All that Glitters is Gold {Kerry's Monthly DIY Challenge}

An alternate title for this post is "Thanks, Nate Berkus!" as my Monthly DIY Challenge inspiration came earlier this month while cleaning the house and simultaneously tuning in to a rerun of the now-defunct {sad} Nate Berkus Show. In this particular episode, Nate featured a segment on his love of marbleized accents and showcased inexpensive ways to add them to your home.
{Horrible-quality screen shot seen below; entire segment seen here.}
I instantly fell in love with those gorgeous giant marbleized prints, and scurried upstairs to my computer mid-dusting to check out Paper Mojo for myself. $4.50 for enormous and beautifully printed paper? I was intrigued.

My goal was to frame the sheets and place them above our bookshelves in our downstairs living room, as seen below. {There's good old Nate again!}
Yes, that blank section of wall has daunted me for a few years now, and combined with my indecisiveness, has thus caused me to leave it blank. I've been at a loss as to what would be the best for this area, but loss is no more in my vocabulary for this wall space thanks to Nate!

{Note: I really wanted to find a Pirouette Marbled Paper like Nate featured, but I couldn't find any in colors that were complimentary to my living room. But you can bet your britches that I will incorporate one into my home someday. I think they'd be awesome in any room in any home. They're timeless, reminiscent of Moab to me, and just stunning!}

While perusing the Paper Mojo site, I found a few candidates for my own home.
Are you noticing a theme? Yep, I was all about these gold and cream marbled papers. I really wanted a gold frame with a white mat. A white frame wasn't fancied by me because our bookshelves are white and so is the shelf that sits above it. It would be too much white for my taste. Plus the vision of a gold frame against my dark blue walls made me feel giddy. With these marbled papers, I knew it would end up just being too much gold; sorry, Midas.

So taking another gander at all of the marbled paper options again, I finally discovered what would work best with what I envisioned. I fell in love with these awesome papers.
Sadly they are no longer available for purchase, because I literally bought the last three for $3 a piece. Holla! As already mentioned, my vision was to frame the papers in gold frames with a white mat, so I knew the dark colors wouldn't be adding more unncessary darkness to an already dark wall without any reprieve to break up all of the darkness. I love how they had touches of gold and deep red swirled in the blues.

The papers arrived a few weeks ago, and I finally made it over to IKEA last weekend to pick up three white RIBBA frames {in 20.5 x 28.25}. Thankfully we were in and out of that place in a jiffy; I think we've all made that weekend IKEA trip and instantly wondered why everyone else in the world decided to go there, too. But back to the frames: I gave them several coats of RustOleum gold spray paint. I was sure to get all visible parts of the frame completely coated in gold, which was a little bit of a pain to be honest. I then cut the paper to fit the mat, making sure to find and focus on the most interesting and unique designs and aligning them within the mat. Finally, D got up on a tall ladder providing me the piece de resistance of DIYing: Another shot of his hiney. : ) Three Monkey Hook holes later and we had ourselves some new art that turns that once pathetic wall space into something a little more fabulous.

What DIY projects have you tackled in June?

*I love Paper Mojo and was super impressed with the fast shipping and excellent packing; the papers were in mint condition. I was, however, completely and utterly bummed to have to spend $12 to have my $9 papers shipped. I searched for a free shipping code and came up empty-handed. I despise paying shipping, especially when I have to pay more for shipping than I did the actual items that were shipped. But alas, I had no other option. Just a heads up before you fall in love with any papers and want to gag over the cost of shipping.


Maigen at: June 30, 2012 at 7:16 PM said...

WOW! Those are so pretty! I totally agree that you need the ones from the show, too! Stunning!

Maigen at: June 30, 2012 at 11:14 PM said...

BTW, I just spent a loooonnng time on Paper Mojo, I found so much inspiration! What an amazing website! :)

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