Shopping by proxy {for Miss Kerry} & A Wedding

I was in a small wedding last weekend in Louisiana, as my gorgeous friend, Krissy's, bridesmaid... I will post a pic of her later, with her permission.  She looked fabulous! 
The wedding was really pretty, in this stained-glass laden church.  The colors were purple and white, and the flowers were hydrangeas {my FAVE}!  Then, we went to a GREAT little restaurant for the reception.  K is so lucky, she is getting married in CABO next weekend, so she will have two beautiful weddings!
I loved the elegant and simple centerpieces and table runners {the same fabric was tied around the back of each chair}!

{I wish I had taken some pics before everyone started eating!  My pics are certainly not Isabel-calibre!}

I did my hair {sorry for the terrible pic!  It's hard to take one of the back of your own head!} and make-up, but did get a pedicure with the rest of the bridal party! 

I chose OPI "Italian Love Affair," which is a very light pinky nude color, and have since been obsessed with it! 

Anyway, the lovely bride gave me an Anthropologie gift card as a bridesmaid gift, and really, what could be more perfect?!  She knows me so well :)

I went online to take a gander, and what did I find?!  Well... WAY too much fabulous stuff, of course {won't have any trouble using that gift card!} but also a couple of things stuck out to me as things I knew needed to tell my fellow blogger, Kerry, about.  So, K, here are a couple of things that I think you kind of, well, need {&, they're on sale!}:

Novel Bits Posts, Horseshoe I LOVE these!  K has such a penchant for horseshoes and the like, I think they are perfect for her!
Parquet Pullover {I love this, but the shape would look terrible on me. On Kerry, however, it would be charming!}
Great Outdoors Button-Down in Orange {yes, those are little bicycles!}  I saw this and immediately thought of K!  Orange + bikes + button down = perfection!  {An aside: it also comes in ANTS in case you don't like the bikes.  Both are truly exquisite!}
Anyway, hopefully Kerry doesn't think any of this is hideous!  :)  I think it is all too cute and would be adorable on her!

Check out the Anthro sale, people.  Good stuff!


Kerry at: May 27, 2012 at 11:17 AM said...

Gorgeous styling for K's wedding! Loving the pink polish.

Fun Anthro finds! I went to my local store yesterday to see if I could see some of those things in person {hate paying shipping!} and I found the Parquet Pullover. The print is so fun, but the material is less than desirable! It's a weird see-through and somewhat scratchy feel. :( The Great Outdoors Button-Down is amazing! I couldn't find it in store and was so tempted to suck it up and pay shipping, but it's not available in my size! :(

Please continue to proxy shop for me! xoxo

Maigen at: May 27, 2012 at 4:45 PM said...

LOL! I just kept seeing things that would be so cute on you!

Yeah, I haven't seen the Parquet Pullover in person... Soemtimes, I find that about Anthro clothes! Such a shame! It looks SO CUTE online!

The Great Outdoors one is totally rad in person! It just reminded me so much of your style! :) They had a bunch at Willowbend ;)

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