New Anthro and Jcrew Purchases!

These lovelies made it to my house this past week! 

Yes, they're really tall - 5" heel to be exact, but this girl needs it!  R. thought I bought some stripper heels: "Are the bottoms clear/see through?  DID YOU BUY HOOKER SHOES?!"  Haha!

I love them for their beauty!!  The bow is soooo pretty and chiffony soft and the color is gorge.  The mirrored sole adds some drama and glam.  The only problem is: THEY ARE INSANELY UNCOMFORTABLE.  They run a bit narrow and tight by the toes and that platform doesn't help either.  I wore them for about 3 hours at a wedding, to which I immediately removed them after the ceremony and changed into flats.  I had blisters along the flat area of my foot right by the big toe area and it hurt to put any pressure on them.  (Plus, they don't do so well on cobblestone: I lost stability twice walking down the aisle.  :)  Thankfully, I was on a groomsmen arm, but STILL!).

Nonetheless, I can't help but admire their beauty and to squeal with delight every time I see them.  They're the prettiest shoes I've ever had and I am NOT a shoe person, so that's saying something!

I bought two of these suckers for $5.99 each.  I thought that was pretty reasonable for Anthropologie, so they came home with me!  I love coral, navy and white together and can't wait to use them for something!

I didn't intend to, but I bought the same Jcrew shirts that Kerry posted about with her necklace.  They were so light and comfortable I just had to get them!  I can't find the other shirt I bought online, but it's a light denim solid which I wore comfortably to an outdoor barbeque last Saturday night.  BTW, Dallas' summer nights are PERFECT right now!  They're cool, breezy, and have minimal bug invasions.  Go do something outdoors tonight, I'm beggin you!

I'm adding these to my wish list until I decide to make the trek downtown to West Elm.  They're such a great price!  I refuse to buy these online and pay shipping (hate shipping). 

I want all three of these to be my new jewelry traveling case or maybe a makeup bag.  (My makeup bag is ALWAYS dirty: any advice on how to keep products clean in their lids so they don't mess up my bag lining?  My friend, Elaine's makeup bag is always so clean and perfect!  So frustrating!)


Maigen at: May 22, 2012 at 8:54 PM said...

I love it all, especially those fab bowls!
The shoes are certainly beautiful, too, just sorry they hurt so bad! Ah, well, as I always say, "fashion over comfort!" ;) I'm sure they are gorgeous on you!

Kerry at: May 27, 2012 at 11:19 AM said...

I too wore Steve Madden heels for my sister's wedding, and I stumbled down the aisle twice (darn grass!). Thankfully my brother was there so I didn't totally fall!

Love the Anthro bowls and West Elm make-up bags!

Can't wait to see how you wear our twin shirt! xoxo

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