Style That Item: Isabel's William Rast Vest

Another great item from my blog cohorts!  I looooove this cute utility vest of I's!  I love that Kerry took  pics IN it!  What a fun post! 

Woe is me, my fellow blog ladies are tiny birds and I am very viking, so I couldn't do a photo-shoot, as I'm afraid my sturdy frame would rent her vest in twain.  :(  Boo. 
However, this vest did inspire me to do a SICK amount of web-browsing and proxy-shopping.  This blog totally makes me aware of how very much I like to shop.  It's border-line disorder.  No, it's full-blown.  If I can't admit it to myself, then wouldn't I naturally be MORE sick, I ask you? 
I like the vest with any combo of these tees and shorts, with the accessories!
1) This tee looks way more neon orange in real life!  2) A fancy-ish top, love the colors and flowers!  3) Love this dip-dyed tee  4) This tote is also too cute in orange stripe (I bet you are surprised I like the orange, aren't you?)  5) Some fun metallic flatties  6) A rad necklace with blue stones 7) A layering necklace (I looove long necklaces)  8) Cute little shorts in Kerry's blue  9) These shorts are supposedly bright dark pink  10) Love the look of this chunky bracelet 
 Okay, to tell the truth, I don't care.  I LOVE shopping, and this is an outlet for that urge that doesn't actually require spending.  It's fantasy shopping!  And the fact that it's not real doesn't make it less fun!  Well, maybe a little... But, I digress. 
Ikat is my new fave.  I like the vest, shorts, and bling with any of these tops... 1) The print-mix with this striped top may be too much for some, but I think it's fun & breezy 2) I adore this layered top from Anthro 3)  There's something about this graphic tee (perhaps the color? ;))  4)  These fun shorts will look great on Isabel's pretty legs!  5) The Lady-Bug earrings from J Crew have stolen my heart, I want to wear them everyday! 6) Fun little neon studded wallets are a nice way to say "I'm bad-a$$," with-out having to swear ;)  7)  This cuff bracelet may be the coolest thing, EVER  8) Digging these neon & gold sandals, would go with just about anything, I think!
When I start one of these things, I always think, "I'll come up with, like, 3 looks."  But, then, hours later, in the wee hours of the morning, when I realize my "3 looks" have snow-balled into an entire wardrobe based around one item; when birds are chirping and I'm thinking, "but, isn't it still night, birds, what the heck are you doing awake at this hour?"; and things change from "that is a cute dress" to "I have to have it"; I know it's time to stop.  And then I fall asleep and dream about shopping.  I love that dream...

With I's tiny frame, this would look super cute!  I like all these slouchy tops lately, sadly, on me they look, literally, like potato sacks!  1) This top is gorgeous, and the vest will take it down a notch to casual-cool.  Add the accessories and a choice of skinny bottoms... 2) Huge, statement earrings.  Need I say more??! 3)  I'm not usually a Coach girl, but how cute is this wristlet?? 4)  These fun flats remind me of Audrey, but with a bit of flair  5) I love pencil skirts, and this pattern is unexpected.  I can't tell if I love it or hate it!  Haha!  6)  I know, I know, I posted a skirt in this polka-dot pattern before, but I don't have to decide, I LOVE it!!!  7) This jacquard polka-dot pencil is sleek and glam and I'm obsessed with it.
 You will see several of the items more than once.  I LOVE to mix-and-match!

I like the graphic tee with both skirts (and the vest, of course!) 2) I love that this skirt is nautical, but in orange and navy instead of red and navy!  I like the idea of the vest with a cute dress (#4 & #5), too!  Add a few accessories (#6, wedges for the tiny Isabel!), a belt (#3, especially for dress #5), and that lush bag (#1) and she's set!

As I warned, I kind of went (totally) crazy with this "Style That Item" challenge... Hence the following:
I think this is my favorite.  No, it definitely is.  I want to wear this.  Vest, floral top, and either the Ikat shorts or Polka pants.  The accessories have it.  1) I am DEFINITELY getting these earrings!  Great price, and totally versatile and sassy. 2)  Amazing Anthro ring that I can't afford.  3)  Fun red & gold sandals 4) Obsessed with this orange linen clutch/huge bow! 
And, finally, my last hurrah.  When we originally met to swap "Style That" items, I remember thinking, "that vest looks super cute with that sarong!"  Isabel's Hawaiian sarong, which we styled last month, worn as a halter dress, will add whimsy to her utilitarian vest... 
I wanted to add some fun accessories, keeping the beachy feel.  1)  Like an awesome starfish ring, complete with tons of glitter!  2)  I love these coral chandelier earrings.  They also come in turquoise.  3)  This belt, from Anthro, is calling my name!  4)  Some fun wedges will give Iz some extra height, and some extra attitude ;)  5)  A fun, colorful straw tote rounds it out!
So, there you have it.  My (too) many ideas for this vest.  Can you tell I love it?  What a fun wardrobe staple!  What colors would you choose to put with this vest? 

*Please don't expect any more posts of this magnitude, LOL.  Even as I was writing it, I was questioning my sanity, my shopping addiction, and the amount of time I apparently have on my hands...


Kerry at: May 10, 2012 at 9:31 PM said...

"Pattern Play" is my favorite! The polka dots and florals with the utility vest is pretty much genius in my book! And that clutch!! LOVE it and the price! Nice find, friend!

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