A Gift FROM Mom to Mom-to-Be!

This is a little different, but it is mom-centric and involves a gift!  My little sis, M, is preggy with her first bambina, and my mom, who hates to sew, offered (quite happily, I may say) to make the baby bedding.  M had pretty much narrowed her color pallet down to teal, grey, and yellow, but hadn't seen the fabrics that really spoke to her, yet.  This is the wallcolor she had chosen (which I totally ripped-off in this post, but it's so lovely, I couldn't help myself!):
West Elm, Benjamin Moore Natura in Deep Dive, WE-9
Mom and M spent one Saturday morning fabric-shopping, and I joined them at lunch-time.  They had found some cute white fabric with little black polka-dots as well as a great yellow/aqua/teal/green chevron, and M had bought a couple of felt pillows.  I stumbled across this yellow lattice fabric and black/grey/yellow medallion fabric, which we were ecstatic to see looked fabulous with the other fabrics & pillows! 
So, Mom, who supposedly hates to sew, rocked this thing out in only a couple of days...  Although, urban legend is that things weren't easy around her house over those couple of days ;)  Something about her staying up until all hours and re-doing the corners on the quilt like 50 times...  That woman is amazing!  For someone who claims she can't sew that well, she even made sheets and a dust ruffle with contrasting edges (the chevron, lined up perfectly), along with a rounded corner edged quilt with an inside of soft swiss-dot style velvety fleece!  She could easily make custom sets and sell them for a pretty penny. 
Below is the view through the side of the crib (we went to a local baby-furniture store, Lonestar Baby and Kids, and dressed up a model crib, to get an idea of how it will look!  (I wish you could see the edge of the dust ruffle better, it is super impressive!  It looks like the edge of the quilt, above.)
A couple more shots (this is going to be one elegant baby & nursery):
Mom also got the cutest mermaid sock-monkey style doll for the baby!  She will be born in Hawaii, so we decided she needed a mermaid!  So, here is everything all together, for the tropical bebe:
My mom is super talented and creative!  I just wanted to brag about her on this Mother's Day week.  This is one of the best gifts I've ever seen!  The only problem is, now she's kind of obligated to make one for my other sis, G, and me, whenever we have our first babies!  ;)  Sorry, Mom!


Kerry at: May 10, 2012 at 9:24 PM said...

The fabric combos are nothing short of amazing! Good eye! And what an amazingly talented momma you have!

Isabel at: May 21, 2012 at 5:59 PM said...

What amazing combos! So unique, playful and textural! Y'all are so talented!

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