Ooh, la, la! Trina Turk for BR


I hate summer.  There are a few things I love, though: swimming, sundresses, snow-cones, sandals, super-delicious fruit.  That's about it. 

Here's something that I stumbled upon that will definitely fit the bill for finding some amazing sundresses:

The Tina Turk Collection for Banana Republic!  Let's all go!  

FABULOUS, dahling!

All of these looks are SO gorgeous, and I LOVE the styling!  My fave is the top one!  Which is your fave?


Kerry at: June 13, 2012 at 7:52 PM said...

I have an old-ish Trina Turk swimsuit cover-up that I love! Makes me feel glam!

Her prints are amazing, but is it weird that nothing tugged at my heart strings in her collaboration with BR?

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