Design Star: Let's follow it this season!

I have really liked HGTV's "Design Star" in the past!  So much so, that I was seriously considering a bid for this season.  I didn't decide to do it, though, until it was too late to make a high-quality try-out video.  And I refuse to turn in anything sub-par.

If they do it again, I might try for next season.  I LOVE it!  {Although, they already have a Meg from last year, and like me, she's umm... How do you say?  A bit fluffy.  I don't know if HGTV would want two fluffy-ish Meg hosts.  Maybe we can do a show together.  She's rad... However, the whole reason my mom spelled my name "Maigen" is so that it couldn't be shortened to Meg, so I'm not really a Meg.  At all.}

I'm a bit late starting off.  I had DVRed the season and haven't had any time to actually catch up yet.  So, this post will be about show #1 {from May 29th}...

Personal items & room designs:

Of course, I like Danielle's silver angel wing.  Rachel's lacquer moose head was awesome, too.  You know me.

I loved the lucite tray side table designed by Jordan, the Australian dude.  Based on the pics they showed, I really liked his "masculine glamour" style.

I am already worried about Yuki and her gross collaged fleur-de-lis & color choices!  

Enter judges Vern Yip {j'adore!}, Geniveve Gorder {let me be your stylist, girl!} and Daisy Fuentes. 

They like the great room {Luca & Danielle}.  I agree about the grey walls, but am not sold on the powder blue accent wall.  Not in love with the art at eye level for the Jolly Green Giant, but the pieces themselves & the molding are okay.  Also, love the white tufted couches.  Overall, a nice, cozy pallet and definitely the most classic and beautiful room.

The Den {Hillary & Rachel}: the black wall & white moose combo is impeccable, but the rest leaves me wanting more.  I don't love the random hits of uncomplimentary colors with all the neutrals.  The judges loved the moose and didn't love the molding around the tv {which I totally agree with}.   That afterthought tv was a huge mistake.  She would have done better to put nothing there, or maybe a piece of colorful art.

Designer Studio & Lounge {Yuki & Stanley}:  I hate this.  Green & purple walls in the same room, ick!  Oh, and then let's get an orange sofa!  {NOT!}  I love the sofa, but how about putting it in an all white {or all grey, for that matter} room? 

And, she's all over the names of states being everywhere on her hideous collage.  Fail. If I had to guess, she's gone.  That whole collage wall is repulsive.  

Stanley's sculpture in the window, though, is pretty tight.  That's slang for awesome.There are a few elements I like {the black chair, orange couch, the lucite chairs, Gucci coffee table {classic}.  But, the colors and collage ruin it. 

Judges agreed.  Also, I don't think the room is functional at all as a studio, only as a lounge.  Unless they all want to work at that cramped {though stylish} table. 

Bedroom {Mira & Jordan}:  I love navy & white and they used my fave white pin-tuck bedding from West Elm, and the chevron walls are okay, but the overall look is boring and non-cohesive {in my opinion}.  Survey says!  The judges like it.  Go figure.  I think the metallic headboards were a huge miss, and that's rare for me {I live for metallic!}.  They just don't belong in this casual, laid-back room.  They kind of look like something a stripper's {or pop-star's, take your pick} leggings would be made out of...

Bedroom {Mikel & Brittney}: Love the colors & really love the graphic wall {seems very Kelly Wearstler to me}, hate the canopy things over the beds and the cheap-o pink animal busts, & hot pink & black throw pillow on the day bed {conveniently not in the photo}.  Oh, and can't stand that arm chair with the roof.  I hate those! 

Bedroom {Chris & Bex}: I adore the color pallet & Wassily chairs {duh!}.  Not a fan of the different colored drapes on each window.  Judges: liked the gear art & striped table and matchstick.  I like the gears, too, and striped table, but not the matchstick.  I totally agree with them about the day bed.  Not awesome.  It looks home-made, and not in a good way, to me.  And WHAT is with those hideous fluorescent lights?? They didn't like the wall color, but I think it's beautiful & lush...

Random fact:  I loved Bex's little purple hat in the judges panel {seen below}!
I'm glad Rachel won, although I think a moose head on a black wall is a low bar to set for the competition, if that's all the winner has to come up with. 

Woo-hoo!  Yuki is out.  I just think she has a poor taste level, based on what she did.  It's like a clown threw up in there.

Okay, I will write about episode #2 & #3 this week, so that I'm all caught up!

{All photos from HGTV.}

In general, I think this episode's designs were pretty lacklustre.  Hopefully, the next one will be better!

Which room is your favorite?


Isabel at: June 12, 2012 at 11:14 AM said...

OOO a Design Star post!! GREAT idea Maigen! I am SO with you on all of those rooms; you were spot on! I was thinking the same thing about the winner - black wall with an animal head wins? Uhh....ok...I"m on the white box challenge = can't wait to see what you post next!

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