Isabel's Take: David's Boston Apartment

At a wedding last March, my friend David and I got into talking about what we do for fun and naturally I got onto the topic of LCDF.  David jumped in and asked if we wanted to take on his place as a mini virtual project and you betcha we did!  

We spent one morning Facetiming with him where he showed us around and what worked for him and what wasn't working too well.  David's a busy grad student and works at a nearby hospital so he needed a place to wind down, study hard, and entertain easily!  

David uses his computer as his entertainment center so he liked having it across from the sofa for movie nights and such, but I think a change in layout could really make the place feel grown up and put together.  Here are three options for him with an aerial view, closet view, and entrance view.

DCM Layouts

Here are the layouts a little larger.
view from closet

view from hallway

view from closet

view from hallway

view from closet

view from hallway

Here's how D can make the room up to his level of taste.  (He's got some great art in his place).  D really needs a place for everything so that clutter can be managed.  That will be the #1 big change that will take this place to top notch!  My plans for each piece are next to their links.

DCM Desk

Magis Chair One Stacking 2-Pack
$804 -
It's super expensive, but I couldn't resist - they're so cool!  What we can take from it is that it's a stylish chair that STACKS!  D could go for some stacking chairs if he needs more seating.

Set of two (2) Ikea mobile cabinets
$100 -
I thought this might be a good deal (with some negotiating) for David's school, bills, and other files currently in a wire crate. They would have a more permanent place, out of view, and off the floor, but still transportable for when he moves. He could put these under his desk or even beside it, which would give him another surface for his printer to sit on.  His small desk needs some more workable real estate, especially since that coffee table should go!

Black Horizontal Stripe Giclee Paley White Table Lamp
$100 -
An easy DIY stripe project that won't cost $100, but he may not even need a desk lamp if he moves his desk under the loft.  It's got some great track lighting under there!  Not having a desk lamp will also save space on his desk.

IKEA Helmer
$40 -
Red is D's favorite color in the space right now, so this cabinet might suit him better!  Again, shove it under the desk or use it for a printer stand!

Furniture All

Bar Stool
$25 -
A new desk chair that would really save space!  Push it under the desk when not in use and pull it out for friends when company comes over.  It's also adjustable in height which D wants in an office chair.

Cologne Wall Sconce
Another lighting option, but this one wouldn't take up space on the desk.

Apartment Therapy
Inspiration photo of what his desk area could look like!  I especially like how they used the wall for art and to organize electronics.  DO it! :)

In the living space, David needs some multi-purpose pieces that can be rearranged at the drop of a hat for more guests, or more room!  The first column are all craigslist finds that can help keep costs low.  The second column are all storage ottoman options, and the last column is seating.

DCM Living

Modern glass cabinet
This was free which is why I included it, but it's probably way too big and tall for his space.  

Octagon Rug
$25 -
Not my favorite rug for the space, but if he needed a fast option that's also low cost, this would be it!

Brighton White Linen Storage Ottoman
$188 -
A long, low profile ottoman like this could be pushed up against a wall opposite his couch where guests can sit and lean back along the wall.  Add some pillows and it's another love seat!  He could also use it as a slimmer coffee table depending on how much space he has and as a soft place to prop his feet.

Contemporary Armless Chair - Black : Target
$128 -
I love this chair for its masculinity and width.  Two people look like they could easily share butt cheeks on this thing!  This could be D's personal tv viewing chair too instead of his current office chair.

B&B Italia Iuta Armchair - Upholstered Seat & Back
$1,847 -
Another expensive find, but I liked the non-officey office chair.

Magis Chair One Stacking 2-Pack
$804 -

Furniture All
A cheap craigslist mirror could be a nice wall decor to add somewhere!

Round Pedestal End Table
$10 -
I don't think you have space for this, but just a hint to check out your local craigslist for finds!

Furniture All
What a cool table!  The glass would give the illusion of space but still provide surface for him to study or plan his next travel journey.  I still suggest that D eliminate a table altogether, but if he needs one...

Safavieh Amelia Tufted Storage Ottoman Charcoal
$153 -
Too expensive - don't get it!

Tova Faux Leather Storage Ottoman Cream
$59 -
Stick your books, extra blankets, your file crate inside these ottomans.  

Z Gallerie - Storage Ottoman
$249 -

Framed Side Table
$129 -
I love this table for a side table!  

This inspiration photo would be an awesome sight to see for David when he walks into his apartment!  It's warm, cozy, and high on style!  If he moves his couch out from under the loft to where his desk currently is (layout #2), I imagine this is what it would kind of be like!  Add a rug, an art wall, and it would really be an impressive welcoming sight after a long day!

DCM Accessories

Brighton White Linen Storage Ottoman
$188 -

Armless Upholstered Slipper Chair Collec
$120 -
Another seating option if you didn't like my contemporary black Target chair.

$30 -
D likes nautical and map references and this blue and white would look great on his red couch.

$30 -
This would tie in with D's red couch but also provide other colors to introduce to the room.

Rugby Stripe Bins
$9.99 -
For corralling all the little things on the floor, shelves, or even clothes that aren't ready to be hung in the closet.  Stick them under tables or on shelves or even on top of each other criss cross and things will look tidier!

Apartment Therapy
The inspiration photo.

David has a bit of a weird closet, and I'm still not quite sure what it looks like, but here goes!

DCM Closet

Target Home Smooth Over-the-Door Quad Hook Satin Nickel
$18 -
Just go get one already!  You use the door as a hanger currently so just go find an over the door hook that you like!  Urban Outfitters, Target, Overstock all have unique door hangers that you might like!

Retro Copco Blue Plastic Spice Rack
$35 -
D can use this for holding socks, ties, underroos, or whatever he wants!

Free on Curb
Another free item!  This is a clothes rack from a department store with plenty of space!  I'm not sure how big it is, but if he gets it, please keep it in the closet!

Also, get this $10 rod so you can hang pants or whatever, doubling your closet space!

David's lucky to have an entry and it's a fabulous space!  Great use of vertical space with the shelves along the wall and the top two shelves are empty!  David can put items in his rugby stripe bins and stick those bins on these shelves out of the way!  Then his shelves in the bedroom can be freed up for decorative accessories.  He's got some odds and ends in the foyer, like a wine fridge that should be moved into the kitchen, lamps he's not using, and a table that's too big for the space.  Try these ideas instead, D!

DCM Entry

IKEA Trones, $40/3 (holds 6 pairs)
This wall mounted shoe organizer is slim and can also provide a entry surface for you to drop your keys, a bag, or a place to decorate!  Maybe a lamp will fit on the top!  Hang it in a row of three, horizontally or even vertically, or in an L-shape underneath your art so that you can hang or prop your art pieces on the top!  The L-shape idea can help provide levels for your art (like you have now), while the row will provide a minimalist, streamlined look to that space. If you have more shoes, stow them in a bin underneath or beside or just move them to the closet!  Keep your most used shoes in this room.  You might still have room for a chair or a small stool. 
Black Ikea Dresser
A craigslist find that can hold your shoes and provide a surface for a lamp, mail tray, and neat stacks of books.  If you opt for a dresser, make sure it's not too deep for the space!
Antique dresser Delivered locally!, $30
If you're willing to put in the time, paint this sucker glossy black and keep the handles bronze.  It will look classy in that nook!
**FREE** Drexel mirror
I love this mirror and even more because it's free!  Paint it a fun color!

And there you have it!   Sorry it's so text and image crazy - it's a bit much, I know!  Kerry and Maigen's will be a lot easier to look at! :D  Can't wait for you all to see their great ideas and the one we combined together to present to David!


Maigen at: June 5, 2012 at 7:36 PM said...

Umm... this post is AWESOME! Mine is going to stink in comparison ;) You got the talent, girl! Love all the virtual views, HOW did you do that??!
Love your suggestions, ESPECIALLY that rack from IKEA for his shoes for the entryway! That piece alone would have a huge impact on his space! {Also in love with those pricey stacking chairs!!!}

Kerry at: June 7, 2012 at 9:34 PM said...

SO MANY AMAZING IDEAS for David! Ditto to M on loving those virtual views. Awesome.

Between this post and your Monthly Love post on organization, I'm totally inspired to get every little nook and cranny of my house organized!

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