Design Star Episode 3!

So, this week, the designers are working on the Kardashian's offices.  As long as I don't have to see any of the Kardashian kids, I will be okay with it.  Seriously.  

I hate when they have to work in pairs/groups.  Anyway, here goes!

This may be a little rushed, because my DVR is acting up!  I can't pause or rewind!  What the H?!  I'm doing this off the cuff, so hopefully I make sense! 

Yay, two will be going home! 

These offices are hideous!  What is with the burgundy carpet and ripped up white walls?

Sans carpet

Kris' office *MY FAVE*: {Stanley & Rachel} Love the red console the found!  Probably because it's lacquer ;)  I also love the green sofa & chairs {gimme!}...
I don't know.  If they do everything else neutral, the red & green could actually work together.  That is SO NOT Christmas green! 
But, I do think they should choose the red or green as the main pop of color and do everything else black and white.  I would do black and white {since that's what Kris likes} with the green.  It's unexpected.  That would look glamorous.
Ooh, I think they are doing my black/white/green combo!  Digging Stanley's sculpture again, too.  Since this is my favorite room, you get the biggest pics of it...

Sculpture up close

Judges: love the couch/chairs and colors.  I'm glad they took my advice ;) and went with green/black/white!  The judges and I all loved the desk made of the glitzy stone!  They are among the Judges' faves.  Yay!  It is so delightful, really!

Kitchen/Make-up Studio/Storage area: {Hilari & Danielle}  I like the way these girls work together.  They seem to have a good rapport and their styles mesh well.  But, I CANNOT believe Danielle ripped down that wallpaper!  What did she think?  Even I know what's left when you tear down wallpaper and what a pain it is to fix it!  Big mistake.  Huge.  It wasn't even bad!  Good for Hilari for pulling it together and painting, though.I liked their camera challenge.  They have personality.  I think the kitchen is only okay.  It's a little flat.  The only thing I really dig is that chandi.

Judges liked the stripes {ho} and wallpaper {hum}.  They hated the closet's ghetto shelves and the ripped up wall.  Duh.

Conference Room *MY {CLOSE} SECOND FAVE*: {Britany & Mikel}  I love their black and white wallpaper!  I love it! The mirrored wall is rad, too!!  I love the chandelier.  The flannel-look panels are really cool, too.  The textures and patterns are all anchored by the solid white table.  Awesome, and the judges loved it, too. 

Reception: {Miera & Kris}  Kris bugs the crap outta me!  But I really love his graphic wallpaper choice!  Amazing!  I think I'm also digging the white wooden planks on the walls by Miera.  The metallic accents are pretty nice.  I like the door decor, actually {not usually a fan of decals}.

Judges: seem to love it.  They are safe.  I agree, it was good but not the best.

Showroom: {Bex & Luca}  {An aside: Bex reminds me of a red-headed Anne Hathaway.}  I like the floor they chose.  Luca wants to do a ton of accessories, but I agree with Bex that they need to leave the spotlight for the brand merchandise that will be shown in the space.  
Elegant and stunning furniture, fixtures, and display apparati are about as much as they can do, along with the basics like floor and wall coverings.  A few accessories are all they will need, unless they want to end up with sensory overload. 
I think I like the idea of Bex's hexagon shelf thing, although the execution isn't great.

Luca's personality is so abrasive, btw.  "I'm a phenomenal muralist & artist..."  La la la.  Dude, get over yourself.  I don't think I could stand watching him host a show. 

Judges:  liked the display cases but didn't like the hexagons.  They also didn't like Luca's busy painting {what happened to phenomenal?}.  They didn't like since it detracts from the merchandise.  They said the room looks disjointed. I agree with Vern Yip that the island is too small and that the hexagonal shelves aren't full enough to work. 

Let's see who gets chopped...

Oooh, judgement day! 

Winner: Stanley.  Cool dude, I'm okay with that.  He actually makes stuff.

Out:  Woot!  Luca.  Mister Ego.  See ya!  Bex is gone, too.  I actually agree with that, even though I don't dislike her.

All photos via HGTV.

PS: I want this car:


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