Style That Item: Isabel's Hawaiian Sarong

YO yo Yo, ladies!  It's sarong weather time in the DFW area!  (I can't believe it's only April and it's already HOT; we're gonna have a scorchin' summer).

Here's a look at me pondering over the sarong with the million of choices behind me.  (Sorry for the horrible pose!)  I knew I wanted something not so bright, but instead something grounded enough to not scream "Hawaiian Sarong".  If I was going to buy a memento in the form of clothing, I wanted it to not feel out of place back in TX - you know what I mean?

So ultimately, I chose this one because it had a ton of black - good neutral color - with modern colors that complemented each other well.  I love orange and I love light blue, especially when they pop against black.  See those other sarongs hanging on the rack?  All too colorful for me.

The funny thing is, these sarongs all had some random patterns on them!  They might look really beautiful folded on their hangers and then you open them up and the beautiful pattern you were drawn to ends up being part of a woman's face or flowing hair.  Another one I opened was a bunch of sea turtles swimming in a current.  Quite fun, but I wasn't looking for something that would remind me of anime (Asian comics).

When paired with my white tshirt ($5 from Old Navy and SUPER comfy), all the colors popped without being too sweet (thank you, Black), and gave off a more modern vibe.  You were so right, M+K, to think about making it a short skirt/wrap!  I think it totally works - I mean look at me!  ;)  JK.


We would also need to figure out a way to tie it like this guy.  I like the folded waist part the most.  Plus I think HIS print is gorgeous!


So, if I were to style this another way, (after using it as a head wrap, a tunic, a vest, with a maxi dress, or framed) I would use it two ways: one fashion, one home.  The girls didn't leave me with much options because they both had such fantastic ideas!  I had to really search the back of my brain and I apologize if these are sucky ideas!

One way (and I'll include pictures once I get the sarong back) is to somehow convert it into a bag.  Maybe a short cloth bag with the two ends tied on the shoulder for a strap.  Or a long messenger type bag with the two ends tied on one shoulder and the excess material sewn up into a pouch.  You could also get some interfacing or structural cloths to give the bag some shape and support.  

 Peep this!  Add some leather straps and then you're really good to go!

OH!  I just got another idea!  Cut a 3-4 inch wide long strip from the sarong and sew it up into a camera strap or any kind of strap like Bri from Design Lovefest.  (I <3 her boldness so much.  I follow her on Pinterest.  I oogle at her style in Rue Mag.  I love that she piles her hair on top of her head and doesn't give a crap.)  Check out that camera strap made by Natalie.  I am DYING for that pattern/fabric!  Turns out you just paint it yourself on some cotton webbing!  SO TRYING THAT!  I love love love stripes and I love love love those colors! LOVE.  
Still mesmerized by the color combo.  
Starin' and smilin'.
I just told myself I love white so much.


Alright, back to stylin'.  (Yes, I'm sayin' everythin' w/o the "g" and addin' an " ' ").  I'm not this crazy or annoying in person- I'm actually really quiet, but I've had some coffee + whiskey and...yeah.

So my home idea is to turn it into a one paneled curtain.
I have these surfer crossing signs (similar to below) I picked up from a thrift store and if I were to go really themey, this sarong could make a great curtain for a small short window.  
I'd either sew tabs to the back and show off the fringe, or fold the top over and sew it.  Then I'd put the curtain rod through that hollow section.  I'd also pull the curtain off to one side with a pretty tie-back.  Another option is to use it as a closet curtain.  Take the doors off your closet, put a tension rod up and voila, curtain!  
kinda love this curtain from Urban!  


Maigen at: April 7, 2012 at 10:01 PM said...

Totally looooove the curtain idea, although the tote is also really fab. Plus, if you do the tote, you will probably have enough to do a camera strap, too! :)
Let me know when you want to meet up so I can give you the sarong back so that you can take pics! :) That is totally my bad! :/

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