark wash skinny jeans from Old Navy and my thin braided gold leather belt {similar here}.  RIGHT: with my Banana Republic chunky off-white coral necklace {which is a few years old and I can't seem to find anything similar on-line, boo}, the same belt, jeans and shoes, and my sister's cute cardi from Old Navy, in Hazard Orange.  That is one of my fave color names.  Ever.
Of course, I would be remiss if I ignored the pool/beach completely!  Iz will be a glam goddess, using the sarong as a cover-up.  I would fold it in half, long-wise, so that it's shorter and bares a little more leg.  The better for catching some rays (and/or some skin cancer if you are like me and are practically an albino person.)
With an Old Navy ruffle tankini top in navy with white polka-dots & my fave flatties, Steve Madden "Bubblez" in Cognac.
Along the same lines, how about just a skirt, only mini?  With a tee or tank, and some flatties, she will look fun and flirty!

With my sister's Old Navy jersey tank;  my faux-pearl and navy/white stripe grosgrain necklace {1 similar on Etsy}; and  my Report Tia sandals in Coral.

My last hoorah is a bit hippie, but I dig it, baby.  What about using it as a head-wrap of one sort or another?  I picture this with dangly earrings, a long necklace, a plain old tank, and skinny jeans.  (This look, I regret to say, is not for most of our figures.  Especially mine!) 
With my cute cat-eye glasses I scored at Target, but can't seem to find on-line.  These similar ones are super-cute, though!  With my big brassy earrings from Charming Charlie {my absolute GO-TO earrings lately!  I wear them all the time!} which aren't available on-line, but these are similar and a great price {only $14.99}.  Also, with my navy faceted plastic bead necklace, which is no longer available, but here is a cool vintage black one {"Old  Long black faceted graduated necklace"}.
I would say any of the below tanks go with any of the below skinnys.  Mix-n-match!  The more crazy the combo, the more I like it!  To make the head-wrap, I folded the sarong in quarters, laid the edge along her forehead, then took the two corners in the front {near her face} and tied them behind her head.  Pretty easy, and once she put on the sunglasses, she went from shiek to chic!  {Sorry to say "chic," especially in this post, Iz!} ;)

Gap ribbed tank : light heather grey, neon orange, optic white; MICHAEL Michael Kors Color Skinny Jeans in hot pink; KUT from the Kloth Skinny Boyfriend Jeans; True Religion Brand Jeans 'Brooklyn' Skinny Crop Jeans (Optic White Wash); Current/Elliott 'The Stiletto' Print Skinny Jeans (Lemongrass Wash) 

Also, to copy-cat Miss K, I thought of one option for the home.  It may be kind of parochial, but how about using it as a little table-cloth for a side table?  Just thrown on, it would be pretty cute if it were a little askew!

On my old, old sea-grass trunk from Costco {World Market has a cool one, on sale!}; my FAVE lamp that I scooped up at Home Goods {and see in different colors there fairly often}.  If you're too lazy to do the good old-fashioned Home Goods search, check these out on Overstock.  Also, my little IKEA vase, tiny votive holder from a million years ago at Target {similar here}, and my beloved West Elm clock, which my fabulous mom got me for Christmas, and is sadly sold out, but they have a similar one here.

Well, that's it for me.  Over and out.  I got this one in just under the wire! {I had promised to post it on Wednesday, and I still have 30 minutes until Thursday!}  Now, to go check out the photos Isabel sent of my apartment!  Yipee!  :)


Kerry at: April 5, 2012 at 4:51 PM said...

My absolute favorite is the head wrap! I was so hoping you'd style a little turban-esque look in this post! G is looking fierce. And I adore the tank/skinny jean combos! Fab job, friend.

Isabel at: April 6, 2012 at 6:32 PM said...

I like the one shoulder wrap with the wide legged white pants and DEFINITELY the head wrap! It IS very chic! :D Thanks for explaining how to do the "turban" - I could never figure it out! Awesome job! Question now is; what do I do - all the ideas are taken!

Isabel at: April 6, 2012 at 7:54 PM said...

Ok, I just looked through this post again and that pic of G in the head wrap is AWESOME! It's dead on, girl! Fantastic composition plus her lips are beautiful!

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