Design Star Episode 5

The designers will be designing a Hollywood party tonight...  Let's go!

Their camera challenge is public speaking?!  Should be interesting!

Britany {Hollywood Regency}
I love the bookcase she found!  Love the tufted furniture, too! 
Her room is a LIT-tle Kelly Wearstler...  I felt like I've seen it before.  Somewhere.  Oh, here:
Kelly Wearstler here, here, & here
Now, I love me some KW, but I just wish the room wasn't SO KW!  It did turn out really pretty though.  I love yellow, black, and white.  Super elegant and sassy at the same time.  Of course, I love all the graphic pieces/floor.  This is probably my fave.  See:
Judges: Judges think it's beautiful.  They love the panels for privacy and the accessorizing.  I agree.  It's a great room.  Like I said, love me some KW!  Presentation: Poor girl totally choked!

Stanley {Futuristic}
The metal chairs he got at the prop shop are amazing!  Umm... His coffee table contraption could end up pretty cool, too.  I love all the pendants and still loving the metal chairs {although I might have done something different instead of a matching metal loveseat}.  The other chairs are sweet, too.  This is tied for my third fave!
Judges:  They like the chairs, but not the coffee table.  {I didn't personally see it as "phallic," but I guess we know where the judges minds are!  That's right.  The gutter.}  I thought it was cool.  He totally went for it.  And by "it," I don't mean ITPresentation:  He did okay, until his two surfer dude "likes" in one sentence.  But I, like, do it all the time.  So who am I, like, to say?

Hilari {1980's}
Nice chairs {love acrylic!}  I love that she scrapped the horrible spandex rug and I love the new floor idea!  Her room turned out pretty cool.  SOOO glad she didn't use that rug!  Her white leather sofas are cool, the PVC pipes are a nice way to establish the area, and the color scheme works.  I also love the chrome coffee table &  side tables!  This is tied for my second-fave with Mikel's room.

Judges:  They like the floor, and the studs on the PVC.  They seem to like it overall.  Vern would like the PVC to go lower {of course, I agree!} to establish the space a little more.  Presentation:  No one got her joke :( Good for her for trying again, and she finally got a nervous laugh from the audience.

Rachel {Victorian}
The white lacquer chairs are pretty cool!  She looks like she's buying some big peacocks, or something?  Hmmm... her "tufted" floor idea is unusual.  Overall, the room doesn't seem to have much of a prupose or focal point, though..  What's with the random bar stools/table up front?  That's wiggity-wiggity whack.

Judges: like her wooden cut-out "walls."  Don't like the color scheme or "tufted floors."  Vern said something about Papa Smurf's victorian house, and that was funny.  I don't actually hate the colors, or at least I understand what she was trying to do by using victorian shapes but modern colors...  Presentation:  Boring.  Plus, why talk about how tired you are?  Strange choice.  She has to start planning these out more.  Two weeks in a row.  I'm going to make a prediction: this is her last week.  This was my least fave room.

Kris {1970's}
I love all the orange he's grabbing!  Sweet globe chair, too!  OKAY, seeing it all together: hot damn, this is an colorful space!  I really like all the elements, the only thing is the placement of all the furniture is a little strange.  He may be cramming too many things in and that's why.  I really love the art above the sofa, though.  It's zig-zaggy!  This was my second to last fave room, overall.
Judges:  Loved the desk/typewriter.  They have a problem with the sofa being stuffed in the corner and how the room flows for conversation seating.  Which I get.  Plus, they pointed out the globe chair is too high to really be able to get into.  They said the space is basement-y.  Presentation:  Tough crowd!  Geez.  Throw the guy a freakin' bone!

Danielle {Art Deco}
I don't love the colors she used.  Kind of blah.  But, I like the poster on the wall, the chairs {interesting details} and the statue/lamps.  They remind me of "Atlas Shrugged."  I know the shell wall decor is super-art-deco, but it's one of the things I hate most about art deco.   I like the lacquer panther, but I think it's odd on the floor right next to the coffee table {they are the same size, it feels like two coffee tables to me}.   Third fave, tied with Stanley.

Judges: Seem to love it.  They like the pink.  I can barely see any pink.  Vern love the lamps!  Yay, Vern!  They are my fave part, too!  We are meant to be b.f.f.s!  Overall, I agree with them that it's a pretty good space.  Presentation:  She did a good job, seemed very comfortable! 

Mikel {Mid-Century Contemporary}
LOOOOVE his yellow/red painting!  Snazzy!  The room as a whole turned out fabulous, I think!  I love the colors, the furniture, and the art.  The rug gives just enough texture and the chrome dice give enough bling.  The room seems primed for lounging!  Did I mention I freaking love that chandelier {it's not in the pic, but it's the same satellite type chandi that Stanley used}?!  Tied for my second fave!

Judges:  They like the painting but think the overall color {too much white} is a bit flat.  I disagree.  The floor is orange, for heaven's sake!  Presentation: I thought he did a pretty good job.  Comme ci comme ca.

The wrap-up:  In my opinion, this was by far the most impressive week so far.  I have been so underwhelmed by the other episodes, it was nice to finally see so many things I liked!  At least this week I had a hard time picking my faves, usually I have a hard time having very many faves! 

{An aside: I'm sure Marg Hellenburger (sp?) is a great actress, but what does that have to do with knowing design?}

{Another aside: we went from very-cleavagey Genevieve G last week to totally-shrouded-in-sweater Genevieve tonight.  Who dresses this woman?  She does look a million times better this week, though.  Giving props where props are due.}

Winner:  Danielle {I thought she would win becasue they loved her room and her presentation was the best}.
Loser {sounds mean to say it like that}:  HOLY CRAP!  Kris.  I can't believe that.  Especially since as a rule, he has done so much better than Rachel.  Wowza!  That girl is next. 

OH MY GOSH!  Next week the "kitchen cousins" {aka my biggest HGTV heart-throb crushes} are the guest judges.  Yay for burly italian contractor/designers!  AND they will be sending 2 designers home!  Awesome!  I can't wait!

Which room was your fave this week?

All 'Design Star' pics via HGTV.


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