A Place to Lay My Weary Head: Brugge, Belgium

So, this is a throw-back post... On a trip to Europe, we stayed at an amazingly decorated B&B in Brugge, Belgium, one of the absolute MOST GORGEOUS cities on earth.  And anywhere else, I'd venture to say. ;)

We were there in October 2010, but I often think about the design of the lovely "Bread & Butter" vintage guest room... I can truly say that this place has really influenced my decorating style.  This is where I decided I loved antlers and wallpaper.  I already knew I loved cowhides and the color combo of orange and grey (I had already purchased our bedding with that color theme), but hadn't ever thought of putting plum with it (I had used peacock blue as my accent color). 

I want to go back someday.  Eating chocolate with breakfast, squeezing into a foot-too-tiny-to actually-sit-on-the-toilet-while-simultaneously-latching-the-door water closet {a small price to pay}, and gazing out the skylight/window at the picturesque European town are just a few of its charms.

Just get ready to live, if you're into that kind of thing.  Which I am.

These first pics belong to the lovely Frederika, the house mistress and operator of the B&B.  These were the original enticements that drew me there like a moth to a flame.  I can't imagine a more romantic or charming locale...

Bath; landing; amazing wallpaper close-up; letter-writing area

I swooned as soon as I clapped eyes on the guest-room (prepare for less-than-professional photos, shot by yours truly).  Here is the writing corner:
I love the colors she used.  Deep plum, cream, dark grey, orange, wood... Please ignore the crap all strewn around on the table!
The corner at the entry of the room & curtains: 
Built-in bookcase and rad wallpaper, camouflaging the back of the door!  Love the beautiful, lush velvet curtains and bamboo rod!
View into the bedroom and from there into the bathroom:

The brass bed, pendant, and bamboo roll-down shades on the windows in the bathroom door were charming.  Again, please ignore my pile of stuff under the stairs to the loft!
The bathroom is a stunner:

Rustic wood, a retro orange tub, an antler rack, and butterfly chair all under the panoramic village view from the large, slanted window.
A wider shot of the bathroom (including sweet lamp):
Those stairs to the right lead to a cute little loft
Looking up at the loft:
I love the juxtaposition of the industrial metal railing with the rustic wood!  That little widow on the left looks out from right above the orange tub to the landing.  Kind of funny, because, not that it was ever a problem, but someone could totally stand out there and watch you take a bath if they were so pervily inclined! ;) 

This is the landing leading into the guest room suite:

It may look a little different now.  See those tags?  Frederika sells really cool art and decor items, like those pillows & throw.  I loved the chandelier and the little red chair!
The view out the front window (I love that the neighbour has a mannequin in their room) and the street on which the B&B is located:
Can you imagine a more picturesque setting?  If you can, see below for a mind-changer!  This is Brugge, maybe my favorite city, ever:

The actual view from our bathroom window

It was kind of really chilly for October, which we weren't very prepared for (being from Texas, plus the internet forecasts totally betrayed us).  We ended up buying lots of sweats and sweaters at the local H & M.

Thanks for taking this little tour with me!  I hope you loved Brugge & the Bread & Butter B&B as much as I do!  There were a few other European cities that I fell in love with... I will do some little features on them, too, sometime! 

Which city has made the biggest impression on you in your travels?


Kerry at: May 30, 2012 at 7:49 PM said...

Great home decor inspiration, indeed!

I can't wait to read more about your European adventures!

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