Iz-inspired Target trip!

So, after Isabel's post about her fabulous Target skirt, I thought I'd go check up on that orange & tan zig-zag skirt {I loved it and had tried it on, but totally found it tight, just like she said!} to see if it fit better when actually on my waist.  I tend to wear everything low, too!

Anyway, I didn't find it, but was totally taken aback by the crazy amount of cute summery colors & prints right now!  I always love Target, but it is especially great right now!  Here are some goodies that I couldn't leave behind!

Left: yes, it may be a maternity dress, but I adore this v-neck maxi.  It is super-flattering, the colors are gorgeous, and there is a stupid tie that is supposed to tie in back but looks so cute tied in the front, to the side!
Middle: I couldn't resist this fun, flirty skirt!  {And, yes, Iz, it also has pockets!}  And then, I of course needed it in "yellow tribal" & "blue ikat!"  
Right: A cute, wispy Merona scarf that I loooove {couldn't find it online} in teal, fuchsia, orange/red, white and grey. 
I absolutely adore this dress:
I was so drawn to the orange/khaki stripes, but the khaki made my skin look SO terrible!  The jewel-tones of the royal blue/violet stripes were a much better look for me!  It's gorgeous, but I'm still a little bummed about the orange one!
If you haven't had a chance, really, go check it out!  Or, take a gander at target.com.

Have you found any fun summer prints lately? 


Kerry at: June 25, 2012 at 6:11 PM said...

My sister had on that orange/khaki dress today and she looked amazing! Usually high/low hems don't work well on us petite folks, but she rocked it! I'm sure that you look stunning in that purple one! The color looks so richly saturated. xoxo

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