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I have a couple of monthly loves this go 'round!

The first is mine only due to the unselfish and sweet nature of a fellow blogger, Kerry!  I think I mentioned coveting her J Crew goddess maxi dress last summer, and how she kindly emailed me that, not only was it now available at J Crew factory online, but it was ON SALE!!! 

As Kerry would say: HOLLA!  I snapped this puppy up in navy for $58.  Umm, yeah.  I secretly (well, not 'secretly' anymore) am considering a bid on the black, as well...  (At a later date, when I'm not feeling the pinch of rent on my jiggly white butt.) 

So, my dress arrived, and I admit, I have already worn it FIVE TIMES.  Not kidding.  It just somehow magically ends up on my body, like, every time I get dressed!  ;) 

Not only is it amazingly comfy (which is, of course, a huge bonus.  I look like I'm wearing a dress, but only I know that I'm actually wearing pajamas), but it is majorly flattering and goes with any accessories/color combo I can come up with!  Here is my fave so far:

J Crew factory turtle earrings, which I l-o-v-e because they are more than an inch wide, no longer available {similar};
J Crew Boho Locket necklace no longer available {similar}, and, ahem, I LOVE the similar necklace... Think I might actually need it;
"Lady Hathaway" green cami from Costco no longer available, but camis are everywhere LOL; my rad Target chunky shell bracelet is also no longer available, sorry!  Got it on clearance and love the heck out of it, even though my sis, Meredith, says it looks like a bunch of teeth;
Steve Madden "Bubblez" flat sandal in cognac {my absolute go-to sandal so far this summer}; Old Navy pink and tan graphic tote with reversible neon orange lining, not available online, but may still be in stores
Ah, what the heck, here I am, in it.  (I promise it is actually flattering in real life... These pics didn't really turn out that way!)  I am totally in debt forever to Kate of the small things blog for changing my attitude about my hair.  I love to wear it up, but was always so embarrassed by its lack of, how should I say? je ne sais quoi... Now, I have a cute up-do almost every day!

My other monthly love may seem like a bit of shameless self-promotion, but I swear this is actually not about that!  I got my business cards in the mail, and I LOVE them!  Love, love love!  I think they are just the CUTEST, most FABULOUS cards evah, dahling! 

I hand them out whenever I meet stylish women, of course always pointing out that my other blog, glamourbug, has taken a MAJOR backseat to LCDF.  What can I say, I love LCDF that much!  Whenever I come up with something, I always seem to want to post it here! :)

Tell me though, is that not perfectly lovely?

The only things I would change is I would take out "home" from "home decorator" and I would put my phone number up top under my email addy.  Oh, well.  Next time! 

I got a ton of them on vistaprint.com for a great deal.  I totally recommend vistaprint.  Great quality. 

I went with the matte, not shiny version.  I think I prefer that.  Having been in marketing before, I know that the shiny business cards are tough to write on. (Sorry, english majors, I ended that sentence with a preposition).  So if you have notes, like the business fair at which you met the card-giver, it can be a challenge to just write on the card.  You probably need a sharpie on those occasions.  And who wants to carry around a permanent marker, that, at least in my case, is sure to un-cap itself and ruin the lining of a nice bag?  No one.  That's who.

Yay for May!  It was hot here in Dallas, but not hot like the sun.  Now, June begins.  I will continue to blog if I don't melt, and therefore, die.


Kerry at: May 30, 2012 at 6:50 PM said...

It's the best dress ever!!! I can't believe I haven't worn it yet this season! Gotta bust it out soon! So happy you love it, and that we were able to find it for you for such a great price! xoxo

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