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The upcoming launch of intiMINT {another genius Mint collaboration, this time with Brooke Burke-Charvet} has me feeling giddy about buying new skivvies! Is it awful to admit that I haven't bought new lingerie in about a year? Poor D. No... Poor me.

Now I have a perfect excuse to do a little intimates shopping as once intiMINT launches in early June, it promises to bring loungewear, sleepwear, intimates, and the like - all constructed from delicate, cozy high quality fabrics. The best part? It won't pull a doozy on your wallet with prices ranging from $19.99 - $79.96.

Want early access? Click here!

PS: I'm especially loving the cleverness of this Mint collection's name. It's reminiscent of the genius play-on-words that Tori Spelling has cleverly concocted with her name over and over again.


Maigen at: June 1, 2012 at 8:47 PM said...

Yay! I LOVE pjs and lingerie!!! I am literally in pj pants within 5 minutes of getting home, every time!!

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