Style That Item: Kerry's Ikea Pillow

It's time for another Style That Item with Kerry's Stockholm cushion!  First off, I LOVE what she did with her guest room moodboard and Maigen's was beautiful and ooh lala with class!  Those ladies have some great taste and talent in pulling things together!  I'm pulling up here in the rear, faaar behind these two!

For Kerry, I didn't want to touch her perfect guest to nursery transition so I opted instead to try a hand at her upstairs den/office.  (Is that right?)  It's a lofted area (LOVE) with a huge comfy sectional and ottoman that is perfect for stretching out on, lounging away.  They also utilized the walls by adding shelving to hold books, decor and to house their pretty iMac.  It's a cozy area to play games, chat away, or just watch some Parks/Rec or Happy Endings :D.

I love hanging out in that room as is, but Kerry has mentioned that she haaaates her current sectional.  So here's to a new couch, sister!
Kerry Pillow
This room isn't as whimsical as her guest room, but it goes with her "Modern Country" vibe which you see all throughout her house.  I wanted the open areas to kind of flow together so I kept it to navys and browns.  I like the way she put all 4 pillows on the couch in her bedroom so I did the same here with the couch of her dreams!  That green leather is beautiful, warm, and distressed!  Topping the couch are her Ikea pillows along with a nautical rope pillow in red from One Kings Lane.

I love that Kerry hung curtains along the rail of her loft - it adds so much!  I highly encourage anyone to do that!  Her bookshelves will have plenty of space for Penguin Classic books or ampersands or hanging graphic prints.  It's also perfect for stringing pretty little garlands made from yarn balls or little poms to add that playful touch!

That pouf, I just had to keep for Monster....that teeny little indention in the pouf just makes me want to plop Monster in there myself!  I couldn't take that away from her!

The only trade-off with this arrangement is no more soft place to plop your feet or a shelf to house the iMac, but maybe she won't mind! :)

Everything else is linked below!

IKEA Sarita (similar to her curtains)
$9.99 -

Atelier Chesterfield, Bottle Green
$5,998 -

Slipper Chair - Indigo Ikat
$329 -

Shaggy Beanbag
$199 -

Tripod Wood Floor Lamp
$249 -

IKEA Ikea Stockholm
$13 -

Console Tables
$129 -

Ampersand Marquee Light
$199 -


Kerry at: April 13, 2012 at 4:04 PM said...

You nailed this, Iz!! The room you put together is so us! I can't wait to incorporate what you found into restyling our lofted space! Bravo, friend! BRA-VO!

Maigen at: April 13, 2012 at 8:05 PM said...

Suuuuper cute! Totally Kerry! :) K-You should get that tasble and spray paint the wood metallic gold, it is REALLY similar to your dream table!!
So good to see you today, I! :) Glad you got to see some classic Maigen driving! Haha!

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