Maigen's take: David's Boston apartment

So, by now you are familiar with Isabel's friend David's apartment!  Here is a little refresher:

And with his stuff in it:

This is the floor plan:

Here is the layout I would suggest.  The desk and chairs are under the loft bed.  The sofa is what you see first when you walk in the room, since it is against the back wall. 

Here are my ideas {throwin' it all at you at once}!

I love Isabel's suggestion of an art wall!  I would take it into the living/bed room... 

He can leave the cool black and white photos that are currently displayed gallery-style under the loft {not pictured} where they are.  

I would take the pictures from the entryway {and replace with that AWESOME shoe storage from IKEA that Isabel found or a floating wire rack, below} and add them to his cool red painting & possibly something 3D {hence the moose, which is on sale for $49.95!} and put them above the sofa. This way, the art will be the focal point of the room, instead of the tv {even though tv is good sometimes}!

I just snagged a couple of prints from IKEA as a suggestion for the arrangement: Olunda alphabet picture; 3 cities pics.  David probably doesn't need to buy any art; he's got that covered!  I know, I know, I have used this rug before, but I just adore it!
David's red sofa is still really nice, so we kept that and designed around it. 

In my layout, I have a little end table on the left end of the sofa.  It was originally going to be an aluminum and wood table/stool, but I decided to put that in the entry way, where it can get more use. 

I really like the idea of one of the sweet storage ottomans Isabel found {especially the zig-zag one}!  He could totally put a short storage ottoman there, to add some more storage as well as something pretty!  {D: just make sure it's not taller than the bottom of the built-in book shelves!}

Another alternative would be to get a floor pouf or a couple of floor pillows {Costco has some cute ones} and throw them there.  This way, more people can fit in!  The only problem is, this option won't offer any extra storage.

I LOVE all of these floor poufs from West Elm {$219-248}, but for this room, I would choose the red & cream stripe or the grey print.
Another bit of inspiration from Isabel, the arc lamp in her inspiration photo!  I loooove arc lamps {have been looking for one of my own for a while}, for the swanky feel they bring to any space.  I think the more light, the better, especially since the loft would tend to make the room seem smaller, and most likely, darker.

Here is a close-up, for more detail, of the pillows for the sofa {which will add some fun to the sofa, along with a grey throw, for snuggling up}!
Zebra pillow {$39}; Mirror stripe pillow {$34.99 on sale}; Felt pillow {$19.99 on sale}
I would love for all the clutter to be taken off the built-in bookcase in the living area, since it is such a pretty area.  Some bins in the entry way can accomodate any random stuff for sure.  His globe is cool, but is, unfortunately, too large for the area.  If possible, I would display it on the desk {Isabel and Kerry both found great cabinets that can go under the desk and perhaps beside it, doubling as a printer stand, so some more surface space could become available}. 

Over time, David could move some of his best-looking books in from the entry way, with his framed photos, and a few decorative objects, to mimic an arrangement similar to this {which I adore!}:

picture via My Home Ideas, photo by Thomas J Story
Across from the sofa, I would add a couple of chairs and a little side-table.  I would get some comfy upholstered chairs with a great pattern, like this ikat. 

Also, can I just say, I am obsessed with that mango wood side table {$199}!  I would steer clear of coffee tables.  The room will feel much more open without one.

David's desk is nice, so here are some chair and lamp options.  He needs a new chair, and the lamps add a splash of color.  He can choose one of each for a huge impact:
I fell in love with this white leather chair, but since it's almost $300, another rad option would be a Ghost chair {for a cool $100}.  Just like Kerry's lucite nesting tables, this chair has no visual weight, so will help the room seem ever-so-slightly bigger.  Either chair would be good for working at the desk and can double as extra guest seating!

There are great track lights under the loft, as Isabel mentioned, but I'm lamp-crazy.  He could score either one of these lamps for $69: industrial task table lamp {ANY color!} or the cute yellow glass retro-feel lamp.

I would follow Kerry's advice and sell all the furniture in the entryway and replace it with some storage for shoes/books/misc items that seem to gather in the entry way.  On the three high shelves, some cool baskets {also loving the nautical stripe one that both K & I posted} to hold as much stuff as possible {wicker milk crate- $12.99, yellow bin-$6.99}.  I would keep books and maybe a bin or two of most-used stuff on the bottom shelf.  {D can also use some of these in the shelves up near his loft bed, to add some style to his files!} 

Let's just basically de-clutter EVERYTHING!  I love organizing!  Holla, Isabel!  Check out her amazing organization post!
These white wire shelves at $99 can be mounted on the wall.  I would definitely do that, so that they are off the floor.   I would add this aluminum/wood side table/stool {$199}, that he can use to put shoes on, as well as stand on to reach the higher top shelves.

I love the hooks Kerry found for the entryway so much!  I would definitely add some of those next to the front door!  Like she said, he can hang coats, his yoga mat {he may need to buy a handle thingy}, keys, and maybe even his backpack! 

The first thing I wanted to change during our facetime meeting was moving the wine cooler to the kitchen.  No matter what...

I hate to admit it, but I totally forgot about closet storage options!!  I definitely agree with Iz that he needs an over-door rack to hang some clothes.  One of the smallest things that won't cost much but will make a huge difference is keeping that closet door closed.  Also, that $10 hanging closet bar she posted is a great idea!  I use those and they are a life-saver! 

Hopefully, with all the options we came up with, David can combine his faves for something both fabulous and inexpensive!

What storage tricks have you used and found most useful?


Kerry at: June 13, 2012 at 7:50 PM said...

Great job! Love your perspective, as always!

I'm pretty obsessed with that aluminum-wood stool/side table. It's a great DIY inspiration piece for sure!

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