Iz's Dad's Day Ideas

Time to honor the dads in our lives!  M and K both had some fantastic and thoughtful finds!  I love that M wants to treat people to experiences and activities - what an awesome way to spoil somebody!  Sign me up!  

Again, I'm not a huge gift giver so I compiled some finds all in one and honestly, I kind of want all of these for myself!  Actually, I think these ideas stemmed from my recent frivolous spending so maybe this is more of my wishlist...oops!

Keter's Pacific Cool Bar and Keter's Cool Bar || $69.99 (on 50% sale)
Found during a Target walk-a-bout last week and brought home!  Part table, part bar, part cooler it's a modern stylish piece to add to your next party!
2.  Well Traveled's Notebook Charcoal Grill || $30.00 - $40.00 
The Notebook Grill is the perfect portable charcoal grill. The clever design allows this unit to stand 13 inches for use and then fold flat to one inch in seconds. Constructed of high heat resistant painted steel, this sturdy grill folds flat to create its own carrying case.  I love that it folds flat for true portability!  Watch the video on the website to see how it works!
3. Bodum's FYRKAT Picnic Charcoal Grill || $70.00
The FYRKAT Picnic charcoal grill is a perfect fit for terraces, porches and even the back of your car so you can take your BBQ wherever the mood strikes you. Its body is made from enamel coated steel, its legs from chrome plated steel. The handle is made from heat-resistant silicone. Its diameter is just perfect for your favorite piece of meat or fish. Or sausages, for that matter. And for the health conscious among us – it grills veggies just fine as well.
More Portable Grills

Campbell Hausfeld 2-Gallon 100 PSI Electric Air Compressor Kit with Nail Gun || $59.00
For R's dad, my stepdad, and myself an air compressor works terrific during home improvement projects!  We just finished building a new fence for us and that noisy ole compressor is worth it!  This one is a very simple option, not like the professional one R's dad has, but it could do for beginners since it's a kit complete with tools to install a variety of materials.  Gregg, the stepdad, actually paused a commercial and showed my brother one and said "You know, it's Father's Day tomorrow..."

Campbell Hausfeld Multipurpose Spray Gun || $69.98
R's dad needs a new paint sprayer and while I'm no expert on picking a professional one, this one looks similar to what he currently uses.  It'd pair nicely with that new air compressor!  The LCDF girls will need to look into something like this!

"How To Make Wine" book || Free
My dad has two fruit trees in his gigantic backyard (it's amazing, one could get married there or have a croquet game) and lately he's been experimenting with creating plum wine!  This happens to be a free downloadable book, so we'll see what it has to say!  I would also scout around thrift stores for old wine jugs because paying for them is just outrageous!  

Porcelain Herb Grinder || $64.99
What a great looking mortar and pestle grinder!  I love the unique shape of it and the porcelain whiteness contrasted with its black handle.  It would look fabulous in a modern or even an elegant kitchen.  I would get this for my Uncle Jiann for grinding up the wheat (?) he puts on the bottom of his homemade bagels.

Private Garden's Wooden Herb Grinder || $2.99
This is a classy looking herb grinder with its dark wood tones that would also be great for my Uncle Jiann.  He's more of a baker wearing his "Real Men Bake" apron, but I'm sure he'll find a use for it.  It reminds me of an old library or manly office.  Read the reviews of this one because there is one guy who is not bashful about explaining how he uses it for his weed!  

9 Ball Plastic Grinder || $49.50
For the novelty item, here's an item that fits the bill!  Not sure if each ball has its own grinding style or if they're all the same.

Danny Seo Recycled Steel Herb Grinder || $6.99
I bought this at HomeGoods last week and have used it to shred the leaves off the stems of some thyme.  I appreciate its greenness being made from recycled materials, even down to the packaging.  My dad would like this because he's a terrific meat maker!  I still remember his famous chicken drumsticks baked in the oven.  I would always peek at its golden brown color and ask, "Is it done yet?" while my stomach grumbled and my mouth salivated.  It would be salty, moist, and flavorful with a hint of sweet honey.

Detail his Car! || $55.00 - $300.00
My friend, Angela, and I were hanging out this weekend and her husband's aunt/uncle own a car wash.  Her aunt insisted that she leave with a newly washed car and all day long as we shopped, Angela and I couldn't get over how shiny, clean, and brand new the car felt inside and out.  I think literally, every time we went back to the car, we mentioned it.  Dads should get to feel that excited about their cars too!  Especially if us women and kids are the ones messing it up!
AutoSplash in Frisco is close by me to bring R's car to.  We had spilled some clear soda in my seat that I've been meaning to get out and his carpets/dashboard are looking a bit dusty and dirty!  I really like that AutoSplash is a 100% recycle facility where they recycle the water they use to wash cars (and other things).  That makes me feel a little better about getting a car wash!  Plus, they're super fast - like 20 mins./service

How To Detail A Car || Free?
If you don't want to spend the money and you have oodles of time on your hands, you can try detailing the car yourself (unless you're Kerry, whose husband details the car every weekend and I'm sure he would be afraid to relinquish control over that).  Arm yourself with some old toothbrushes, rags, cotton swabs, air compressor cans, and a vacuum (plus a few other things) and make a day of it!

13. Ninja BL700 Kitchen System || $159.99
For any smoothie, protein shake, ice-cream making enthusiast dads out there, I own the Ninja Blender (ironically, given to me by my dad) and it's incredible!  Dad is a huge fresh fruit smoothie maker and this ninja shreds ice like a killa!  Perfect for the summer and all year round actually!

Happy Father's Day, Dads!


Kerry at: June 17, 2012 at 4:33 PM said...

That Cool Bar is just that - a COOL bar! Love it!

I'm also digging all of your cook-er ideas! I could use all of this in my kitchen!

Maigen at: June 18, 2012 at 7:49 PM said...

Awesome finds! I especially like the white coolbar & herb grinders! Plus, that little grill! Rad!

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