Highlighter Crazy {brand comparison}

I love highlighters.  No, not of the Sharpie persuasion, but of the light-up-my-face-like-bottled-youth variety.  And, I have been very loyal to Benefit's "High Beam" for years. 

Even when I don't wear any make-up (gasp!), I can look more awake and slightly glowy with just a dab on the brow bone, along the tops of my cheekbones, and in the inner corner of each eye.  Being practically albino, I usually also have to dab on the perfuntory gel blush, lipgloss, and coat my lashes with some mascara, too, in order to avoid being mistaken for Casper.  Yeah, the ghost.

I started running low on the "High Beam," but hadn't had time to get over to Sephora.  My little sis had given me a tube of Mary Kay Liquid Illuminator in Shade 1 that I started using when trying to reach those last drops by spinning the brush around in the bottle like a crazy person became too annoying.  Unfortunately, the Illuminator was limited edition.  Now, they have a Mineral Highlighting Powder, which I would also love to try:

And, here's where things get sticky: I can't decide which highlighter I like better!  I love them both!  (Although, of course, I will be hard-pressed to find any more of the MK Illuminator later).  Here are the differences, as I see them:

I took a picture of my face with half in High Beam (R) and half in MK Illuminator (L), so that you can (maybe!) see the difference in the two!
Can you see a difference??  Barely, huh?!  Disregard the weird stray hair in my right eye!

Yes, I wore both to work today!  I think the Mary Kay is a little more pink & sparkly, while the High Beam is more white & iridescent.  The difference is very small.  Mostly, I think the feeling of it while applying is the main difference.  In that case, I prefer the MK.

So, my first make-up comparison ended up pretty lame {at least if you are looking for an obvious visual difference, which I was}.  I would say {if you can find it on the black market} go for the MK.  It's just as good, only like 1/3 the price.  {Note: the older I get, the less sparkle/shimmer I will wear.  It settles in wrinkles and accentuates them, actually making one look older.  So sad!  I love shimmery make-up.}


Isabel at: May 25, 2012 at 8:00 PM said...

You look so pretty! Will highlighter work on me??!

Maigen at: May 25, 2012 at 8:10 PM said...

Yes, girl! We need to plan a Sephora trip! :) & thanks, you are too sweet!

Kerry at: May 27, 2012 at 11:12 AM said...


I actually think I prefer the High Beam! It looks a little more pigment/color intense (though I'm not sure those are exactly the words I mean to use - hopefully you know what I mean!).

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