Style That Item: Isabel's Hawaiian Sarong


When Isabel took a trip to Hawaii with her family a summer or two ago, she snagged this beautiful sarong seen below. She's had trouble styling it, and thus hasn't gotten much wear out of it. Here's my take on styling her item!
First things first: I love this sarong! I think the colors are beautiful, the pattern is indicative of the land of Aloha without being over-the-top cliche-touristy, and it's so soft. Like I want to wear it allthetime soft. Good job, Isabel! You can bet that I'll be showing this sarong to my mom so that she can snag one for me the next time she goes to Hawaii.

Here's how I would wear it...
1. I styled the sarong as a skirt with a simple white tee, thick brown belt from Anthropologie {alternative}, and my beloved brown Rosegold sandals {alternative}. Because the sarong is made of a quality, non-thin and non-seethrough material, it can totally be worn out-and-about as a skirt, without fear of bearing your skivvies to the world.
2. I styled the sarong as a faux vest with my JCrew Factory End-on-End Camp Chambray shirt {here}, my Gap mid-weight sexy boyfriend jeans {here in a different wash}, a studded thin belt from JCrew Factory {alternative}, a very old Banana Republic yellow clutch {alternative} and my Rosegold sandals again.
3. I styled the sarong as a scarf and paired it with my JCrew Merriweather Jacket {here}, a simple white tee, AG Stevie Ankle Jeans {alternative}, and Target Xhilaration Teresa Espadrille Wedges {here}. I really love the colors in the sarong with the kelly green jeans!

Now here are some suggestions on how I think Isabel should rock the sarong. I have to say that she has the cutest, teeny-tiny figure and looks good in everything! I decided to pick out items that show off her best features. First up are shorts/tee/sandals outfits that I think the sarong would look awesome with worn as a scarf. Isabel has great legs, so girl needs to show them gams off! She loves flats, so I was sure to pair these ensembles with sandals she'd be comfortable in no matter what she's doing. 
3. Steve Madden Sutttle Sandal in cognac multi
6. Thomas-2 by Pierre Dumas sandals in yellow

Second up are three cute and comfy sundresses. Isabel has an itty-bitty waist, so I was sure to choose dresses that would compliment her waistline. I think using the scarf as a wrap to assist her in keeping warm in cooler indoor spaces or outdoors at night when it gets chilly would be a great use and compliment to her outfit. {And of course she could use it as a scarf with these suggestions, too!}

Though I know this edition of Style That Item is focused on fashion, I couldn't resist the idea of using the sarong as home decor. My suggestion is to cut it up into smaller sections that best highlight the pattern and frame them. I really love the idea of grouping the frames together, but I think it would also work well to separate them and use them in different spaces around her house. That way a little bit of the islands will be with Isabel wherever she goes.

IKEA Ribba Frame in white (square version)
Paint color suggestion: Benjamin Moore Rumba Orange

The more I play around with Isabel's sarong, the more I realize how limitless the possibilities are! I could have come up with tons more outfit ideas, but I'm pretty sure my beloved D would like to see me sometime. I can't wait to see what Maigen and Isabel do with it later this week.

How would you style Isabel's sarong?


Maigen at: April 3, 2012 at 9:11 AM said...

Love it! So many great ideas! I particularly like the faux vest! :)

Isabel at: April 3, 2012 at 11:49 PM said...

Oh my! These are AWESOME ideas!!! I never thought about the vest idea! And your framing project is different (and better) than what I was imagining when you mentioned it on Saturday. Way to go - you blew it away and I'm gonna have a hard time making my post!

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