A luxurious scent, just for me!

While on the cruise, my friend, K, and I discovered something lovely: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. 

We both thought it was the best scent, ever!  I went by the little cosmetic shop on-board almost every day to get a little splash!  K is taking a trip to Nordstrom in her neck of the woods to check it out.  I found several discount stores online that carry it, so hopefully I can get a deal!  I'm mainly blogging about this so that I remember to get it later! ;)  
You should check it out during your next Sephora/department store excursion and tell me what you think!  Sephora's fragrance description: sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid, and ballerina freesia bloom on a base of patchouli.  I never thought I'd like anything with patchouli, but this perfume is just so light and sweet and warm at the same time... I might have to braid my hair and stop shaving, too.  Umm, NOT.  ;)

"FRAGRANCES." "Treat Yo Self."

*Just kidding, this is a computer screen!


Isabel at: May 21, 2012 at 5:59 PM said...

I'd get it just for the bottle!

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