Style that Item: Kerry's IKEA Pillow

Happy Monday! This week's Style that Item posts will be focused on home decor, specifically my very own IKEA Stockholm Cushion in Black/White.
I love the pattern and texture of this pillow so much that I own four. They're styled in my home on my black IKEA couch in our bedroom, as seen below. And yes, there isn't much styling going on by just lining up 4 pillows on a black couch, but it works well with our bedding. A nice mix of textures and patterns, I think. {As mentioned before, I'm in search of some new lamps to replace our current ones.}

Here are my potential plans to spruce up the space with some window treatments.
I think I want a valence of some sort and panels. I've been searching high and low for many, many months and have yet to find exactly what I want pre made, so I've settled that I'll have to have my window treatments made. I'm still not totally sold on either one of these above options, but at time of publishing these are my two top choices. I really love these curtains on the left, but worry that they don't have enough spice. I like to mix prints and get a little funky in my spaces. I like the shape of the shower curtain on the right {image source} and think it would work great as a window treatment. I would actually love to find a fabric just like the fabric pictured, but in green. I have yet to stumble upon it, though. I found the Waverly fabric at I like it, and think it would be a fun mix of prints with the IKEA pillows and what the prints we're rocking with our bedding. Sadly, I'm not sure if it's love with the fabric. What do you think?

I couldn't resist styling another room around this beloved pillow of mine! You see, our spare bedroom is definitely an eye sore, and that's a total understatement y'all. We seriously keep the door closed 99% of the time. I've been putting off doing anything to it because it'll be our {someday} nursery, and I didn't want to invest in pieces that would have to end up in storage once a little bambino arrives. Additionally, when we moved into our home almost 3 years ago, we were fresh off of a year of marriage and moved from a one-bedroom loft apartment {read: we didn't have a lot of furniture}. It was pretty overwhelming to have such a blank slate to decorate with and so little furniture to draw from, so I opted to focus on those spaces that we'd use the most. Since my family lives very nearby and D's family is spread-out out West and hardly comes to visit, we don't have much of a need to make our spare bedroom an actual guest bedroom, because well, there aren't any guests. So, I totally ignored our spare bedroom, and after being here 3 years and having the rest of the house start to come together, I think it's time I gave it a little love!

So now I present my inspiration! I found this room here and I apologize for not knowing the original source. If you do, speak up. I'm happy to give credit where credit is due! 
Yep, it's a nursery! No, I'm not pregnant. But I think it's the raddest little nursery around! I would totally house a boy or girl baby in this guy because I think it's pretty gender neutral, though it might read a little more masculine. It could be feminized with different art and more girly accent colors. And since our hope is to turn our spare bedroom into a nursery someday, I thought this room would be a perfect jumping off point for some good old inspiration. That couch reminds me of my IKEA pillow. You don't see it? I do. Follow along for a visual journey of what I'd like to do to jazz up {or sheesh! decorate for once!} our spare bedroom. 

Here's everything I pulled all together. Can I tell you how happy this little inspiration board makes me? SO HAPPY! Now on to the details...

1. West Elm Parsons Daybed  I love the clean lines, and it's a trundle so if we need to use our spare room as a guest room we can sleep two.
2. IKEA Stockholm Cushion, Black/White  You already know how much I love this pillow. I'd take 4 more to use as the main pillow backdrop for the daybed pillow concoction.
3. ZGallerie Geo Pillow, Apple Green  I love the Imperial Trellis-like pattern of this pillow.
4. Anthropologie Capricious Canopy Pillow  This pillow is gorgeous! All of those vivid colors will add a nice punch against the black and white Stockholm bunch. The texture is pretty fantastic too. I'm a sucker for animal adorned pillows, as you'll continue to notice.
5. CB2 Orange Bird Pillow  A big fat orange bird on a pillow? Count me in!
6. PBTeen Alphabet Needlepoint Pillow  Love this little Jonathan Adler knock-off, at a fraction of the cost of Mr. Adler's creation. O is for my new nephew. {Sorry, L. They were sold out of the L pillows, otherwise you'd have made it to the daybed collection, too!}
7. West Elm Outdoor Fishblock Pillow  This little fish makes me happy because fish remind me of my mom. She has a gorgeous koi pond in her backyard, and all of the koi have been named and they're all her babies. Maybe she'll adopt this little pillow and give it a name, too.
8. Target Chenille Throw, Grey  Grey is one of my favorite neutrals, and this blanket provides more great texture to the bed.
*I don't have any bedding sources. I'd go for something white, basic, and simple so that all of those pillows get their true moment in the spotlight without competing with the bedding.

I would more than likely group the above wall decor as it is seen here on a wall above the desk (seen a few groups below). The picture grouping in the inspiration photo is as good as it gets, but here are some good alternatives that have special meanings to me.
1. Etsy Think Higher, Feel Deeper print in IKEA RIBBA frame in black I love this Etsy shop, and own two of her prints already in my home. This Wiesel quote is an inspirational reminder to think, feel, and live life to the fullest.
2. Anthropologie Fiddleback Frame, Oval I love a good mix of woods, so the Fiddleback Frame offers a nice light tone. I'm not sure if it comes with the dragonfly print, but I really hope so. It'd be perfect for the room.
3. West Elm 20x200 Wall Art Design, Books I love books, and I think this print is perfection.
4. Anthropologie Zinc Letter, & Ampersands are a favorite. They remind me of togetherness & continuation.
5. Etsy Bee Art This is such a sweet print. I love the symbolism of working hard that comes with bees.
6. Etsy Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do print in IKEA RIBBA frame in aluminum Again, I love this Etsy shop. This Emmerson quote sums up something that I need to remember every day.
7. Etsy Bicycle Art in IKEA RIBBA frame in walnut effect Bikes remind me of my brother and my honeymoon... but not together.
8. West Elm Large Papier Mache Antlers Antlers are a necessary component to any room if you ask me. These paper mache ones from WE will keep PETA from knocking on your door.
9. Anthropologie Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard I love the idea of having the option to change up this piece of wall decor at anytime, thus keeping the wall collage fresh {and functional}. The possibilities of what to write and draw on this chalkboard are endless.

1. West Elm Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp I love its simplicity and clean lines! I would put it next to the daybed! Enough said.
2. West Elm Organic Blown Glass Pendant I'm not a fan of our current light fixture. Two of these bad boys would add a nice visual interest to the ceiling region while providing ample light.

1. Anthropologie Lakarri Curtain I love the oversized print and I think the color is gorgeous.
2. Urban Outfitters ZigZag Printed Rug I think this inexpensive pretty little rug would add a great visual interest to the floor while adding a great pop of my favorite color.

1. Overstock Honeycomb Clear Acrylic Chair Maigen owns this chair in red acrylic and I covet it. I think the clear would be a nice modern addition to the room by bringing in such a sleek texture and look.
2. Anthropologie Mosaic Desk This desk is gorgeous, but I don't think I'd spend that much for it. This is definitely an inspiration piece that I'd try to find a cheaper version of, or I'd have my talented uncles build me one.
3. Anthropologie Sleepy Hollow Pencil Cup Love this little owl pencil cup: cute + functional = perfect desk accessory. I spied it in store this past weekend and it's precious.
4. West Elm Abstract Giraffe I just love it. I have their abstract horse downstairs on my bookshelf.
5. West Elm Ceramic Turtle I used to collect turtles as a kid, and I owned one as a pet {it bit me on the neck; not cool}. I was seriously obsessed with turts! Thus this little guy reminds me of my childhood.
6. Urban Outfitters Mosaic Catch-All Dish Catchalls are necessary in our abode. If there is a desk/countertop, we have to have a catchall otherwise all of our alls don't get caught. This is thanks to that sweet, but a little bit messy D.

1. West Elm Martini Side Table I love the shape and the color. I'd probably put it next to the daybed.
2. IKEA STOCKHOLM Easy Chair in Blad Brown Love this neutral print. It reminds me of the mini-rocking chair and ottoman print in the original inspiration photo.
3. Urban Outfitters PomPom Pillow I think pompoms are the cutest. This little pillow adds a great pop of magenta.
4. Anthropologie Fantastic Forest Pillow I love this pillow. It reminds me of the Capricious Canopy Pillow listed in the bed blurb. The texture and colors would be a great addition to the room.
5. Pottery Barn Shaggy Beanbag Little M {our puppy daughter, Monster} would love curling up on this guy! Again, it would add a new and super fun texture to the room.

Finally, to round out the inspiration pieces are these fun garlands from The Land of Nod. I would more than likely hang them above the daybed and I might not limit myself to just three. They have an awesome collection of colors and shapes, and at only $10.95 a garland they're an affordable way to accessorize.

Well, that'll do. A little bit whimsical, lots of textures, fun pops of color, and very Kerry. That's how I'd sum up this room. Functionally, I think it would allow our spare bedroom to transition to a nursery someday with ease. And until that day comes, I'd be happy to keep that bedroom door open all the time if this is what I'd be able to peer in and see.

Do you own the Ikea Stockholm Cushion? How is it styled in your home? If not, how would you style it?


Maigen at: April 9, 2012 at 7:23 PM said...

Uhh... WOW is all I can say! My post is going to look like crap next to this!
PS: I just saw those lights at WE, and they are stunners! I love everything you did! :)

Isabel at: April 10, 2012 at 10:05 PM said...

HOLY COW, effin amazing! You are SO talented! I absolutely LOVE everything!

I've gotta step it up....

McKae @ kaes corner design at: April 25, 2012 at 8:05 PM said...

This fabulous Kerry! You are one talented lady!

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