Gifted: an Anthro Excursion!

So, I mentioned before that my sweet friend gave me an Anthro gift card as a bridesmaids gift (perfect, no?)!

I made it into the store today after work.  I wanted to see the items in person, as opposed to ordering online.  I got some really great stuff!!  Thanks, K!  :)

I had my eye on the Valise Journal in Silver, which I promptly picked up:

I love it because it's super metallic, and I always need somewhere to jot notes!  Here it is, displayed on my coffee table!

I also picked up a cute little Solas Votive, which is a lot more neon green than it looks in this pic:

Here it is, on my little side-table:
These little earrings {which don't appear to be available online, they are clearance, so might be in your local store} were the cherry {cherries?} on top of the shopping trip {I love them}: 
I'm so pleased with my purchases!
I also had a little inspiration there.  My little corner desk {which I re-did a while back, I will probably eventually show before/after pics, I just need to find the befores!  They are on a photo cd somewhere in a box...} acquired some rad new knobs not that long ago {another Anthro clearance find}, but I have never been sure about loving them on the desk.  
I saw these knobs today, which I think might be a better look for the desk:
Keepsake Brooch Knob, Bronze
I'm not loving that pic, though, it doesn't do the knob justice... I took this one at the store, and it may show the sparkle a little better:
What do you think?  Old knobs or new?
This has nothing to do with anything, but I have all mis-matched dishes and I think the Natural World Dessert Plate, Bee would fit in just perfectly!  It is so charming:

The last thing I saw that I looooove is the Jute Diamonds Placemat, Orange (also love the Chartreuse):

I couldn't think of how I would use it {I would want to display it, not eat on it, so I'd really only need one}.  Then I thought, maybe on the top of my silver-leaf night-stand??

It would protect the silverleaf, and add a punch of color.  Of course, in that case, I probably have to do the turquoise:
which I actually really like, too, just not quite as much as the orange {or chartreuse}.  Peacock blue is the other accent color in my room and I have all the orange accessories on the top of the night-stand already, as you saw above, so the orange placemat might be too much.
Please excuse the horrible quality of this pic!  The nightstand is now over on the left side of the bed, SQUEEEEZZZED into the corner, unfortunately.
What do you think, orange or turquoise?  Or, none?  I don't want to over-decorate.  I hate that.


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