Rainbow Brite {Product Review}

I'm usually an OPI girl, but I was drawn to the bright, punchy colors of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail-polishes in Target one day, and picked a couple up.  {It didn't hurt that they were less than $4 each!}

I love these colors for summer!  I was pleasantly surprised at how much coverage I got with only one coat!  Here are my blue toesies {in "Co-Bolt Blue"}:

{And, yes, I realize I have toddler feet!}  Even though one coat looked really good, I actually did two on my toes just to make sure it lasts!

The first one I tried was "Mint Sprint," which is a light color, so I was expecting to have to do several coats, like with most light polishes.  But, one did it {unfortunately, I only got to wear it for one day!  The next day, I got a pedicure for the wedding I was in in May}!

I will update you on how well it wears, but I have high hopes!

{PS: any of these colors would be so cute on K & I in their super-fabulous "Candy Colorized" looks!}

Have you found any great, inexpensive beauty products lately?  Please share!

All that Glitters is Gold {Kerry's Monthly DIY Challenge}

An alternate title for this post is "Thanks, Nate Berkus!" as my Monthly DIY Challenge inspiration came earlier this month while cleaning the house and simultaneously tuning in to a rerun of the now-defunct {sad} Nate Berkus Show. In this particular episode, Nate featured a segment on his love of marbleized accents and showcased inexpensive ways to add them to your home.
{Horrible-quality screen shot seen below; entire segment seen here.}
I instantly fell in love with those gorgeous giant marbleized prints, and scurried upstairs to my computer mid-dusting to check out Paper Mojo for myself. $4.50 for enormous and beautifully printed paper? I was intrigued.

My goal was to frame the sheets and place them above our bookshelves in our downstairs living room, as seen below. {There's good old Nate again!}
Yes, that blank section of wall has daunted me for a few years now, and combined with my indecisiveness, has thus caused me to leave it blank. I've been at a loss as to what would be the best for this area, but loss is no more in my vocabulary for this wall space thanks to Nate!

{Note: I really wanted to find a Pirouette Marbled Paper like Nate featured, but I couldn't find any in colors that were complimentary to my living room. But you can bet your britches that I will incorporate one into my home someday. I think they'd be awesome in any room in any home. They're timeless, reminiscent of Moab to me, and just stunning!}

While perusing the Paper Mojo site, I found a few candidates for my own home.
Are you noticing a theme? Yep, I was all about these gold and cream marbled papers. I really wanted a gold frame with a white mat. A white frame wasn't fancied by me because our bookshelves are white and so is the shelf that sits above it. It would be too much white for my taste. Plus the vision of a gold frame against my dark blue walls made me feel giddy. With these marbled papers, I knew it would end up just being too much gold; sorry, Midas.

So taking another gander at all of the marbled paper options again, I finally discovered what would work best with what I envisioned. I fell in love with these awesome papers.
Sadly they are no longer available for purchase, because I literally bought the last three for $3 a piece. Holla! As already mentioned, my vision was to frame the papers in gold frames with a white mat, so I knew the dark colors wouldn't be adding more unncessary darkness to an already dark wall without any reprieve to break up all of the darkness. I love how they had touches of gold and deep red swirled in the blues.

The papers arrived a few weeks ago, and I finally made it over to IKEA last weekend to pick up three white RIBBA frames {in 20.5 x 28.25}. Thankfully we were in and out of that place in a jiffy; I think we've all made that weekend IKEA trip and instantly wondered why everyone else in the world decided to go there, too. But back to the frames: I gave them several coats of RustOleum gold spray paint. I was sure to get all visible parts of the frame completely coated in gold, which was a little bit of a pain to be honest. I then cut the paper to fit the mat, making sure to find and focus on the most interesting and unique designs and aligning them within the mat. Finally, D got up on a tall ladder providing me the piece de resistance of DIYing: Another shot of his hiney. : ) Three Monkey Hook holes later and we had ourselves some new art that turns that once pathetic wall space into something a little more fabulous.

What DIY projects have you tackled in June?

*I love Paper Mojo and was super impressed with the fast shipping and excellent packing; the papers were in mint condition. I was, however, completely and utterly bummed to have to spend $12 to have my $9 papers shipped. I searched for a free shipping code and came up empty-handed. I despise paying shipping, especially when I have to pay more for shipping than I did the actual items that were shipped. But alas, I had no other option. Just a heads up before you fall in love with any papers and want to gag over the cost of shipping.

Petite Fashion Challenge #17: Candy Colorized


I'm super excited to participate in my first ever Petite Fashion Challenge!

This month's challenge is hosted by SewPetiteGal, with this premise:

The Challenge: Candy Colorized Take a bowl full of colorful candies (M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, jelly beans, etc.), close your eyes, and draw 2-3 pieces.  Now use those colors (+ a neutral of your choosing) to form the basis for your ensemble. **Extra brownie points if you post more than 1 colorful ensemble or if you add a DIY element (because I love DIYs so much!) :D**

Such a fun challenge, right?! Kudos to SewPetiteGal for a fun challenge concept.

Here's what I drew from my bowl of colorful Chewy Lemonheads & Friends {which I seriously inhaled faster than I'm willing to admit - sheesh!}...

Yikes! I was a little intimidated by this warm color combination. My initial fear was that I'd end up looking clown-like or campfire-like with anything that I wore in this color scheme. However, I was pleasantly surprised after playing around with this color combination; there are actually a lot of great ensembles to be had with these fiery hues.

Here's what I put together using items from my closet. I lucked out in having this lovely J.Crew top that incorporates all of my colors, plus a gorgeous blue hue, plus - the kicker - anchor buttons! {For those of you interested in sizing, I'm wearing a regular 00, though the top is available in petite 00. I like the more relaxed/slouchier fit of the regular 00 enough to have not tried the petite 00.} I love that this top can be worn casually and a little bit more dressy. First up is the casual look...

Top: J.Crew Denim: Gap | Earrings: Anthropologie {no longer availableHorseshoe Charm Necklace: J.Crew {no longer availableAnchor Bead Pendant Necklace: J.Crew Shoes: Steve Madden {alternative}

And now for a little bit of a dressy look {sorry about my frizz-tastic hair!}...

Top: J.Crew Skirt: Banana Republic {old} Earrings: Anthropologie {no longer available| Necklace: J.Crew Factory Crystal Rays {no longer available; seen hereBelt: J.Crew {old} | Shoes: Steve Madden {old}

And here's what I put together after a virtual shopping trip {one of my favorite things to do!}...

I'm seriously in love with La Fee Verte's gorgeous Sun Fire Cami. The tribal print is beautiful in red, orange, and yellow. And the back of this top is stunning! I think it would look great with my kelly green AG Stevie's. I'm pretty obsessed with Tory Burch's serpentine necklace and Kate Spade's gumdrop studs. The top's tribal details are echoed in these very inexpensive bangles from F21; I love that they come in such a multitudinous stack. These Sam Edelman brown t-strap sandals complete the look.

Since I love the Sun Fire Cami so much, I've featured it again in a preppy boho look. This time I've paired it with some dark denim crops and J.Crew's Featherweight Colorblock Cotton Cardigan {which I recently scored for an additional 30% off the sale price - holla!}. My love for Kate's gumdrop studs prevails yet again, and I'm enamored by her adorable camel pendant, too. I finished this look with some killer neutral wedges by Farylrobin, which I might add, I'm lusting after!

My virtual shopping trip is rounded out by this sweetly striped ensemble. I love the swingy look of this dress. I'd pair it with a neutral belt to accentuate my waist, this brightly colored cardigan to keep warm in excessively-air conditioned spaces, and these lovely Sam Edelman neutral and orange wedges. I think my favorite part of this outfit is the Kate Spade earrings; they're tops on my next earrings purchase list! 
dress, belt, earrings, cardigan, sandals {which my blogging buddy Maigen first posted here}

Many thanks again to SewPetiteGal for hosting the Petite Fashion Challenge this month and encouraging us to play with candy colors that were perhaps {definitely in my case} outside of our comfort zones! I had a blast!

PS: Thanks to my sweet mom who was so kind to come over and take pictures in D's absence! Love you!

Petite Fashion Challenge #17: Candy Colorized


It's my first Petite Fashion Challenge!  It's kind of nice to rummage the closet with a semi-plan in mind and it took less time than I thought!  I'm loving the stylish options people are posting!  Now if only I had more clothes...

This month's challenge is hosted by SewPetiteGal, with this premise:

The Challenge: Candy Colorized Take a bowl full of colorful candies (M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, jelly beans, etc.), close your eyes, and draw 2-3 pieces.  Now use those colors (+ a neutral of your choosing) to form the basis for your ensemble. **Extra brownie points if you post more than 1 colorful ensemble or if you add a DIY element (because I love DIYs so much!) :D**

I'll admit - I don't have much color in my closet and I knew what kind of candies I had laying around and let me just tell you, it wasn't looking good...

But I took a chance, drawing from my fringy pinata full of jolly ranchers, sweethearts, nerds, laffy taffy, and godstoppers.  My color combinations are by type of candy so I only drew 2 colors.  The one I could actually work with from my closet was the pink and green sweethearts.  I don't own any of the other colors! *gasp*

Luckily, I have a lot of pink accessories and a newish green skirt so I was able to pull 2 outfits together!  Bear with my candy inspired names for my looks! :)

Shirt: Nordstroms Lush |  Capris: GAP |  Necklace: DIY |  Earrings: pearls | Sandals: Macy's Ralph Lauren
For another look, I switched out my navy pearl necklace for some gold and green accents.
  Bangle (gift): St. Thomas | Earrings: ?? | Necklace: Juicy Couture Pave Heart Wish 

In my head, I thought this outfit would be my favorite of the two, but when I saw the pictures, I didn't like the denim color with the skirt.  I felt cute and I got a "You ready? Oh, that's cute!" reaction from R when he popped around the corner, but it still wasn't my fave.

ugh, cheesy smile...
Shirt: J.Crew |  Skirt: Target Xhilaration |  Headband: BR Outlet |  Earrings: pearls | Necklace: ???  | Sandals: Macy's Ralph Lauren

Surprise!  There's a third look that I stumbled upon a couple days later!  I was happy to find this combo because it's comfy and great for hot weather!  The softness of it reminds me of saltwater taffy :)

tank: Express | shorts: ???

While looking for the source of my pink necklace, I found a few others that could've worked well.  Click images for their sources.

[More colors available]

How would you have styled pink and green together?

Monthly DIY: Iz's Pearl Ribboned Necklace

Necklace: Rada for Anthropologie 6 strands pearl necklace

Two years ago I was inspired by all the ribboned necklaces I was seeing everywhere.  I know Maigen has as well since she wore one herself! :) 

I had pearl necklaces given to me by mom, aunts, and grandmas just sitting unused because I didn't want to be such a southern belle traditionalist.  Finally, I tackled an updated look using only two things!  Some black ribbon and a long strand of pearls that can be looped around multiple times.  Easy!  

* I tied the weaving ribbon end to the neckline ribbon end into a bow.  
You can take it further by adding actual jewelry hooks and rings to attach the ribbon to the pearls, but I wanted mine quick :)  Next time, I might rearrange this exact necklace and take two strands and interlink them together like the duo tone top picture.  That would look so classy cute!

Who's going to try this?!

M's Monthly Love: Nautical EVERY-THING!


As you saw here and here, I started off the month in a nautical mood...  And it hasn't changed yet!  Actually, I've been in a nautical mood for a long time.  Probably years... More evidence here!

Here are some of the nautical-inspired pieces I love to wear:
1. My Jessica Simpson anchor luggage never blends in at the baggage claim!
2. J Crew Factory Anchor Cardi I love this, so glad I picked it up!
3.  This fab Jason Wu for Target scarf {available on Amazon} is a little big for a turban, actually, :( but feels and looks so luxurious!
4. Target navy/white striped maxi skirt {yes, it's maternity!  SO comfy!}
5. J Crew Factory V-Neck Sequined Anchor Tee: MY NEW FAVORITE THING.  I love the juxtaposition of such a sporty fabris with such girly/preppy sequins!
6. Little coral flatties with jute edges
7. I have always loved my seahorse necklace {similar here}.  Mine's gold with pearls on the chain & with rhinestones, turquoise, and coral stones on the seahorse!  Plus, the pendant is super-big, so I always feel like a preppy gangster when I wear it.
8. My navy wedges 

Here are some nautical goodies I long for:
1. HOW CUTE is this Kate Spade dinnerware??!
2. Rope bracelet... I want to try a DIY of something like this {I've seen several tutorials on Pinterest}.  Target had a fantastic navy version, I haven't seen one in store for a while, but if I ever run across it again, I'm going to snatch it up!
3. Fab Anthro dress
4. Anthro belt {you can't tell, but the buckle has little aqua-colored stones!  Love!}
5. Anchor dish Kerry pinned this and I just loved it!  She has a great eye!
6. I know, you have seen this sequined Anchor clutch in a few of my posts!  I really love it!
7. Wedges.  These are cute and I love that they are low and probably comfortable to run around in!
8. J Crew factory white jeans  The cut of these is great!  I love white pants, shorts, and skirts!
9. Sadly, these chevron earrings from pinterest are no longer available on etsy :(
10. I am seriously in love with this wedge from weheartit
11. I adore this chain bracelet from shopbop!

How many of you are obsessed with Pinterest, like me?  I see so many great things on there ALL THE TIME!  Following are a few of the fabulous looks I found there!

How gorgeous is this nautical outfit from 9to5chic {a fabulous site, btw}?   /  I am digging this casual stripe cardi outfit via pinterest.
Fun, fall nautical look from brooklynblonde  /   I loooove this unconventional nautical look and color combo from globalstreetsnap!

Kate Spade never fails!  Spring 2012 from theglitterguide   /   I have searched the internet high and low for a better pic of this Cameron Diaz look from "What Happens in Vegas" ever since I saw the movie!  I want to copy the look, head to toe!  It is so awesome!

This library look from prettystuff is too pretty!   /  A fun black/grey/coral look from life's a journal.

I like the rope in the fishbowl from katiebrownblog  /  Pretty living room from overdresstoimpressLoving all the patterns and colors together!

J'adore this vignette {pinned by Kerry!} from pinkwallpaper   /   Fun wallpaper and chest from pinterest.  Cute use of that big shell, too!

Not sure why I think of this look as nautical, probably because of the metallic grasscloth wall from lamaisonboheme.  I don't care why really; I love it so much!  That lamp and wallpaper are miraculous!  /  Cute orange & navy vignette from capecodcollegiate

I like this grey and orange room from imogenmss.tumblr.com, and it has a bit of a nautical feel to me {probably because of the orange & the art!  /  And, you KNOW I love this room, by centsationalgirl.
What styles have caught your fancy lately?
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