Design Star Episode 2

My DVR is messed up!  I can't get to any of my recorded shows {my 'stories,' haha}!  So, this will be a quick review of Episode 2, the White Room Challenge {which I love!}

Dang it, I missed Vanilla Ice!  He went to my high school.  Word to your mother. 

White Room before**

I love grey and orange as a rule.  I like the colorful art on the left, but am not a big fan of the floor and all the grid furniture** and accessories.  Can't stand the lanterns.  Overall, it bores me.


I like this.  The walls are fab, but what I really like is the wooden artwork on the back wall and the light fixture.  The pop of red is pretty cute, but I would have liked to see something a little different, like kelly green or chartreuse.


Okay, not exactly sure why, but I LOVE this!  It's a total home-run.  I love the colors, all the wood, accessories, wall color.  The stripes on the sofa are great and I like the rug he made, too.  So far, my fave.
Such a cool composition of woods in this console.  Fun lamp, too.

Blah.  Okay, for as quirky as she's supposed to be, I'm totally bored.  PVC pipe cut up in the bookshelves {I think it's PVC}?  Pennies?  Handpainted console that should have a word bubble above it that says "Shazam!"?  One kitchy piece is enough in such a small space, I think.  I do like the color combo and the contiguous portion of the cameo.  {An aside: they must have gone to IKEA, because everyone is using those grid boxes**. }  What is this room for, though?  There is nowhere to sit or eat or anything. 


One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, and it was Stanley.
I kind of love this.  The walls are perfectly executed, and the re-done coffee table is great.  Also digging the gold circle art on the wall.  Certainly not a practical room, but I quite enjoy it.  I don't like the lamp or grid box**, but I do like the huge plant.

I think this is gross.  Did that girl from the first episode with the green and purple room come back and decorate this space?  Kris needs to apologize to the flag.  The only things I kind of like are the wall colors.  But, they also remind me of McDonald's, for some reason!  Sorry, dude.

This is only okay.  I wish there was something eye-catching on the back wall.  I think he went a little overboard with the curlicues and random tiny plants in weird places on the floor.  I do really like the chandelier, though.


I love the colors and the wall art.  I think the sofa is cute, but I wouldn't have added the fringe.  At all.  The chest is cute enough, but I think the gold washers or whatever don't really work.  I do like the flower color with the room colors.


Love this.  Love the patterns, the colors, the art, all the foliage, the floor, the accessories.  Chevron and bold walls are so on trend right now.  My very fave room of all.  The only thing I don't get is the pile of wood on the floor.  Are we having a campfire?  But, that is literally the only thing I don't like.  Which is sayin' something! 

Normally I love bamboo furniture {especially painted or silver/gold leaved}, but there is too dang much and too many colors of it.  There just seems to be a lot of stuff going on.  And, I generally steer clear of themey spaces.  I do like the grey walls and sisel rug, though.

Guess Jordan's out... Makes sense.  I'm guessing the winner was Bex, but made it a little hard to confirm that.  I don't know, dudes.  It just didn't have the 'wow' factor for me.

I wrote my blog about tonight's episode, but the pics aren't up yet.  I will probably post it tomorrow!  Good night, lovelies!

Photos via HGTV

**LOL I just realized the ugly grid boxes came in the white box!  Wow.  I need sleep!


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