M's Monthly Love: Nautical EVERY-THING!


As you saw here and here, I started off the month in a nautical mood...  And it hasn't changed yet!  Actually, I've been in a nautical mood for a long time.  Probably years... More evidence here!

Here are some of the nautical-inspired pieces I love to wear:
1. My Jessica Simpson anchor luggage never blends in at the baggage claim!
2. J Crew Factory Anchor Cardi I love this, so glad I picked it up!
3.  This fab Jason Wu for Target scarf {available on Amazon} is a little big for a turban, actually, :( but feels and looks so luxurious!
4. Target navy/white striped maxi skirt {yes, it's maternity!  SO comfy!}
5. J Crew Factory V-Neck Sequined Anchor Tee: MY NEW FAVORITE THING.  I love the juxtaposition of such a sporty fabris with such girly/preppy sequins!
6. Little coral flatties with jute edges
7. I have always loved my seahorse necklace {similar here}.  Mine's gold with pearls on the chain & with rhinestones, turquoise, and coral stones on the seahorse!  Plus, the pendant is super-big, so I always feel like a preppy gangster when I wear it.
8. My navy wedges 

Here are some nautical goodies I long for:
1. HOW CUTE is this Kate Spade dinnerware??!
2. Rope bracelet... I want to try a DIY of something like this {I've seen several tutorials on Pinterest}.  Target had a fantastic navy version, I haven't seen one in store for a while, but if I ever run across it again, I'm going to snatch it up!
3. Fab Anthro dress
4. Anthro belt {you can't tell, but the buckle has little aqua-colored stones!  Love!}
5. Anchor dish Kerry pinned this and I just loved it!  She has a great eye!
6. I know, you have seen this sequined Anchor clutch in a few of my posts!  I really love it!
7. Wedges.  These are cute and I love that they are low and probably comfortable to run around in!
8. J Crew factory white jeans  The cut of these is great!  I love white pants, shorts, and skirts!
9. Sadly, these chevron earrings from pinterest are no longer available on etsy :(
10. I am seriously in love with this wedge from weheartit
11. I adore this chain bracelet from shopbop!

How many of you are obsessed with Pinterest, like me?  I see so many great things on there ALL THE TIME!  Following are a few of the fabulous looks I found there!

How gorgeous is this nautical outfit from 9to5chic {a fabulous site, btw}?   /  I am digging this casual stripe cardi outfit via pinterest.
Fun, fall nautical look from brooklynblonde  /   I loooove this unconventional nautical look and color combo from globalstreetsnap!

Kate Spade never fails!  Spring 2012 from theglitterguide   /   I have searched the internet high and low for a better pic of this Cameron Diaz look from "What Happens in Vegas" ever since I saw the movie!  I want to copy the look, head to toe!  It is so awesome!

This library look from prettystuff is too pretty!   /  A fun black/grey/coral look from life's a journal.

I like the rope in the fishbowl from katiebrownblog  /  Pretty living room from overdresstoimpressLoving all the patterns and colors together!

J'adore this vignette {pinned by Kerry!} from pinkwallpaper   /   Fun wallpaper and chest from pinterest.  Cute use of that big shell, too!

Not sure why I think of this look as nautical, probably because of the metallic grasscloth wall from lamaisonboheme.  I don't care why really; I love it so much!  That lamp and wallpaper are miraculous!  /  Cute orange & navy vignette from capecodcollegiate

I like this grey and orange room from imogenmss.tumblr.com, and it has a bit of a nautical feel to me {probably because of the orange & the art!  /  And, you KNOW I love this room, by centsationalgirl.
What styles have caught your fancy lately?


Kerry at: July 1, 2012 at 5:42 PM said...

That rope font is so cute!

Loving all of your nautical finds, and I can't wait to see some posts of you using them in outfits!

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