Dad's Day: Maigen's ideas {better than white socks, at least!}

I have a few ideas for some father's day gifts... But, brace yourself, I've never been that good at Father's Day.  I'm a tie or socks girl.  I've had a few home-run gifts in my life, but they are usually NOT on Father's Day.  And it's not because I don't love the patriarchs of my family.  I do.  My creativity just doesn't reach into the Father's Day realm.  As you will soon see!

If my wonderful, sweet dad were still here, I would most likely give him something for a chef.  As much as he liked to quote Dirty Harry with phrases like "real men don't eat quiche," he certainly knew his way around the kitchen.  He made amazing food, and loved to experiment by cooking different ethnic foods.
My dad's favorite food was Indian, and this cookbook would have been perfect!  Plus, the price can't be beat at less than $10.
The Sourcebook of Contemporary Urban Design by Alex Sanchez Vidiella would also really interest Dad for less than $40!
These black matte knives look rad and would be great for whatever foodstuffs Dad wanted to chop up!  They are a little pricey, with the smallest knife at $80 and going up from there.
My dad was an avid cyclist, even riding the "Hotter'N'Hell Hundred," a hundred-mile bike race in Texas in August!  He loved the Richardson Bike Mart, and I'm betting he would have loved this bike (12 Specialized Allez Sport Compact in black/yellow), too!  It'll run you about $950.
My dad also loved snorkling & scuba (ing? is that right?).  I would have planned a trip to Cozumel for his water sport enjoyment!

I miss my dad :(

My step-dad, Bob, also deserves Father's Day snaps!
My step-dad, Bob, is pretty politically minded, so Glenn Beck's new book, "Cowards," would be a good, inexpensive choice.  It's on Amazon for only $16.80.
Bob can never find shorts or shirts that are long enough (he's about 6'4'').  I love these navy & tan plaid shorts at $59.50 & orange polo for $44.50 from Banana Republic.
Bob & Mom pretty much spend every possible free moment kiteboarding.  Also, Bob lived in Australia when he was younger for a while.  There are some great places to kiteboard there.  I would send Mom & Bob on an awesome kiteboarding adventure in Australia, if I were a rich girl!

My uncle Bill & grandpa B {using them as examples, as my extended family is quite, well, extended!} have similar interests, so their gifts are pretty interchangeable! 

Bill & Gramps both love movies, so, in theory, a pair of gift cards to a theater would be a pretty good choice {although Bill's job allows him to see movies for free all the time}.  You can pick some up at Costco for less than $20.  
I found this Texas A&M cap for Bill, to spur on school rivalries in the family {you will see below}.
Bill and Gramps are both avid golfers, so I was thinking a gift card for a round of golf &/or a few baskets of practice balls on the driving range would be appreciated, and medium-expensive, depending on the course.
  Mike Stachura of Golf Digest recommends the Callaway Razr Fit Driver, at about $400.  Bet they would both love it!

My brothers-in-law would both appreciate the below ideas, I think!

Texas Rangers Cap for about $23 for Evren; University of Texas Orange Cap for $16.99 or white Classic Bar Design cap for $14.99 {Jared went to UT and Bill and he like to engage in friendly competition over it}.
These new fandangled golf shoes are pretty sporty and stylish, too! The pricing is as follows: PureMotion, $120; CrossFlex, $100.
Although my sisters, Georgia & Meredith would probably want to kill me, I know both bros would love this Harley.

That's about it.  My guy gift ideas are now totally depleted.  So, umm, pretty much, if my male relatives read this, sorry but y'all know what I'll be giving you variations of for the next 50 years {even when I'm a millionaire}! ;)


Isabel at: June 14, 2012 at 5:42 PM said...

Such thoughtful gifts! They're perfect! Go Longhorns! (Sorry Uncle Bill)

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