Rainbow Brite {Product Review}

I'm usually an OPI girl, but I was drawn to the bright, punchy colors of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail-polishes in Target one day, and picked a couple up.  {It didn't hurt that they were less than $4 each!}

I love these colors for summer!  I was pleasantly surprised at how much coverage I got with only one coat!  Here are my blue toesies {in "Co-Bolt Blue"}:

{And, yes, I realize I have toddler feet!}  Even though one coat looked really good, I actually did two on my toes just to make sure it lasts!

The first one I tried was "Mint Sprint," which is a light color, so I was expecting to have to do several coats, like with most light polishes.  But, one did it {unfortunately, I only got to wear it for one day!  The next day, I got a pedicure for the wedding I was in in May}!

I will update you on how well it wears, but I have high hopes!

{PS: any of these colors would be so cute on K & I in their super-fabulous "Candy Colorized" looks!}

Have you found any great, inexpensive beauty products lately?  Please share!


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