Wishlist to Reality: Maigen's Treat Yo Self

I am taking a few things off of my wishlist!!  Which means: I got 'em (or, something similar)!  Unfortunately, they aren't any of the furniture items...  But, well, they make me smile!  It's the little things...

What I wanted (on the left) and what I found that I liked better (on the right):

J Crew Navy Summer Straw Hat & Merona Black Allover Floppy Hat with Bow at Target
How I plan to wear it:

Inda Marissa Dress (sold out); Old Navy Ruched Swimsuit; Valentino VAL 2628/S D28/E5 Sunnies; Seahorse bangle bracelet; Kate Spade Point Breeze Small Coal Bag; Old Navy Metallic-Jeweled Capri Sandals; Stella and Dot Rebel Pendant Necklace

What I wanted on the left & what I found that I liked better (on the right):
Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique Maxi Dress &
Mossimo Supply Co. Maxi Dress Y'all know I love Target!
An aside: I actually went to Nordstrom ready to overcome my tendancy to balk at high-ish prices {$160 on-line}, only to discover that this dress was ON SALE {"YES! only $93!"} but also that it looked exactly like a deliciously-candy-colored potato sack on my very-viking figure...darn!  Although I was very happy not to part with the hundred bucks, I was a little sad, because I had resigned myself to splurge this time!  Oh, well!

How I plan to wear it:

Anthropologie Dayana Earrings (mine aren't these exact ones, but they aren't on the Anthro site anymore... I got them a few months ago, and they are turquoise and rhinestone drop earrings); J Crew Jenna's V-Neck Cardi; Turqoise Enamel Bangle Bracelets Silver Bracelet Bamboo & Silver Wavy Enamel Bracelet; Me Too 'Sadie' Wedge Sandal; Kelly & Katie Lina Satchel

What I wanted (& got):

Mossimo Retro Squares Blue Scarf
How I plan to wear it (hours after posting this, I realized I forgot to say "as a turban."  To me, that goes without saying, but I realize most people probably don't just assume "turban."):

Yay for small indulgences!  What "wish list" items have you gotten lately? 


Kerry at: April 1, 2012 at 6:03 PM said...

Way to treat yo self, M!

I love that seahorse bracelet, the Kate Spade bag, and the Miu Miu sunnies!

Maigen at: April 1, 2012 at 8:47 PM said...

Look, I learned how to take out the background! LOL! ;)
I know... some of that stuff is what I found online that is similar to stuff I have! I wish I actually had that bag!!

Isabel at: April 3, 2012 at 11:55 PM said...

I LOVE all of those outfits and would wear them all in a heartbeat! Great taste!

Favorite items: that Marisa dress, seahorse and turquoise bangles, anthro belt and bellflower earrings.

Fantastic purchases, girl!

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