Kerry's Take: David's Boston Apartment

As you've already read, we were super excited to put together some ideas to help spruce up David's Boston apartment! The layout of his apartment is unique, and it utilizes the little space that he has to maximum capacity, thanks in large part to his awesome lofted bed. Isabel knocked it out of the park with her suggestions; don't you just love her post?! 

Here's an overall view of what I'd do to take David's apartment up a notch in the style and organization departments!
See something you like? Everything is detailed and linked in the photos below!

It's pretty clear to see that I took note of David's love of nautical aesthetics and ran with it, but hopefully I did so in a modern, masculine way... and without going overboard. You'll notice that I didn't include any wall decor or art, and that's because, as Isabel mentioned, he has a brilliant collection of unique art. I totally agree that his home would benefit from an art gallery-like display {Isabel showed an inspiration photo in her post that is perfection}, and I would do so in the entry. It would be a stellar welcome into his space and really set the tone.  

David's entry as-is is seen below...
My additional suggestions are to nix all of his existing furniture in this space. {The wine fridge should be moved to the kitchen, but everything else can be sold on CraigsList.} He has wonderful storage space provided by shelves that ascend up near his ceiling. Items that are rarely used should be moved up to the top shelves, and the lower shelves should house items that fall into the needs-to-be-readily-accessible category. 

1. Flip Hook Rack - This rack would be a great place to hang/store David's yoga mat, and catch any jackets that he or his guests have. 
2. Prepac Black Cubby Bench - I love the dual function of this piece! It's great for storage because he can place his shoes and other odds and ends in bins in those cubbies. It also can take the place of his chair by allowing David a place to sit when taking his shoes on and off. 
3. Rugby Stripe Bins - Great minds think alike, as Isabel and I both chose these awesome rugby bins to add some visual interest to David's storage needs without even conferring about them! I'm pretty obsessed with them and will more than likely be purchasing some for my home. I think David should use them in the cubby bench and also on the shelves in his entry to keep everything tidy and stylish.

David's bedroom and living space are seen below...

To maximize the use of his space and create more of a distinction between his office space and living area, I suggest changing his current layout to the one seen below. Changing the layout in this way provides for a cozier setting in which to interact with friends, because the seating arrangement is primed for socializing.

1. Replica of David's Desk - David's current desk is functional and has clean lines. He spoke about how much he likes his desk, so this piece is a keeper. I'm not sure exactly where his desk is from, but I've linked to a similar desk originally found by Maigen.
2. Ripple Ivory Leather Office Chair - David mentioned that his desk chair is totally uncomfortable, so a new one is definitely needed. I think this gorgeous ivory leather chair is going to be high on comfort and style. It can also serve as additional seating for his guests. 
3. 5-Bin Storage Tower - David is in need of an organizational system that extends beyond a metal file box. These awesome storage towers are definitely a little on the pricey side, but they're high on style and functionality. Don't you just love they way they open?! They also measure short enough to sit underneath his desk - bonus for optimizing the little space that he has!
*If David sticks to the layout I suggested, he won't need any desk lighting due to the abundance of track lighting installed under his lofted bed.

1. Roundabout Rug - This rug is a great way to add some style and comfort to his space. A larger gathering could mean that David is a little short on seating. A nice comfy rug makes his once bare wood floors much more inviting to his friends' hineys!
2. White Nautical Pillow - David says he love nautical, so nautical he gets!
3. Zobby 2-Sided Pillow - I love the texture of this gray pillow. It's a nice neutral gray that he could keep no matter what his decor is like in the future.
4. IKEA couch similar to David's - David has a great red couch that he intends to keep, and I agree that he should. This is a similar one from IKEA.
5. Club Piping Chair - I adore the red piping on this chair, and the punch of light minty-aqua adds a great pop of color to his space. 
6. Navy & White Anchor Embroidered Pillow - Same comment as #3. : )
7. Raffia Tray - This tray will add some great texture to his room. It's also a great storage piece for any odds and ends that David has.
8. Peekaboo Clear Nesting Tables, Set of 3 - A small space such as David's needs a few pieces that aren't visually heavy or overwhelming. His current coffee table takes up a lot of space and adds too much weight to his room. But these clear nesting tables will do the trick in lightening things up! I'd place one by the couch and one by the chair, for sure.

1. Flip Hook Rack - I already placed one of these awesome flip hook racks in David's entry, but I'd also use them mounted on his closet door. He admits that his closet door always stays open because he likes to leave his clothes laid out due to the awkward closet space that he has. I agree that Isabel that even after getting a FaceTime tour, I can't quite figure out what's going on in there! These racks will allow him to leave some clothing items laid out and easily accessible, while keeping his closet door closed. This will thus make his space much more tidy!
2. Wall-Mounted Enameled Steel Cube Cabinet  & 3. Wall-Mounted Galvanized Cube Credenza - Both of these items could be used in the space to the upper right of David's lofted bed. There is quite a bit of open wall space that can be utilized to store more of David's files that don't need to be accessed very often. In a small space such as David's, you need to get creative with how to store your belongings. I believe Maigen originally had the idea of utilizing the upper wall space, and I love it!

Many thanks to David for letting us give him our 6 cents (2 cents for each of us!) about how we'd organize and style his apartment! I can't wait to see what he chooses to do!


Isabel at: June 7, 2012 at 9:27 PM said...

Fabulous ideas - especially that hook rack, nesting tables and 5 bin storage tower! Unique like David wanted! Your post is so clear, visual, and easy to read - you are so talented!

Maigen at: June 7, 2012 at 10:12 PM said...

I love everything! Especially the rug & red-piping chair! Awesome finds!! :)

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