Like my previous post, I'm one lucky receiver of gifts.  A few weekends ago, I had the honor to stand by my special friend, Wenny, as she vowed a commitment to her man.  She gifted me with a beautiful necklace from Juicy Couture, the Pave Heart Wish Necklace.  Is it just me or is Pave popping up everywhere?  Maybe it's because I just learned what it was and have started paying attention to it??  Anyways, I had no idea JC sold jewelry!  I particularly like the asymmetry that the little logo-engraved charm on the chain creates.

Later in the week, my youthful aunt stopped by Dallas on her way to Georgia for a mini family reunion (that I couldn't attend!!!! BOO!).  She passed down two special earrings to me.  One pair belonged to my birth mother, her eldest sister, who lost her battle to a rare cancer when I was three.  According to my aunts, my mom was the style icon of the family, always dressed to the nines, having impeccable taste and fitted clothes.  She was tiny - 4'11" or maybe 5' like me - but altered her own clothes to fit her perfectly.  She was even a personal seamstress to a popular Asian singer so she must have been great at sewing!  I could really use her skills now!

I was given many things from her as I aged, but somehow with all my moving around, I can't seem to remember where most of them have gone and am panicking inside.  They're all in a "special place" which I cannot find now.  Sadness.  They mean as much to me now as they did when I was younger, but I have the sense now to keep them all in ONE safe place so as to remember their stories.  (Edit: Found them!)

These ruby earrings (I think they're ruby) are so glamorous that I'm a little intimidated to wear them!  I'm glad Aunt Becky waited until now to give them to me because I probably wouldn't have appreciated the style back when I was younger.  These are very "grown up" and grown up things take a certain coming of age.  

The second pair had my aunt and I oogling and gabbing about how perfect the style was for me.  I happened to have been wearing similar earrings at the time and as she looked at my ears she was excited to show me hers.  These earrings are kinda fascinating!  She handed them over and I gave her a quizzical look - "They don't have any studs, how are you supposed to wear them?"  Well, they're interchangeable!  You wear them with some smaller studs and poke the studs through the hole in the earrings to wear them together.  I have never heard of such a thing before, but it's genius!  Don't you just love the loopy rope look of them?!

Sorry - bad iphone photo!

I'm one lucky girl to have such amazing friends and family and there's just no gift that can let them know how special they are to me!


Kerry at: May 27, 2012 at 11:10 AM said...

Gorgeous gifts!

I'm especially loving your mom's jewelry. Those ruby earrings are gorgeous! I'm so happy that you have such beautiful, charming pieces to remember her with.

Maigen at: May 27, 2012 at 4:59 PM said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Girl, those gold swirly-twirly earring dress-ups are my fave! I love that they were your mom's, too. That makes them even more special!

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