Style That Item: Kerry's IKEA Pillow

Well, hello!  I am pleased to be your tour guide today for: "there's no way this post is going to even be in the same ballpark as Kerry's!"  Feel free to come along for the journey into mediocrity! ;)  Hee hee! 

Seriously, does anyone else think she should just quit her job and make inspiration boards all day?!  It inspires me to want to take some kind of class at my community college in graphic design.  Or, maybe guitar.  Which has nothing to do with it.  Oh, my gosh, girl, are you talented!  Plus, the design is GORGEOUS.  I love it!  Something to aspire to.

I took a few pics with my telly, and will also do a little "if I were a rich girl" board.  Just dreamin'. 

I thought K's pillow would look cool at my mom's house, and it did.  Since we will probably be doing some pics of her home in our tour at some point, I didn't want to give much away, but I did like it on her modern black leather sofa, with the West Elm Nomad pillow {no longer available}, a mongolian wool pillow in cream, the West Elm Porcelain Dog Pillow in Raspberry {no longer available}, and her cool little Zuri table. 

Although I normally prefer my Wassily chairs sans pillow, I think it looks pretty cute!  With the curtains my mom sewed for me, my zebra rug, vintage coffee table, my Crate & Barrel Isla Bowl, and West Elm Paper Mache flower arrangement {no longer available}.

On my cream leather sofa, with my IKEA Salena cushion in orange & the West Elm Octopus Silk Pillow, which I am currently OBsessed with (and, did you notice, I decided to "treat myself?"  I can take it off my wish list now!)

Now, this is random, but what about this fabric for your bedroom curtains, K?  It might be a little heavy, but I love the bold print and colors with your stuff (see below)!  It's one of my FAVE fabrics, and I don't have anywhere to use it! :(   Maybe a little TOO crazy!?

K's beautiful room.

Now for what would happen if I had unlimited funds.  Ahhh... Wait a minute.  Just picturing my globe-trotting life with my George-Clooney-esque boyfriend who speaks very little english (oh, yeah, he doesn't exist... sigh). Okay, back to business.

I thought I'd pretend to decorate K's guest bedroom, too!  Only I went more with a traditional bedroom style.  Plus a desk.  Multi-purpose.  And a couch to nap on.  :)

I LOooovvve peacock blue, and am totally stealing the paint color from my sister, M!  It's at West Elm, Benjamin Moore Natura in Deep Dive, WE-9.  Gorgeous.  And, I figured I would use black, white, and grey as neutrals.  Add chartreuse green and metallic gold and voila!  A room I would NEVER.  EVER.  LEAVE.

I guess I'll break this thing down by areas.  Smart idea, K!

That is a gorgeous painting I found in Downtown Dallas at (I think) White Elephant Antiques (I wish the lamp and statue weren't in the pic, but that's how it was displayed there); the Besta Burs Desk from IKEA in high gloss grey (which is streamlined and shiny, great combo!); Z Gallerie Atlantis Clamshell in Gold (for your catch-alls!); Z Gallerie Whitewash Angel's Wings; West Elm Alphabet Paper Weight; Fritz Hansen RIN chair in light blue

Z Gallerie Mimosa Window Panels in Charcoal; Lander Queen Platform Bed in black which I kinda want and is a great price; West Elm Stripe-Edge duvet cover and shams, monogrammed in chartreuse; IKEA STOCKHOLM CUSHION (aka "the star of the show") in black/white;  West Elm Hummingbird Pillow (SAUCY!); West Elm Mid-Century Nightstand in wood; Phillipe Starck gun lamp (my dream lamp, only I want the one that looks like a gold tommy gun).  

Anthropologie Thackery Chesterfield sofa in chartreuse with nailheads (one of my FAVE design aesthetics);  Z Gallerie Odeon Rug in grey & citrus RULES; Z Gallerie Kenya (Zebra) Pillow in Steel; West Elm Mosaic Silk Pillow; West Elm Mongolian Lamb 24" Square Pillow in Stone White, love all things mongolian wool!

Anthrolopogie Abney Vase, medium, I love the swirly, twirly pattern;  Anthropologie Twinkling Luz Vase; Z Gallerie Zinc Terrarium is too cute; Anthropologie Kansai Bookcase for a touch of flair (in case your room works at TGIFriday's); Anthropologie Potbelly Bookends (YAY! Piggies!); West Elm Metal Easel Adjustable Floating Frame; and lots and lots of books
So, that's my take!  Hopefully you like it!  What is your favorite color combo?


Isabel at: April 12, 2012 at 9:32 PM said...

That moodboard is rockin' - I can't peel my eyes away from the teal and chartreuse! Relaxing, refreshing, and utterly happy to be in!!!

You have some unique finds like that bookcase and RIN chair! Call Maigen if you want your room to look like a million bucks!

Kerry at: April 13, 2012 at 4:10 PM said...

This moodboard is classic glam Maigen!

I love the color combo of the teal and chartreuse! And all of the accessories are so cute, but my fave has to be the piggies!

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