Church Lady: What I Wore

Hello!  I felt springy today, and got myself all gussied up for church with one of my fave color combos!  Remember my Old Navy dress, the one I was planning to wear with my sweet silk turban?  Well, that's what I wore, minus the turban because it's hotter than the sun already here in good old Dallas.  The color is this citriney limey yellow.  Which I really can't wear... 
Yellow, in any form, pretty much makes me look putrid.  I have pinky skin, so it's just not a good combo...  I justify it by wearing teal with it, I like to think the turquoise balances out the yellow.  Delusional?  Maybe...  Whatever it takes to make me feel better.  And to get to wear yellow!  (Forgive the quality of the pics below, it's tough to take pics of yourself on an Android!)
I chose my Nine West pantent fuschia/violet clutch {similar}, just to mix things up.  All my other accessories were pretty much teal, except for my rope/brown leather belt, and my cat-eyes (which I was polite enough to remove for services, heehee).  I wore my go-to teal shoes, some cute peep-toe perforated leather Nine West wedges {similar-ish}.  I did get some use out of my Cozumel bead bracelet today, as well!  
This dress has pockets!
I did my hair in a "double bun," tutorial here on "the small things blog."  I added this face pic because you can kind of see my "golden girl" eye-makeup.  I use Benefit High Beam highlighter near my brow and in the tear-duct area, Mary Kay Honey Spice mineral eye shadow all over the lid and up to the highlighter,  a gold-y brown shadow {similar}, brushed thickly over a line of black eyeliner on the top lid and a tiny bit on the lower, to try to make my blue eyes pop, creating one more turquoise accessory (or two). ;)  Also, you can see my fave earrings pretty well.  They are all rhinestones on the vintage-style main part, with a natural-looking turquoise stone dangle.  I got them at Anthro, but hadn't ever seen them on {similar here, and be advised: I am obsessed with these!  You might become obsessed, too, and they are like $300.  View at your own risk.}
Happy rest of Sunday!  Only like 14 hours until work...


Kerry at: May 10, 2012 at 9:25 PM said...

So cute! I want your clutch!

Isabel at: May 21, 2012 at 6:01 PM said...

You are rocking those detail shots! Your eyes are gorge

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