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I actually had a ton of fun with this challenge!  Fashion is not my strong suit and I get a bit anxious about our fashion posts, but I had a good time!  Thanks for pushing me to try new things, girls!

So Maigen's pretty BR necklace that Kerry so awesomely linked with alternatives (she's good about that - I am too lazy) is a nice little length!  I had forgotten that I had snapped this photo when she tried it on for us, but remembered just in the knick of time!  I like how it sits right along her collarbone and hits pretty high up on the chest.  It's not too short (which would make it an awkward looking choker) and it's not too long (which could make it look too casual).  It's a great length, nice and chunky, elegant, and bold!

Photo used without Maigen's permission :D but she looks hot so why not!
*Please don't put me in your "I'm Easily Annoyed" post!*

The first thing I chose to do was a neutral cruise outfit since she's out hanging on the rail of a giant yacht as we speak!  If you're not on a cruise, a trip to the beach or boardwalk or even strolling around the city would suit this outfit just fine!  I adore the corset/lingerie underwire bodice and the sweet eyelet pattern all over the dress.  It comes with removable straps if you don't want to wear it strapless.  Browns, golds and blush pinks give it edge and sweetness all at once!  A belt might look funny with this dress unless it happens to be really thick and wide to fit the waistline; in fact, I think my belt might be a little too thin.

P.S.  I love those bracelets!  New wishlist item!
P.P.S. Swooning over the colors and pattern of that tote!
P.P.P.S.  One more thing.  Add dress, belt to wishlist!
Neutral Central

Victoria s Secret victoria secret dress
$70 -

H&M flat shoes
£7.99 -

$86 -

Madewell retro sunglasses
$50 -

Madewell leather belt
$50 -

Next up is an outfit for a night out!  Both of these dresses are actually more "cover-ups", but I think they make fine day-to-night pieces and can totally see them being used to get dressy!  (Maybe in person, these dresses might not work for evening, but online they look like they could!).  Plus, you've got to check out the back of pink dress!  

Sexy Night OutWhen the dresses are paired with the necklace, the outfit becomes really strong and confident giving us a good base to experiment with!  Shoes are a fun way to go, so add some color and punch to your sexy confident foundation with some statement shoes!  One side gives more affordable options while the other side throws money out the window.  *cue "If I Were a Rich Girl" music*

Which shoe/outfit combination would you dress yourself with?  Or any other ideas?

Victoria s Secret tshirt dress
$60 -

Victoria s secret
$50 -

Giuseppe Zanotti aqua shoes
$885 -

Miu Miu wedge shoes
$630 -

ALDO platform wedge heels
$145 -

ALDO metallic shoes
$81 -

$90 -

Last up is a casual separates complete with bright kelly green skinny jeans.  Maigen hates skinny jeans on most people,  so an alternative for her may be a kelly green cotton chino pant in a bootcut style that so many places sell (Jcrew, Fossil...).

With colored pants popping up everywhere, do you think it's a trend that you should join or just let it pass and stick with the classics?  I personally love the different color options especially colors like coral, faded pink, bright green, and of course white.  The crazy colors; I'm not that into since they scream "fad"!

Maigen loves to mix unexpected patterns together and is incredibly great at it!  I hope she might like at least one of these two outfits I created with her green chinos!  I TRIED to make my brain go out there, get creative, take risks, but it kept wanting to go back to safe!

Poppy CasualOption 1 is a floral printed cardigan paired with a chambray button up.  Maigen's necklace will sit under the shirt collar with bits of stone peeping out from the v-neck.  Switch out the black ribbon belt with a classic leather one, then slip on some "mocassins"/suede boat shoes and you've got a comfy way to run around to meetings, errands, or get togethers.

For the second option, I went back to neutrals - oops!  But I added a ton of texture through the fringed vest with the twisted racerback, the studded crop top, a navy double skinny belt and pink at the top and bottom with sunglasses and shoes!  Wedges help distribute weight a little better than heels and who doesn't like a little toe showing in the spring/summer?  The cork of the wedges and even the color of them helps tie into the cream color theme going on.  I would probably wear this one =)

H m cardigan
£20 -

Quiksilver top
$55 -

Shirt tee
$44 -

Calypso St Barth racerback vest
$265 -

Madewell slim leg jeans
$125 -

Diba red platform wedge
$75 -

Madewell flat heel shoes
$75 -

Buckle belt
$32 -

Topshop thin belt
$36 -

Tote handbag

What would you do with Maigen's necklace?

[A million thanks to creators of Polyvore for making my life so much easier!]


Maigen at: April 24, 2012 at 8:45 PM said...

Wow, awesome looks, I! I especially love the Poppy Cas, how fun and playful! :)

Kerry at: April 27, 2012 at 10:16 PM said...

Those sexy night out looks are va-va-voom! Nice job, Isabel!

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