High/Low {K's Monthly Love: May Edition}

My, my! May is nearing a close already?! I hope this post finds you enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day!

My monthly loves have purchase prices at opposite ends of the spectrum this time around; one will cost you around $500. The other two: around $7 total. 

First up is this gorgeous DVF wrap, obviously the priciest of my monthly loves. 

When I first spied it online, I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous color combination of minty green goodness and cherry tomato red. Stunning and on-trend, but still perfectly timeless. The higher neck is beautiful and unusual for a DVF wrap. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the back draped into a beautiful v. Then what should my eyes behold? It's reversible! I monthly love it!

Now this has my-way-too-quick-to-justify-the-cost-of-expensive-clothing-items part of myself rationalizing: Since you can wear it two different ways does that mean I can say it was only $250 when I wear it high neck forward/draped back, and then only $250 when I wear it the reverse? Two dresses for $500 doesn't seem as bad as 1 dress for $500, right?

Now let's move on to cheaper pastures, shall we? Can I get an "amen" for Suave's Keratin Infusion line of products? I'm monthly loving the dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner.

Summer weather conditions here in good old Tejas mean my hair has a tendency to get frizzy fast. No fun. Thanks to these two styling products my mane has been much more tame. 

I had long been using and loving Suave's dry shampoo. {My hair can get oily quick, especially my bangs since I have an oily t-zone.} A month or two ago I was at Target picking up a new bottle when I saw the Keratin Infusion version and decided to give it a try. I honestly think both dry shampoos are awesome {and they smell amazing!}, so you can't go wrong with either one. The Keratin Infusion version does leave your hair looking more shiny, so props on that. I spray it on clean hair to work as a preventative to oily madness, and of course on not washed hair to bring it back to life and give it some extra volume. I recently gifted bottles to my coworkers and they're all loving it, too! 

The leave-in conditioner is a must for the ends of my hair. I put about a nickel sized amount through the lower 3/4 of my hair while it's damp and then leave my hair to air dry or blow it dry. If it's an extra frizzy day, I'll run some more through it once it's dry. It smooths it right away.

What are you monthly loving this May?


Maigen at: May 28, 2012 at 2:45 PM said...

Ooooh, that pattern is to die for! The dress would look beautiful on you!
I can't wait to try those hair products! Esp the leave-in conditioner, as I tend to frizz-up quite a bit in this humidity! Great tip!

Maigen at: July 4, 2012 at 11:12 AM said...

Based on your recommendation, I tried Suave Keratin shampoo & conditioner {it's so hard for me to find s&c that keep my hair from looking oily, while simultaneously taming frizz, no matter how much I spend} and love them! Plus, love the price! :)

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